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Naruto Makaze: Birth of a Legend

Return of a Demon Arc

Chapter 1: The Deal! A Ronin's Past is Reveal!

The village was in near rags, but he had no preference about villages anymore. The people all stared and eyed him suspiciously. Then again, his clothing did not necessary scream 'friendly' at all. He wore a black mesh with an orange swirl on the back along with black pants with white flames on the bottom and black sandals. His hands were covered in black fingerless gloves and the lower half of his face hidden behind a black mask. On his back was a large black and white scroll.

Sighing heavily, he put a hand through his blond spikey hair.

"Where is this woman at?" he asked himself. Once again, he was doing a job in some small country where his client was nowhere to be found because they were afraid of some overlord. "At least there's pay."

Yes. Naruto Uzumaki, a boy of just twelve-years-old, was a part-time assassin. His main job was running away from jonin from Iwagakure no Sato and Konohagakure no Sato. The Hidden Leaf, he could understand. Hell, he had a run in with Sunagakure shinobi a few years ago and they were still pissed at him. But Iwa… He had no clue why they hated him or wanted him for. He ruled out that they wanted the tenant in his head since they continued to refer to him as 'the son' and not 'the demon'. Either way, ducking and dodging tracking teams from certain villages was always number one thing he did.

However, today was slightly different. He had been contacted by a woman to help with some problem she was having. Now, usually just that would never get his attention. But seeing that he would be in the land of his ancestors, he could not pass it up.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" a voice said. Turning his head, Naruto saw the woman in standing near a bar of some sort. "Are you the Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Sometimes." Naruto replied. Being obnoxious always left a mark on his 'customers'. "I take it that you are Tsunami, right?" The woman nodded. "So, what was your problem?"

"N-not here." Tsunami said. "My place?"

"Lead the way." Naruto said.

The woman nearly scurried off and Naruto had to put a little extra energy into his steps to keep up with her. Naruto idly glanced at her hips from time to time. Twelve or not, he was still a male and she was a perfect mate.

'Damn it Kyu-jii! Stop making me think about that!' Naruto mentally scolded the fox in his head, gaining a loud, sinister chuckle in return.

Once the duo made it to the small house of Tsunami, Naruto looked around. His house was bigger than this and that was saying a lot considering his house had to be small in fear that Hunter-nins would find it.

Then again, his house did stretch underground instead.

"Here we are." Tsunami said. "My father should be here soon."

"Okay. Now tell me what the problem is." Naruto said.

Tsunami gave a sorrow look. "Gato. We feel as if he has hired an assassin, Zabuza Momochi." At the sound of the name, Naruto's eyes narrowed. Vengeance. "So, will you help? Like I said, I don't have much so-"

Naruto stopped her by raising a hand into the air. "For free."

The statement nearly caused the woman to glomp him and face-fault into the floor. From what she had heard, Makaze no Naruto was a cost a lot and was usually called to defeat a few bandits. This was a high-ranked ronin and she had assumed that it was going to cost more than she currently possessed.

She was wrong.

Naruto, on the other hand, was slowly slipping into the fox's grasp. There were certain times in his life where he allowed the Nine-tails to do whatever he pleased just as long as he did not break the seal or harm anyone important to Naruto. The deal seemed to be a profitable one as of date, seeing as Naruto has been pulled out of several sticky situations with the help of a being that knows the very fundamentals of using almost every kind of jutsu known to man. And if Haku just so happened to interefere and makes things worse on him, he would have no problem giving the fox a body to run wild in.

In fact, there was a new jutsu he had been working on as of lately. Maybe this would be the perfect time to use it.

"Oi, Tsunami-san," Tsunami looked at the short blond. "You said that your dad was returning?" Tsunami nodded. "When?"

"He left about a week ago to get help as well." Tsunami said. "We were not expecting you to arrive at all. But when your toad arrived last night, I realized how wrong we were."

Naruto nodded before dropping his scroll. "Hai. Excuse me, I have to go check something."

With that, Naruto quickly dashed outside.

Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Mist, was definitely here. He knew that scent anywhere.

'Kit, you might want to slow down. You're not strong enough to take on Zabuza yet!' Kyubi said to Naruto. 'And if you get us killed, I will at least get the pleasure of devouring your soul forever in hell!'

'Whatever. But if I can at least injure him, I can fight Haku one-on-one before turning my attentions to Zabuza.' Naruto replied.

