I know I promised you all an epilogue after this chapter, but I have decided to stop here. I know it is a terribly awful thing to do, but after writing this I feel as though I have gotten to the place I wanted with this story. At this point, I feel that writing an epilogue would only detract from this chapter. So I am very sorry to announce that this will be the last chapter for A Bite That Starts It All.

Quite a few people asked the same question last chapter regarding Damon's secret from the show. Since I started writing this story immediately after the Vampire Diaries' craptastic display of a winter finale, I am sticking firmly behind the Damon we all knew at the end of that episode. So nope, the Damon in my story has no big secret that he misses being a human.

Please enjoy the last chapter of A Bite That Starts It All….

It hadn't been hard convincing the Martins that there was no harm in waiting to perform the spell. Jonas' only argument against Elena's suggestion of waiting had been his family's safety.

"I know you've kept up your part of the deal and we're free from Elijah, but our name is still tied to this spell. If word gets outs that our ancestor was the creator, what would stop others from approaching us?" Jonas had reasoned.

Elena knew 'approach' didn't represent entirely the point Jonas was getting at, but she understood his real meaning. Familiarity caused her to glance at Damon for assistance, but he offered none. He let her fight her own battle and why wouldn't he? He disagreed with her position as well as the others because he felt it was the best move. She mentally realized he would be the bigger battle of the two, but she was positive that she would be able to get him to accept her argument.

It had taken only one reminder from Elena concerning Elijah's sole knowledge of her existence to persuade Jonas that there was no danger in waiting. "You assured me earlier that Elijah has kept my existence a secret. Without the security of fully knowing that I exist, why would others attempt to force you to break the curse? As far as they know, I'm not alive and without me the curse can't be broken."

Accepting her point, he had surrendered. She wanted to hate the man that had almost led her to death, but couldn't. She understood his concept of worrying and protecting your loved ones above all others. She had constantly been worried about the safety of hers for the past two years and she couldn't bring herself to hate another that shared this same protective devotion. Instead she focused on the comfort of knowing that there was no more need to worry about those she loved.

Tyler had been disappointed and acted out like a child, but otherwise handled the news pretty well. As for Caroline and Bonnie, they simply followed suite with the others. Once Jonas and Luka had been won over, the girls had been as well. Bonnie had simply smiled showing Elena her support while Caroline shot her a thumbs up.

As Elena sat in the back of Luka's vehicle tucked against her non-responsive lover she silently pleaded for him to be as understanding as the others when they got home. His silence in the forest made her nervous and uncertain about their immediate future. And while she didn't exactly fear her life the way she had arriving to the forest, she was still fearful of their outcome.

Elena replayed the words she knew had sealed the deal and won her the first battle against Damon. "If you do this now, you won't have me." She grimaced at the memory and regretted saying them. At the time they had seemed like her only option, and they more than likely had been, but they were unnecessary.

As she looked up to gaze upon Damon's hardened expression, she knew she had done damage. It was evident how much of an impact her words had truly had on him and she begged that she was capable of fixing her mistake. Her impulsive act had given her exactly what she needed; time to reason with her beloved vampire. But now she had to do more than prove to him her option was better than his, she also had to make him realize how untruthful her horrible statement had really been.

Damon was fuming on the inside. He had accepted his fate and had prepared himself mentally to give up his eternal life. Then Elena had ruined the entire thing. He faintly understood why she was behaving the way she was, but he didn't see the harm in changing. All he wanted was for Elena to be happy and he was damn sure a normal life would allow her that.

Yes, he was happy with his life and enjoyed the supernatural perks that came with being a vampire, but they weren't everything. Elena was everything and he was more than willing to give up everything else to be with her. They finally had the chance to enjoy a fretless life together and he didn't understand how she couldn't envision the same happy ending he could.

The decision was his to make and he had been ready to make it. Then her tears had started to fall in the forest and he had found himself trying to persuade her it was the right move. He had been compassionate and loving, but she had thrown it back in his face. To his surprise, she had come back with an argument he couldn't fathom. She had been so believable when she stated he would no longer have her if he went through with the sacrifice, that he had no other choice than to believe it. The statement had struck a painful blow to his gut and he knew that she had won.

He had sat back and watched her persuade the others to follow her decision in hopes they would have some effect on her, but they didn't. The others had failed him and now he was the only soldier left standing firmly behind his opinion.

He rode silently the entire way back to the school with her pressed against his side. The loving touch assured him that her threat had simply been a strategic move to buy more time. He let out a sigh and knew Elena felt she was only doing what was right for him, but she couldn't have been further from right. She was a do-gooder by nature, so she was just following her instincts. But in this instance, her instincts were wrong.

He snuck a few quick glances at the stubborn girl he so desperately loved and expected her to be oozing confident optimism, but instead she appeared weak and uneasy. While the image begged him to comfort her, he held silently strong and hoped this meant a weakness in her offense.

