Let me first start by saying I am not a writer. I had no intention of starting this story, but the characters would not shut up in my head. I had to get them out and once I started, everything just kept flowing. Since this is my first story, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. The characters are pretty much forcing me to do things their way, which has led me down so many different paths than I originally intended for them to go. But please stick with me through this chapter. It begins with a lot of inner monologues, but they were necessary to show you where our lead characters stood.

Ok now that i've said that, I do not own the vampire diaries. I just decided to use it's characters and send them in a different direction.

My story picks up where "By The Light of the Moon" left off. Except in my story Elena made the deal with Elijah, but Stefan's release from the tomb was never in the arrangement. That's pretty much the only change to the storyline I made. I hope you all enjoy :)

Please comment and give feedback, I would absolutely love it! And I promise to listen to any criticism and apply it to following chapters.

Chapter 1:

Rose continued to scream uncontrollably. Damon had no idea what to do for the damsel in distress lying on the floor in front of him. For the first time in months he had fear for someone other than Elena. The feeling was unfamiliar to him and left a bad taste in his mouth.

He had come to this town so many months ago with the agenda of one thing, release Katherine from the tomb. Well that hadn't gone exactly according to plan. The bitch hadn't been in there. The one person he felt anything for had left him high and dry. After 146 years of shutting his emotions off in order to accomplish his goal it seemed only natural to return to this emotional state of mind.

But then she happened. Elena resembled Katherine, which made it easy for him to understand his immediate attraction to the girl. But she was nothing like Katherine. She was kind, gentle, honorable, and loyal; everything he tried not to be. Because let's be honest… these were not redeeming qualities for a vampire. It made you a weak and vulnerable prey for your enemies.

Although he had tried to resist these uncontrollable feelings, they refused to go away. They were a constant reminder etched in the back of his mind that he still had some humanity left inside of him.

Stupid Elena and her control over him. She had him wrapped around her tiny finger, and as much as he hated to admit it, he would do anything for her. He would play nice with her friends, yes, even that little witch Bonnie. He would risk his life time and time again to make sure she remained safe. But none of this mattered; she was in love with his brother, Stefan.

Oh noble Stefan. This was the hardest thought for him to bear. As much as the thought made him cringe, his brother was perfect for Elena. He was able to protect her from the tower of enemies Elena continually ranked up. He was honest and loving. This was why when given the opportunity to empty everything onto Elena; he had ended it with support for his brother. He knew she had no recollection of the conversation they shared weeks ago, but it was a constant memory branded in his mind. He had muttered those 3 words he had been fighting so hard to resist, but because of that damn humanity that was lingering inside of him, he compelled her to forget. He knew it was the right decision, but he regretted it every day.

His thoughts were interrupted with another cry from Rose. His thoughts had carried him away from the scene in front of him. That pesky female werewolf Jules had officially placed herself at the top of his kill list, but that would have to wait until he found a way to cure Rose of the painful death he knew was only days, maybe hours away. But before he started this difficult task he asked himself one question… why the hell do I care so much?

Elena sat staring at her reflection deep in thought over the past day's events. For the first time in months she was safe. SAFE. That was a word not often used in her vocabulary as of lately. She had made a deal with Elijah to keep her friends as well as herself protected from Klaus. There was only one kink in their perfectly mastered plan; Stefan was still trapped in the tomb with the evil conniving Katherine. Although Elena trusted Stefan completely, she couldn't help but fear the worst. Katherine was a master at getting under people's skin and manipulating them to achieve her goals and Elena knew Stefan was one of these goals. She knew she had to remove Stefan from this situation, but she had no idea how. She felt helpless, a feeling she was becoming all too familiar with.

Before she could continue her thought process, Elena was distracted by the sound of Alaric's edged voice. She stood from her vanity chair and made her way to the hallway so she could better hear the conversation between Alaric and whoever he was on the phone with.

"I just don't understand. Why didn't she attack you? Why would she try and hurt Rose?" questioned Alaric.

Elena quickly descended the stairs and stood by Alaric's side. At her movement, he tensed and told whoever was on the other end of the line that he would be there momentarily. He then snapped his cell phone shut and shot her a worried expression.

"What's going on?" Elena asked.

Alaric hesitated before he replied, "Damon called. Something happened at the boarding house and he needs my help."

At the sound of his name, Elena felt her heart begin to race. Although Damon had hurt so many of her loved ones in the past, somehow he had managed to add his name to that very same list.

Before she could calm the panic in her voice she cried out, "Is Damon alright? He hasn't been hurt has he?"