'That's the dumbest thing you've said in a while. Huh, and I just when I thought you grew a brain.'

'Keep it up and I'll put a Sound Barrier Seal in there too!' Naruto shot back. This caused the ancient being to growl lowly. 'Now, we need to focus on his sent.'


"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura Haruno called as the mist cleared.

"No way…" Kiba Inuzuka said.

"He couldn't have…" Sakura murmured.

'But he has the Sharingan!' Sasuke thought as the three eyed their captured sensei. 'There's no way that he should've been caught!'

Zabuza chuckled deeply. "I expected more out of you. But I guess that your reputation exceeds you." Zabuza held a single hand seal, forming a water clone. "Take care of the brats. We don't want anything getting in our way."

"Move!" Sasuke said grabbing Tazuna and jumping away.

Kiba grabbed the injured Akamaru, leaving a stiff Sakura in the way of the clone. Before the water clone of Zabuza could swing its sword, Sakura's body was wrapped by something and pulled out of harm's way. After giving it a second glace, Kakashi realized that that something was actually someone's tongue!

'What kind of jutsu is that?' Kakashi thought to himself.

Sakura was sat on the ground as the tongue retracted and shrunk into Naruto's mouth.

"I should've placed a seal on that." Naruto said wiping his tongue with the back of his hand.

"Who are you?" Kiba asked.

Naruto flipped into the air and landed on the shore, half his foot on the lake's surface.

"Makaze no Naruto." Zabuza stated. "It's good to see you again. Unfortunately, you're not in time to save this one!"

The clone slashed through Naruto.

'Dobe!' Sasuke thought.

'Baka!' Sakura thought at the same time.

"That looked like that hurt." Naruto said from his spot in the tree.

"Shadow Clone?" Kakashi questioned himself. "How'd he learn that?"

Naruto removed his left glove, revealing a seal on the right palm. He began running towards the clone at high speeds.

"Lightning Sealing Method: Byakurai!"

Kakashi's eyes widened as he saw something akin to his own Chidori form into Naruto's palm as the boy thrust his hand forward. A blast of white lightning rushed towards the clone that dodged quickly. The blast, however, continued to where the real Zabuza and Kakashi were.

"Water Style: Water Encampment Wall!"

The clone of Zabuza performed the attack causing a large wall of water to form in time to stop the blast from breaking the prison. A large steam covered the area after the two attacks met.

"W-what power…" Sakura stammered.

'Just who is this guy?' Sasuke thought.

Naruto put his glove back on and gave a low growl. He did not have a lot of lightning sealed to use that technique multiple of times, but Zabuza had unlimted water. He had to find a way to get past the clone. But how?

"Is that the best you can do? You've grown weaker." Zabuza taunted.

'I told you that you weren't strong enough to defeat him.' the fox chastised. 'Now what?'

Naruto smirked. "We show them why we're refered to as Makaze no Naruto." Naruto held a hand seal. "Kit Transformation!"

A puff of smoke surrounded Naruto followed with a wave of chakra. When the smoke cleared, there stood a blonde chibi fox on its hind legs with nine tails behind it. Team Seven gaped while Zabuza and Kakashi both noticeably tensed.

"That idiot! He just turned to some stupid fox no bigger than Akamaru!" Kiba called.

"We're doomed!" Sakura added.

"Dobe…!" Sasuke muttered angrily.

'That chakra… Could it be that he's learned about it yet?' Kakashi thought.

'Damn, this kid is pulling out the stunts early.' Zabuza thought. 'The fight with Hatake has left me tired.'

Naruto nodded. "Alright, time to do this!" Naruto held a hand seal and his cheeks noticeably expanded before his now enlarged and stretched tongue shot out.

"This again!" Zabuza shouted as the tongue shot underwater. "Stop him!"

Zabuza's clone came directly for Naruto who stood still.

"Move!" Sakura and Kiba ordered in unison.

Naruto grunted before dodging the attack. He was forced to retract his tongue in the process. Zabuza's clone continued his attack, coming directly for Naruto.

'Time for your Swift Style!' Kyubi said.

'Hai.' Naruto thought.

The sword sliced Naruto, only for his image to shimmer out of existence.

'That wasn't a clone.' Kakashi thought. 'He dodged that at nearly twice the speed of sound! But how is that possible?'

