Just a cute little one shot I put together about Edward and Bella. I might continue it if people want me to but as of now, I have no plans of doing so. Anyways, happy holidays to all my readers!

"You're cancelling too?" he sighed sadly as he paced around his large, lonely apartment. Outside, the snow fell briskly outside the window. It had only been falling for a little over an hour, yet the sidewalks were nearly covered and the roads were already a mess. "Alice, tomorrow is Christmas and you're telling me that you and Jasper can't make it because of work?"

"Christmas is a hard time for him! He's booked with clients!" Alice cried over the phone. "A lot of people need someone to talk to and that's what a therapist is for. And what are you getting so angry at Jasper and I for? Its not like were your only family."

"Rosalie and Emmett can't come because the doctor said Rosalie is too far along to travel and mom and dad were supposed to fly in tonight but this storm that's coming in has all flights from Seattle cancelled. I would travel myself but its too last minute."

There was a brief pause.

"Well I'm sorry, Edward," Alice finally said. "I know it sucks that nobody can make it out to Chicago but there are just things that people can't take care of."

"Yeah," Edward rolled his eyes. "I'll talk to you later, Alice."

"Bye, Edward."

When the line went dead, he set his phone on the table and fell into the large recliner. He hadn't anticipated spending the holidays alone when he'd made the decision to move to Chicago. There had been a promise of frequent reunions with his family but as Alice had said, things just seemed to get in the way.

He hadn't thought much of Jasper meeting Alice but he also couldn't have predicted how busy a therapist could be. He also couldn't have predicted the sudden pregnancy of his sister in law.

"I hate Christmas," he muttered, flipping off the lights as he left the room.

He awoke the next day to no less than a foot of snow outside his window. It piled high upon everything. While this probably excited the greater Chicago population, his spirits couldn't have been lower.

For as long as he could remember, Edward Cullen was never alone on Christmas. He was brought up in a large, Forks Washington home. His family had been notorious for grand Christmas parties, so around this season, things were never dull. But now, however, he found himself immersed in total silence with not a soul to talk to.

Knowing there was nothing for him at home, he grabbed his coat and headed out the door and to the large park where he always found himself when he was down. Normally it had a pretty steady crowd but on Christmas day, especially early in the morning, it would probably be pretty desolate.

And it was.

He saw very few walking down the snow covered paths or skating on the icy pond. As he walked, he would see the occasional family, but they were scarce. Edward had pretty much figured that this day would be spent completely alone and seeing many people would be nearly impossible. There would be nobody for him to share the lonely experience with.

Until he saw her.

She stood by the pond, her hands deep in the pockets of her white pea coat. Under a blue, wool winter cap, her hair fell down her back like chocolate waves. Her alabaster skin was flushed and small rose petals seemed to cover her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. He could tell by the frown on her full, cherry lips that she was obviously bothered by something.

"Excuse me," he said warily, approaching her slowly. She gasped quietly as she turned her head to find him standing at her side. "I'm so sorry to startle you. Pardon me if this is none of my business but I couldn't help but notice that you looked somewhat upset."

"Oh," she squeaked, clearing her throat. "Yeah. I just hate Christmas, that's all."

And just like that, the dark day was brightened.

"How come?" he asked. "Sorry if I'm bothering you."

"No," she shook her head. "It's fine. I could use somebody to talk to anyways. I'm Bella, by the way."

How fitting, he thought to himself as he shook her gloved hand.

"Anyways, I was supposed to fly to Phoenix to visit my mom and step dad but the weather is too bad to fly and its too far to drive so I'm here all alone for the holidays. I just moved here so it isn't like I have friends to visit."

As much as he would have liked to, he didn't hear most of her words, as he was too busy studying the sight that was in front of him.

"Its nice to meet you, Bella," Edward smiled. "I'm Edward. I know this may sound weird since you and I just met but I don't have anyone at home to talk to you don't have anything to do, so would you like to walk with me?"

She stared at his open hand before looking up at him with a smile.

"Sure," she answered, locking her elbow with his.

Shocked with even herself, Bella began walking with Edward's elbow in his. While all her instincts cried at her to not walk, there was something about him that kept her from running. Whether it was his beautifully chiseled jaw or his sparkling emerald eyes, she couldn't refuse his invitation.

Until yesterday, her Christmas plans had been set in stone. She would fly down to warm Phoenix Arizona where her Christmas would be happily spent. Her bags were packed and waiting by the door until the storm had hit and she knew she wasn't going anywhere.

"So, Edward," she asked as they began walking through the park. "I told you why I'm alone on Christmas. Now you tell me why you're alone."

"Okay well when I was younger," he began, leading her to the nearest snow covered bench. He cleared away the snow and the two sat down. "I grew up in a small town of Forks Washington with my twin sister and older brother. Well, we always spent Christmas together. But, as we grew older, we grew apart. I moved here, my sister found somebody and moved to Texas. My brother went to school in Seattle, got married and is now expecting a child and my parents are still in Forks. It's hard to get together when you're so far apart." She nodded in agreement.

"My dad was raised in Forks," she said in sudden realization. She'd been to Forks numerous times throughout her childhood but hadn't been in years. "That's so cool that you lived there. I used to go in the Summer to visit my dad but as I got older, I stopped going."

"Really?" he grinned. "What was his name?"

"Charlie. He's the chief of police."

The sudden connection sparked loads of conversation. Edward listened intently as Bella began describing her summers in Forks and how weird it was that they'd never crossed paths. With each words she spoke, the thought of a lonely holiday began to disappear.

How is it that just 5 minutes ago, they'd been complete strangers, but now it was like they were life long friends? So strange yet so mesmerizing. He never wanted his time with this wonderful woman to end.

"Let's walk some more," he said after a fair amount of conversing. She nodded her head with a smile and stood by his side. "Tell me something else about, Bella? Why are you here in Chicago?"

"There really isn't a decent reason other than I fell in love with the city when I was younger," she laughed. "What about you?"

"Lawyer," he said somewhat proudly. "I'm starting my own firm."

They continued talking together, laughing through the wintry weather and the loneliness. The cold was bitter, yet Edward felt nothing but warmness. He could have spent forever with this girl he barely knew.

"Look!" she suddenly exclaimed as they came to a snowman.

"it's a snowman," he laughed.

"He seems lonely," she sighed, placing her hands on her hips. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration and she sighed loudly. "We should make somebody for him. Nobody likes being alone on Christmas."

His heart broke as her eyes flickered with a sudden sadness. He's never made an actual snowman but what could be the harm in trying?

"Sure," he agreed.

"Awesome," she cheered.

And so, they began to construct a snowman. They worked together, rolling the different body parts. Bella even sacrificed her scarf in order to make the snowman complete, which then led Edward to sacrifice his to give to her.

"Merry Christmas," he told her as he wrapped it around her neck.

"Edward, you need that," she huffed. "I can't take that."

"I insist," he said.

After a bit of arguing, she acquiesced and let the scarf stay around her neck and they continued walking.

They walked for what seemed like hours until the storm quickened and they found it too dangerous to even walk outside. Bella had already slipped on the ice and Edward had no problem catching him.

"I should probably go home," she sighed. "Its getting pretty bad out here. I also need to go call my family, you know?"

He nodded.

"Bella," he said as she turned to walk away.


He didn't hesitate to pull Bella in close and press his lips to hers in a quick kiss. That had been all he'd wanted since they'd first met, but never did he believe that he would actually make an attempt at it. But, even so, he had no regrets when the kiss was done.

Maybe his Christmas wouldn't be quite so terrible after all.