Alaric noticed the hysterical expression that caused her face to become distorted because he quickly replied, "Damon's perfectly fine. Rose on the other hand was attacked by a werewolf. It wasn't Tyler. We unfortunately have another furry friend running around Mystic Falls. Damon and I met her earlier at the Grill, but I need to go. Evidently the rumors are true about werewolf bites." His eyes drifted to the kitchen where Jenna was preparing dinner before he continued, "Damon seems to think Rose is dying."

Before Elena could get a handle on the situation at hand she blurted out, "I'm coming with you!"

Alaric didn't seem particularly thrilled with the idea of her joining him, but he nodded in agreement. He said goodbye to Jenna and apologized for leaving so abruptly while Elena snuck through the front door.

They kept conversation to a minimum on the way to the boarding house. Elena knew Alaric was trying to configure a way to save Rose. He had done so much research about the supernatural while trying to find his ex-wife Isabel that if anyone could remember a cure, it would be him. Elena, on the other hand had a much clearer mind. She could only focus on one thought… why am I not concerned for Rose?

The door swung open as Alaric and Elena stormed into the boarding house. Damon looked up at them with terror in his eyes. Elena couldn't quite understand the expression on his face. Was it fear? She stared into his panic stricken eyes before glancing at the floor upon Rose.

She looked terrible. Her right shoulder had been torn apart. Pieces of her flesh had begun to fall off leaving her shoulder bone completely visible. Her skin looked white, almost translucent, which wasn't exactly a stretch from her normal skin color, but definitely off. She had beads of sweat trickling down her forehead, her cheeks, and onto her neck. But the worst was the screaming. She kept crying out in tormented screeches. Elena couldn't bear to look any longer so she quickly removed her gaze from Rose and walked out of the room.

She swayed into the study and grasped onto the desk to keep herself up. Although she couldn't quite bring herself to fear what was happening to Rose, she felt horrible for the pain the female vampire was enduring.

Almost as if he had sensed Elena needed someone to keep her afloat, Damon appeared next to her. The familiarity of having him so close caused her body to regain its strength. She looked up into his eyes and noticed the normal easiness was still vacant in them. He appeared almost raged.

Before she could ask him what his next move was he spat, "What are you doing here Elena?"

She tried to answer the question before she realized she had no answer. "I … I'm not really sure."

Damon continued to stare at her with daggers in his eye before turning to walk out the door. Once he got there he paused before turning around and merely whispering, "You should go home. We have enough damsels in distress to worry about for one day."

Damon knew it was harsh, but he couldn't bear the idea of Elena witnessing this. He had to worry about Rose at the moment and Elena constantly hovering over him wondering if he was ok would be a distraction. He also hated admitting this to himself, but he didn't want Elena to see him emotionally vulnerable. It appeared he had developed some sort of connection with Rose. He knew it wasn't exactly romantic, but he wasn't sure if it was exactly friendship either. All he knew was that he had to save her.

He re-entered the living room to the continuous cries of Rose. Alaric had placed himself beside her with a damp wash cloth in hand. Alaric looked up and asked, "What are we going to do? I've retraced everything I could in my mind, but I can't think of a solution. We're losing her fast and I'm not sure we have much time left."

Damon rolled some ideas over in his head before deciding it was time to track down Jules. He was going to get some answers or he was going to rip her heart out. Either way, it was a win in his book.

Damon announced, "I'm going to visit our new friend Jules and demand some answers." And with a devilish grin he added, "I can be very persuasive when I want to be." He headed for the front door, but was confronted by Elena before he could exit.

With fire in her eyes she pronounced, "I'm coming with you."

"You're not coming Elena! I know you consistently feel the need to be involved in every decision we make, but this does not concern you. I can't protect you! You seem to forget you're a human. You'll only be a distraction."

With this Elena became enraged. She stomped towards him with a clear understanding that she was going to get what she wanted.

"I can't just sit here and continue to watch the people around me die! Rose is dying and Stefan is trapped in the tomb with that malicious bitch Katherine. I'm coming with you whether you like it or not." Stubbornly she muttered under her breath so that she knew he could still hear, "And I don't need protecting, I have Elijah for that now."

She knew she wasn't fighting fair, but she couldn't sit around and do nothing anymore.

Damon released the tension in his forehead allowing it to become de-wrinkled. He had promised Stefan he would protect Elena and this wasn't exactly following his promise, but he didn't want to argue anymore. So he simply sighed, "Fine, but try to stay out of the way."