Naruto's chibi fox body appeared behind the clone in a small whirlwind only to vanish again once Zabuza attempted to gut the fox-boy again.

"Take this!" Naruto shouted, head-butting Zabuza's clone in the gut, causing it to disperse.

'Shit!' Zabuza thought as Naruto vanished again.

"Lightning Sealing Method," Zabuza saw Naruto in front of him now. "Byakurai!"

Zabuza's eyes widened. 'Haku!'

Team Seven and Tazuna watched another explosion of mist erupted after the sound of shattering glass. Once the smoke cleared, Naruto was now in his normal form with Kakashi standing beside him.

"He freed Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura said happily.

"He… He got away…" Naruto panted. "They're… They're…" Naruto's eyes drooped. "…Tired…"

Naruto fell towards the water before Kakashi caught him.

'Naruto… Sensei would be proud.' Kakashi thought.


Naruto saw the dark sewer that lead to his tenant. He figured that there must be a reason he was summoned here, so he went to talk to the baka-fox. He soon came to the usual room where a statue of his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, stood guarding the 'forbidden passage' that unleased the Kyubi's Yin-chakra. But his attention was towards the large cage that held the beast.

"Alright Kyu-jii, what do you want?" Naruto asked.

Kyubi growled. "You insolent fool! You chose to transform into that pathetic transformation, drawing out more chakra than needed, when you could have just transformed into the REAL THING!"

"And risk you hurting the one-eyed guy and the others? I'll take my chances." Naruto said.

"Why? Are these mortals of any use for you?" the fox questioned.

"No," Naruto replied. "But I couldn't let that rat Zabuza get away without a fight. Besides, you know that I have Uzumaki blood in me. We always find a way to end up on top."

"Might I remind you that two of the last Uzumakis are out to kill you?" Kyubi asked. "And the last time we ran into Hiruko, we were lucky that Jiraiya was nearby or else."

Naruto was silent for a moment. Hiruko Uzumaki was an old man with a serious problem. He had dreams of starting the Fourth Great Shinobi World War just to prove a point. With his seal that allowed him to use the Dark Release, he was a powerful foe. Naruto had attempted to redo the seal on himself, but could not. So he settled with the Lightning Sealing Method and another that he had picked up in Sunagakure no Sato.

"Your skills are improving…" Naruto beamed at the compliment. "But that does not make you IMMORTAL!"

"Yeah, yeah, say it don't spray it." Naruto responded nonchalantly. "Besides, we live didn't we? I had the fight in my hand this entire time."

"You're lucky that you have that Swift Release at your knowledge." the fox told its jailor. "If not, you would've been sliced in half. And even then, you can only use it for a limited time because it tires you out. You need to find a way to use it without killing yourself or else they'll change your name from Makaze no Naruto to Kamikaze no Naruto."

"Kamikaze no Naruto… It has a nice ring to it." Naruto was grateful that the cage stopped the clawed hand that would have crushed him like it was meant to. Instead, Naruto laughed. "See you around Kyu-jii. And might I suggest cleaning up in here once and a while? It's kind of dirty."

The fox watched the boy's retreating figure with a dark smirk.

"One day, I shall have the pleasure in meeting you on the battle field, Naruto Uzumaki…"


Naruto opened his eyes. He could sense several of living creatures around him. Seven human, one dog, and fleas. Lots and lots of those little buggers.

"He's awake…" Naruto recognized the voice as the pink-haired screecher from earlier. He sat up to see her and her team along with the old man he assumed to be Tsunami's father, Tsunami, and a boy that he had no recollection of.

"Are you alright?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto nodded. "Fine. Thanks for carrying me here, but I have a job to do." Naruto attempted to move, but hissed in pain. He removed the glove on his left hand and saw the Lightning Seal nearly burning into his skin. "That's not good…"

"Do you need something for that?" Tsunami asked.

"Yeah," Naruto replied. "Can you hand me my scroll?" Without another word, the woman left the area. "This sucks…"

"Wait, if you're a wanting man too, then why are you after Zabuza?" Sakura asked.

"And how can such a small fry be such a big threat?" Kiba added.

Sasuke did not say anything seeing that his teammates had asked both questions that he wanted to know. Though, he would have asked the blond how he had become so strong instead of how he became such a big threat. Sasuke knew that threats came in all shapes and sizes, friend, foe, or family.

