Disclaimer: I own nobody except for the Kayla and her kids and Steve's niece and nephew. Sorry for the late, late update but school has been crazy and so has life. But it all calmed down so now I will be posting two chapters maybe.

Kassie flopped down on the couch and snatched the remote from Hannah and turned the channel.

"Hey!" shouted Hannah as the channel changed from cartoons to CSI Ny. "Turn it back!" Kassie held the remote out of the younger girl's reach as she jumped on her and tried to reach for it. Steve and Danny walked in as Hannah continued to try and reach for the remote. Steve took the remote and turned the tv off. The two looked at Steve and Danny.

"Hannah this is Danny. Danny this is Hannah" Hannah just looked at Danny and blinked.

"Hi...Give me the remote Steve" Hannah spoke with a frown. Kassie leaned over the back of the couch, and reached for the remote.

"Give you're sister the tv. Come on I have two people I want you to meet" Steve spoke.

"Can they surf?"

"Yeah. But i'll take you three surfing later today" Kassie jumped over the couch, grabbing her Dallas Cowboy hat in the process. She slapped it on her head and ran off to go get her shoes. Danny saw Evan sitting in a chair, holding a cute brown headed baby. Danny walked over and knelt by Evan and the baby.

"Hey there, squirt" Danny spoke to the baby. He then turned to look at Evan. "What's his name?"

"Casey" Evan spoke. Casey looked at Danny and cocked his head to the side.


"No Danny" Casey just reached for him. Danny smiled and picked the baby up. Kassie came walking back into the room, her shoes on. She was dressed in khaki cargo shorts, a navy blue t-shirt and black and white tennis shoes. Danny handed Casey back to Evan after he stood to his feet. He walked over to Steve, Kayla came walking into the room with Dalton at her heels. Dalton saw Steve and ran up to him, grinning. Steve scooped Dalton up and hugged him.

"Dalt meet Danny" Dalton just waved and Danny waved back. Kayla walked over and smiled at Danny.

"Hello there Danny"

"Ah you must be Kayla. Steve told me so much about you" Kayla smiled and took Dalton, from Steve and set him on the floor.

"Are you taking Kassie and Evan to see Katie and Jet?" Steve nodded and gave her a light kiss on the lips. The younger two just gagged and made funny noises. Evan looked over at Steve and his mom.

"I'm not going" Evan spoke as he went back to playing Casey. Kayla walked over and picked up Casey and pointed to the front door. Evan got up and slipped his shoes on, he knew better then to argue with his mom. Once they were all in the car they drove to Five-0.


Two teens could be seen sitting in the break room. They were trying to figure out how to drive the police officer up the wall, since they managed to drive their uncle Danny up the wall. The sound of a car engine filled their ears. They ran to the nearest window and saw the familiar silver corvette parking. The also saw Steve and Danny get out of the car with two teens around the same age as them. They ran to the entrance and grinned at Danny as he walked in. Danny sighed softly and smiled abit.

"Kaitlyn, Jethro this is Kassie and Evan. They are you're cusions" spoke Steve as he brought up the rear behing Danny and Kassie and Evan. Katie scrunched up her nose.

"Uncle Steve it's Katie and we know who they are. We are friends back home" Jethro nodded and grinned at Evan.

"Hey bro wanna go surfing?" Jethro question as he took off his hood. Now that Kassie got a good look at the two they were dressed like they should've been back in Colorado. Jethro was wearing khaki cargo pants, black and red snow boots, a dark blue american eagle jacket with the sleeves pushed up to his upper forearms. The jacket was unzipped and the hood was up on his head. He had brown hair and green eyes like his uncle. His sister Kaitlyn had on black cargo pants, black and blue snow boots, a light blue american eagle jacket unzipped as well. Kaitlyn had shoulder lenght brown hair and green eyes like her uncle as well.

Evan shook his head. "Maybe later, Jet" Jethro nodded and turned to his uncle.

"Can we go to the arcade now?" Evan's eyes seemed to light up at the sound of arcade. Steve nodded and his neice and nephew ran out the door. Kassie and Evan followed with Steve and Danny bringing up the rear.