As he snuck another glance down, he mentally prepared himself for the second battle they would share as soon as the others were out of the picture and pleaded that this time he would step away the victor.

When they arrived at the school, the dance had been long over and the parking lot was empty despite Damon's mustang. Elena mentally thanked herself for having enough sense to text Jenna a lame excuse for bailing on the dance. Her aunt wasn't happy with her decision to leave with Damon, but she would deal with that tomorrow. She had enough to worry about for one night.

Once everyone had stepped out of the cars, Elena had said the necessary thank yous and goodbyes to their friends while Damon headed for his vehicle without muttering a word. She briefly apologized for his behavior, but had no need to.

Jonas explained that he understood perfectly and wished her luck before getting in his car and driving away. Luka had given her a hug before taking Bonnie's hand and leading her back to his car. Her friend had looked back at Elena to give her a reassuring smile before taking her place in the passenger's seat.

Elena was left standing alone with Caroline and Tyler as the others drove away. She wasn't sure why, but she felt sorry for Tyler. He had suddenly been thrown into this supernatural world and although he had Caroline to help him through the transitioning phases, she had experienced first-hand how overwhelming this life could be in the beginning. She wrapped her arms around his torso and gave him a comforting embrace as she whispered, "I'm sorry. I know you were looking forward to never turning again and I ruined that opportunity for you."

Tyler pulled away from their embrace and gave her a weak grin. "I'm not going to say that I understand why Damon's life is so important to you, but I can say that I forgive you. The outcome sucks, but I'll just have to deal with it."

Elena replied with her own smile before Caroline laced her arm around Tyler's waist and interrupted, "Besides, you've got me here to support you every step of the way." She then nuzzled her nose into his cheek flirtatiously.

Elena laughed at her friend's happiness and felt the desire to share the same closeness with Damon. She'd made a terrible mess, but it was now time to fix it.

Caroline must have seen the change in her friend's expression because she wrapped her arms around Elena and reassured, "Everything will be alright, Damon loves you. That's why he's so willing to give up who he is for you. You're both just extremely stubborn, but what you feel for each other is real and you'll figure out what's best for the two of you as a whole."

"Thank you," Elena replied as the two pulled away from each other.

"And if not, I'll come over and kick his ass." Caroline then shot a faux intimidating look in the direction of the mustang clearly informing Damon she knew he was listening to her every word.

Elena laughed at her friend's lighthearted nature and felt the need to once again congratulate her on everything she had accomplished that day. "You are a bad ass now. I mean, you killed Elijah without getting as much as a scratch in return."

She saw Caroline's cheeks flush red before her friend gushed, "I know right!"

Elena let out another weak giggle before realizing the two had no ride home. Obviously, the group had gone over their allotted time for the limo rental. Although Elena was dying for a moment alone with Damon, her polite nature drove her to ask, "Do you guys need a ride?"

Caroline shook her head dismissively at the idea and replied, "Nah, we're good. Besides, I think you and Damon need the alone time now anyway."

That sure was the truth. Elena let out a relieving sigh, said goodbye, and watched as they flashed into the distance before heading in the direction of Damon's vehicle. She lowered herself into the car and immediately felt the weight of her previous statement. The car moved forward and she wasn't sure if Damon was ready to talk yet, but she couldn't wait another second.

She inhaled deeply and started in. "I know you're angry with me and you have every reason to be; I under-minded and embarrassed you in front of everyone else. I also said some things that I shouldn't have and I'm sorry. I love you, Damon, and I would never walk away from you because of a decision you feel is in my best interest, but I needed to buy more time. I know it was harsh and cruel and it probably left you feeling terrible, but this is a decision that you and I need to make and I didn't think it was right hashing out our decision in front of everyone else."

To her surprise, Damon responded evenly, "I know."

Shock covered her face as she questioned, "You do? I mean, you understand that those words were the furthest from the truth, right?"

Damon focused his attention solely on the winding road in front of him as he answered, "Yes."

Relief washed over her, but his refusal to meet her eyes still left her feeling uneasy. "I just needed you to know. I'm really sorry and I just want us to be able to talk about this." She took his hand in hers and gave it a squeeze to ensure him that her words were the truth. She loved him more than anything and just wanted everything to be alright.

Damon turned to face Elena for the first time since they had left the woods and gave her a smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. "I love you too, but can we just hold off the conversation until we get to the boarding house?"

"Sure," Elena replied nonchalantly. Although she desperately wanted to push him to speak further, she instead relaxed her head against the head rest and closed her eyes never removing her hold on the vampire's hand.

Damon just needed a drink. The events of the day had felt like a roller coaster ride and he just required something to take the edge off. Elena had gripped onto his hand like a life raft the entire way home and he hated making her feel uneasy. She was his life raft as well and that was the only reason he had to stay strong. He had to remember that all of this was for her benefit.