"Here it is." Tsunami said struggling to carry the large thing back to Naruto. It was much heavier than it appeared.

Naruto took the scroll and opened it, placing his left hand on a handprint of the same appendage. The seal began to glow bright green as Naruto gave a small sigh of relief as the seal on his left hand became clearer. A dark red chakra outlined his hand before disappearing.

"That's better." Naruto said slipping his glove back on. "Lightning restored and hand healed." Naruto then hopped off of the bed, startling everyone. "Now, onwards to find Momochi!"

"Wait just a minute, Naruto," Kakashi said, gaining a curious frown from Naruto. "We have to talk. Alone."

Naruto then spotted the one thing he should have seen from the start. That cursed hiate.

"So you're Leaf Nin huh? Come to take me back?" Naruto said. "Well I'm not-"

"I'm not here for that. Besides, I'm too tired to do anything about it anyway." Kakashi said. Naruto looked at Kakashi with a critical eye before sighing. "Good. Now, this way."

Naruto followed Kakashi, strapping his scroll on his back as he walked out the back. The two were eventually in the back of the house near the docks.

"So, I take it that you know most of everything, right?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto shrugged. "Most of it. There are still some things I don't know."

"And what about Konoha? Any chance you'll be returning there?" Kakashi said. Naruto looked at the sea in front of him. "There are people there that worry about you. The Hokage, for instance."

"…" Naruto was silent before smirking beneath his mask. "I take it that the law still stands. No one knows about the Uzumaki Clan. No one talks about the Nine-tailed Fox."

"I guess you're right to be angry at that. Though, how you obtained the information is still far from legal." Naruto shrugged but Kakashi continued. "But for the sake of your rising bounty, I advise that you either lay-low on this mission or afterwards."

"I'll go home as soon as this is over, I promise." Naruto said. "But until then, I have a mission to do. Zabuza Momochi will be defeated."

"Sure." Kakashi said.


Kiba, Sasuke, and Sakura sat with one another after dinner outside.

"This guy is a nuke-nin, and from the sounds of it, a pretty strong one." Sasuke said. "We will need to take him seriously if we want to take him down."

"Why not just wait for Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura questioned.

"You saw how fast he moved. He could be the one really after Tazuna." Sasuke said. "You saw it yourself. He had a clear shot and Zabuza just disappeared. If he wanted to kill him, he would have."

Kiba nodded. "Makes sense, but what about that stupid fox move? If he transforms, then we're out of luck."

"Sasuke-kun can beat him!" Sakura screeched.

"Beat who?" the voice caused all three to jump in fear and whip their heads towards Naruto sitting in a branch above them. "Yo."

Kiba pointed. "How'd you get there without me sensing you?"

"Do you know how many foxes actually slip by a dog's noise a year? Let me tell you, a lot." Naruto said causing Kiba to growl. "What?"

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh, that." Naruto said before jumping into the air and landing in front of the three with a weird stance. "I am the heir of seals! I am the next sage of toads! The wielder of the strongest power known to men! I am, the feared Makaze, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Kiba, Sakura, and Sasuke stood annoyed as they swore they saw flames rising behind Naruto.

Sakura's left eye twitched. "That's really annoying."

Naruto fell, anime style onto the ground, face first. He did that to impress her.

"So you're some stupid nuke who everyone is looking after?" Kiba said as Naruto hopped to his feet. "But you're just a kid like us! How can you be that feared?"

"Oh that's easy. I'm stronger than you." Naruto said while rubbing the back of his head.

"You're not stronger than Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled. "There's no possible way that you are!"

"Huh? Sasuke-kun, eh?" Naruto said as he eyed Kiba and then Sasuke. He walked to the Uchiha and stared at him. He then closed his eyes and crossed his arms. "He doesn't look that tough."

Now it was Sasuke's turn to be furious. How dare this dobe down the last of the Uchiha! He would pay dearly for that mistake.

"How about a spar then." Sasuke said, knowing that the blond still had to be tired from his bout with Zabuza. "Right here, right now."

"Nah." Naruto said turning around. "Maybe next time."

The statement threw Sasuke into a deep rage. Running through hand seals at lightning speeds, he inhaled deeply.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke shouted as he exhaled the large fireball towards Naruto.

'That showed him!' Sakura thought.

