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Chapter 27

First Game of the Season Pt. 2

I grinned widely as the team and I completed a lap around the pitch. A sudden urge to show off overtook me and I pushed off my broom and flipped in the air, before landing easily. The crowd cheered and I laughed as I flew into the customary starting position for the seeker, while the captains shook hands below. I tuned out the noise of the crowd and concentrated on the goings on below me. The snitch was released and then the bludgers. The three flew off and I waited with bated breath as the referee pulled out the quaffle. After a moment, he threw it into the air, and the chasers of both teams flew in for it. Lewis was the one to catch it and then flew off with Emma and Sophia flanking him. I switched most of my attention to locating the snitch, and noticed that the other seeker was doing the same, but I kept an eye out on the goings on of the rest of the game. Lewis went for a score, but the Keeper caught it, and then the quaffle ended up in the hands of a Vancouver Vampires chaser. One of their beaters hit a quaffle at me, and I flipped, and it soared between me and my broom. Edward flew passed me and hit the bludger at the chaser holding the quaffle. She hadn't been paying attention and was hit off her broom, and the quaffle spun from her hand. Sophia grabbed it, and flew diagonally up, and began her way back down the pitch, before throwing the quaffle to Emma, who threw it back to Lewis who passed it back to Sophia, effectively stopping the opposite chasers from intercepting and re-gaining possession and then, Sophia threw the quaffle, and it soared through the goal hoop.

I punched the air, yelling with the crowd, and flew to another vantage point, keeping my eyes open. The game progressed and my team scored goals and so did the Vancouver Vampires. An hour later, we were up 100-90 and the game was getting far more heated. The others were really starting to ram into each other. Sophia and one of the other chasers had already broken bones. I spun on my broom to avoid another bludger and a glint of gold caught my eye. I zoomed off towards it, and the snitch flew off. I weaved between the players and soon had the Vampires seeker on my tail. I let out a soft growl at how quickly he was gaining and I sped up. Another bludger came at me, and I dodged, but got hit in the leg. Pain shot through me, and I knew it was broken. My growl was louder this time. I had been knocked back slightly, so I was neck and neck with the other seeker. I narrowed my eyes, and then rammed into him. He rammed back into me and we kept that up, trying to knock each other back, while following the snitch. We dived and spun, unaware of the amazing sight we made in the air. It looked to the crowd as if we were dancing, even when we were ramming each other. I reached out my hand and grinned at my opponent. My hand closed around the gold ball, just as his hand hit mine, trying to swat it away. I flew back down to a lower level and held up my hand displaying the snitch.

"POTTER HAS THE SNITCH! THE WESTCHESTER WEREWOLVES WIN!" The announcer yelled, and cheers erupted from the wolves supporters. The rest of the team flew in and caught me in a hug, before I was lifted onto Jake's and Lewis' shoulders, by broom in one hand, the snitch in the other. I had both arms in the air and I was grinning like a maniac.

When we managed to touch ground, I wasn't allowed down, until a healer had seen to my leg. The broken bone was fixed in a heartbeat and I was then allowed down, and we headed into the changing rooms.

"Brilliant game Harry!" Jake crowed. "And the way you just kept going after that Bludger hit you! You barely faulted!"

"A broken bone is nothing when you've experienced a cruciatus, trust me. But, it was a good game. Real fun. I may have pissed my opponent off."

"Yeah, they're sore losers!" Lewis grinned.

"I may have smiled at him just before I grabbed the snitch."

"Oh he wouldn't like that." Sophia agreed.

"Alright, hit the showers! Then, we'll go party!" Jake said, pumping the air.

"I want to see my family and friends first. Oh, and my class. I got them tickets to come and see the first game."

"Then we'll meet you at the bar. You already know which one." Edward said.

I nodded. "Sure." After my shower, I went out and searched through the crowd for my family, friends, and class. I was stopped several times for an autograph, but then, I found them.

"That was wicked Harry!" Pyro grinned. "Why didn't you tell us you were the seeker?"

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise." I said, grinning.

Mum grabbed me in a hug. "Don't you dare scare me like that again."

"Muum!" I said in an annoyed tone. "That was nothing. I lost all the bones in my arm once. And almost got my soul sucked out!"

"Don't! Don't! Don't!" She fretted. I just grinned.

Dad caught me in a tight hug, and then so did Sirius. "Superb flying! An absolutely beautiful spectacle at the end there kiddo!" Dad said.

I didn't get a chance to reply as Remy caught me around the waist and pulled me in for a kiss. I heard dad and Sirius groan at the sight somewhere in the background, and I made a rude hand gesture at them, before kissing him back.

"You are so grounded for that one young lady!" dad said in a mock serious tone.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, dad," I said, when Remy and I broke apart. "But I have a team only party to go to, so, I don't think you can ground me tonight."

"Call me when you're ready to be picked up." Remy said. "I doubt you'll be in any state to drive or apparate home otherwise."

"I will." I nodded, before turning back to the Xavier's students and teachers. "I do hope you enjoyed."

"Enjoyed? That was awesome!" Bobby laughed.

"He's right. I couldn't tear my eyes away!" Kitty agreed.

"I knew you enjoyed Quidditch, and you were good, but I wasn't expecting you to be that good!" Dudley said.

I shrugged. "Lots of practice. It does help that I was always a natural on a broom."

"It was quite a brutal game though." Storm added.

"That was nothing really. First game I ever plaid in, our keeper and team captain as well as one of our chasers were knocked off their brooms and ended up in the hospital wing for several days- and that was at school level."

"It was more interesting than football, I'll give it that." Logan said.

Mum snorted. "Anything's more interesting than football."

"Mum, I think he's talking about American football. Not our football, which is soccer over here."

"Oh, right." She said, blushing slightly at her mistake.

Remy's arm tightened around me and I looked up to see him scowling.

"Remy? What is it?"

"Figures those two were related to one of the players of the Vancouver Vampires." He said.

I followed his line of sight to a couple who looked like they were sucking on lemons, who were both talking, and obviously trying to console the seeker of the Vancouver Vampires.

"He looks rather angry." Ron pointed out.

"That would be my fault. It didn't help that, just before I caught the snitch, I grinned at him. So, why do you not like them?"

"They insulted the wolves!" Sirius said. "They said that you'd been kept secret probably because you were so awful and that the rest of the team was awful too!"

"Ach, just brush it off Paddy. Now, I'd better get going, before my team comes to drag me away. I'll see you all soon." I kissed Remy's cheek and hugged my family and friends. I said my goodbyes and headed off to join my teammates for celebratory drinks.

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