'WHAM! And that's why Sasuke-kun is the best!' Inner Sakura added holding a V for Victory sign.

Sasuke ended his attack to see that Naruto was nowhere to be found.

"Rule of a Missing-nin," Naruto said, a kunai pressed lightly against Sasuke's neck. "Never let your guard down."

Sasuke quickly spun around with a punch. The blond ducked the blow, thinking that it would be much more fun tiring the Uchiha out before he finished it. Though he was a bit tired from the earlier bout, he could easily tap into the fox's chakra and use the Swift Release, if push came to shove.

Sasuke's foot connected with Naruto's side. The pain was bearable as Naruto landed a punch on Sasuke that knocked the boy backwards. Naruto did a hand seal before his cheeks puffed up.

'Not that creepy tongue move again…' Sakura thought with a quiver as she remembered how she was saved earlier.

Naruto shot his now extended and expanded tongue at Sasuke. Sasuke dodged it, only for the muscle to quickly turn and pursue.

'How do I dodge this guy's tongue?' Sasuke thought before freezing. 'That did not come out right.'

Sasuke threw several kunai at Naruto's tongue. Naruto quickly retracted it, seeing that he did not want any harm coming to his favorite muscle. He would never be able to taste ramen again if something were to happen to his tongue.

"Don't forget about me!" Kiba shouted. "Piercing Fang!"

'Kit, now is time for that secret technique of yours.' Kyubi said as Naruto dodge the attack.

"Right." Naruto said holding a hand seal. "Ninja Art: Beast Mimicry Transformation: Two tails!"

A puff of smoke surrounded Naruto before quickly vanishing. Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba stood a bit horrified at the new Naruto.

His blond hair had grown and now had a much redder tint to it. His arms and hands were covered in a fine red fur, ending at his elbows. Two red tails were behind him, like his earlier transformation, though his eyes were red with fox slits. His mask dropped onto the ground, revealing feral whiskers on his face.

'What is this?' Kyubi asked. 'I feel my power slipping into yours, but my will… My will will not go into your mind!'

'Call it a precaution.' Naruto thought.

"Now," Naruto said to his two opponents. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Dobe!" Sasuke called before doing the Great Fireball Jutsu again.

"Wind Release: Fox Twister!" Naruto called, whipping a tail in front of him.

A twister appeared, absorbing Sasuke's attack. The twister disappeared taking the flames with it. Naruto then ran for Sasuke.

'He's fast!' Sakura thought as she moved to help her crush.

"Piercing Fang!" Kiba called.

'Forgot about him.' Naruto thought, flipping over Kiba. 'Guess I should give him something to play with.'

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto said creating another copy of himself. "Now, lets differentiate between ourselves."

"You got it boss." the clone said doing a hand seal. "Kit Transformation!" The clone transformed into the chibi fox from earlier. "Let's go."

"Right!" Naruto said going for Sasuke again.

Naruto's clone looked at Kiba and did a hand seal before shooting its tongue towards the Inuzuka.

'This again?' Kiba thought dodging the attack.

Meanwhile, the real Naruto dodged Sasuke before swatting Sakura away with a tail. He mentally groaned as he was using this extra chakra for nothing.


Inside of Naruto's mindscape, the legendary beast chuckled menancingly.

"That gaki's divided himself, making it easier for my will to take over. Since he's using both transformations that merge our bodies partially, this should be much easier." the fox said as a line of red chakra went for the door with its Yin chakra sealed inside. "Soon, I will have my revenge."

The red eyes of the Kushina statue began to glow, forcing the Kyubi's chakra to retract away from the door.

"Curse you Kushina Uzumaki. It seems as only Naruto can open that door." the fox stated. "Mark my words Uzumaki. I will never fully merge with your son. Do you hear my Kushina! I will wipe out the Rikkudo's descendants one by one, starting with the cursed Uchiha Clan!"

The eyes stopped glowing and Kyubi could swear he heard the woman's childish laughter from when the two first met years ago.

"I hate this clan." Kyubi muttered.


Naruto had no clue on what the baka-fox inside of him was shouting about, so he continued to focus on Sasuke and Sakura.

"Take this, cha!" Sakura called coming in with a kunai.

'Pathetic.' Naruto thought as he twisted Sakura's arm and flipped her onto her back. Naruto felt a strain the chakra from his clone. 'Trying to restrain the fox while using its power is starting to become a burden. I have to dispel my clone.'

After dispelling the clone and learning Kiba's fighting style, Naruto smirked. He could feel his chakra returning to him at a fast rate.

"Now!" Sasuke called.

Naruto saw Sasuke and Kiba come for him. Using a small boost of chakra, he used his Swift Release: Swift Flying God Technique, a move inspired by his father and his great-unlce Hiruko, and dodged both as his body shimmered out of existence.

"Where'd he go?" Kiba asked.

"Don't move." Naruto said. Kiba and Sasuke both saw Naruto standing over Sakura, his left clawed hand generation a sphere of white lightning as he pointed the palm towards the pinkette. "One move and I blast her into the next life and then some."

"…" Sasuke debated about this for a moment. She was weak. She did get in the way. But she was his teammate. He would be no better than Itachi if he killed her for the sake of his own gains.

"You jerk! Fight us without using dirty tactics!" Kiba ordered.

"If that's how you feel…" Naruto said as the lightning began to grow.

"Wait." Sasuke said. "We yield."

"…" Naruto knew Sasuke was lying, but went along with it anyway. "Fine. Kai." In a puff of smoke, the boy had reverted back to his normal self. Surprisingly, and annoying in Sakura's case, the mask was replaced around the lower half of Naruto's face. "Now, let's pretend that this never happened, okay?"

"Sure." Sasuke said. Once the lightning was re-sealed, Sasuke made his move with a barrage of shuriken.

'Sasuke-kun!' Sakura thought as she knew that some of them would hit her.

Naruto stood frozen for a split second before removing the glove from his right hand.

"Iron Sand: Iron Dome!" Naruto shouted as a dome of black sand covered Naruto and Sakura.

'No way…' Kiba thought.

Sasuke growled. 'That dobe outsmarted me again!'

Once the sand went back into the seal on the palm of Naruto's right hand, Naruto glared at Sasuke.

"What the hell were you thinking? You could've killed her!" Naruto shouted angrily.

Sasuke did not respond as Naruto's chakra built. He could already tell that this was going to hurt.

"You want to know why they call me Makaze no Naruto?" Naruto said, his eyes now red and three tails of red chakra sprouting from his back. "I'll show you! Wind Release: Devil Storm Jutsu!"

The three tails whipped in unison, creating a black spiral that shot into the air. Sasuke and Kiba watched the black twister turn in midair before descending on Sasuke. The attack hit the ground, sending debris and dust flying everywhere. Even Kiba, who was just standing near Sasuke, was blown by the power. The tails receded and Naruto stood panting. That move was to be used only in a dire situation and he could only use it up to two times a day, and afterwards, he would not be able to use the Swift Release.

Kakshi now held Sasuke in a tree, saving him from the attack.

"Naruto, I will discipline my students." Kakashi said giving the blond his infamous, yet creepy, eye smiles. "Okay?"

"Whatever." Naruto said turning around. "I'm going to take a nap. Don't bother me."

Naruto walked off, leaving the team to stand there in a mixture of shock and fear.

"Sasuke," Kakashi said in a grave tone. "Never, ever, pick a fight with him again, understood? Under no circumstance will you fight him unless I am there to make sure that it is a spar."

"Or what?" Sasuke asked.

"Or he'll kill you." Kakashi answered gaining a gasp from Sakura. "Now that he pictures you as an enemy, he will not hesitate to kill you, even if that means breaking the bones in his body to do so."

"K-Kakashi-sensei," Sakura stammered. "W-what was that weird sand?"

"He's traveled around and learned how to seal certain attacks. He wears these seals on his body to fight, such as the Lightning Sealing Method we saw earlier and the Earth Sealing Method you saw just now." Kakashi said. "He's undoubtedly one of the strongest ninja in his age group and could give a low jonin, high chunin a run for his money."

"Then why don't you take him down and take him in?" Sasuke asked.

Kakashi eyed Sasuke. "Giving his heritage, I doubt that when Naruto chooses to fight me one-on-one, I won't stand a chance." This caused all three of Kakashi's students to gape. "That, plus the Hokage has given us strict orders about how to encounter Naruto. Never go in with the attempt to kill. He will pick up on it and defend himself."

"Naruto…Uzumaki…" Sakura murmured.

"A seals master…" Kiba added.

"A dobe." Sasuke finished. "And I will defeat him. Wait a see."


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