The weight of their different opinions crushed against his shoulders and he wanted nothing more than to fix the emotional distance between them, but that required discussion. And during that discussion, he had to stay reasonable because she had the incredible ability to get under his skin and persuade him to do anything. He feared that if he let his guard down for just a minute, she would win.

Once they had stepped into the boarding house, Damon made his way to the fireplace and lit the logs ablaze. There was something about a crackling fire that always eased his restless nature. After pouring himself a drink and allowing its soothing contents to take effect, he took a seat on the sofa next to Elena. He took a deep breath about to begin before she started, "I know you think…"

But he placed his hand over her mouth to cut her off. She eyed him suspiciously as he stated, "I know full well what you are going to say, Elena. You have made it perfectly clear that you have no desire for me to turn because you think I would be doing it for you. I could easily lie and say I would be doing it for myself, but I never want to have to lie to you."

He then removed his hand from her mouth in order to hold onto hers and embracing its warmth, he continued. "You have changed me so much since I came here and I regret none of it. I used to be a monster and we both know it, but you forced me to see who I really was. You never gave me the option before and I love you that much more for giving me the option now, but your push has always been right in the past. You pushing me to be a better man, figuratively speaking, has led me to feel almost human so why can't you just let me finish the transition?"

The words flowed from his lips as smoothly as butter and Elena found herself lost in his argument. After a minute hesitation, she cleared her head from the clouded state and replied, "Your argument just proves that ever since you arrived in Mystic Falls, your instincts and decisions have revolved around me. You can deny it, but we both know it's true. It's time you finally took a lesson from your brother and started living for yourself. Your world and the decisions you make don't always have to revolve around the effects they will have on me."

Well, that was the farthest from the truth. If only she understood how much of an impact her gravitational pull had on him. She was the sun and Damon was simply a planet stuck in orbit around her.

Damon leaned forward and cupped her chin as he replied, "My world will always revolve around you."

Elena smiled at his statement and he noticed the shiver it sent over her body as she replied, "And yours, mine. But when you make this decision, Damon, I want it to be when you are ready. I don't want it to be because you think it's necessary in saving my life. I want you to do it for you."

His signature grin slashed across his face as he honestly muttered, "You could be waiting a lifetime if that were the case."

"Then I would wait a lifetime." Elena replied without hesitation.

Frustration boiled under Damon's surface. Elena was always so confident in her opinions that sometimes it almost came off as arrogant. The idea that she was so confident about a decision he would or would not be making, only made the situation worse. Her ideas about their future were completely construed and he needed to remind her of the repercussions that came with dating a vampire.

Damon removed his hold on Elena's hand and lifted himself from the couch. He took another swig of his drink before setting it on the ledge above the fireplace. He then turned around and let out a frustrated huff before stating, "But don't you see; I don't want to make you wait anymore. After everything Stefan and I have put you through since we entered your life, you deserve everything that comes with a normal relationship. In a few years people are going to start to notice that I'm not getting any older. I can't stay in the same place for very long without the threat of people finding out what I am. Are you willing to move away from everyone else just so we can be together?"

"Yes," Elena responded confidently.

The shock that covered his face came on too suddenly to hide. Elena had a family and a great support system in Mystic Falls. The idea that she would so willing give that up for him sent tingles down his spine. "What about children? And don't tell me you don't want any because it's written all over your face. You were born to be a mother, Elena, so there is no point in lying to me. "

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. A confident smile stretched across Damon's lips once he realized he'd backed her into a corner. But to his surprise, she quickly recovered and responded, "You're right. I would like children eventually, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they weren't my own. I was raised by parents that I wasn't related to by blood and I have never loved them any less for it. So, I could easily adopt if the desire became too overwhelming down the road."

Damon let out a snort and countered, "And bring them into our supernatural world? Great plan."

Elena stood and closed the gap separating them as she exclaimed, "I don't have all of the answers, Damon. I never will. All I know is what I feel and know right now."

"And what is that?" Damon questioned.

She raised her hand and gently stroked the side of his face. "Being a vampire is who you are. It's who you have been for the past century and a half. Yes, you love me, but you also love being who you are. I am giving you the opportunity to keep both of us."

"But I'm trying to tell you that I don't need both, I just need you." Damon had no idea why he was still arguing with her, but now it wasn't just about turning for her, it was about winning the argument.

Elena looked deeply into his eyes and Damon found himself faltering. The way her chestnut eyes dug straight into his, left his knees feeling weak and he found himself fighting every urge to give in. She had to of known the effect she had on him, but if she did, she didn't appear to be using it purposefully to her advantage.

With her eyes still dwelling into his she pushed, "I believe that you mean that, but what you're not seeing is that I'm not giving you an ultimatum here. I'm not making you choose. You're incredible, Damon, and I feel that if you change, that part of you will become lost in everything that you have given up. You're full of hunger, compassion, and life all at the same time. You're radiating happiness and I don't want you to lose it because of me."

"I would never be unhappy with you by my side." Damon reassured her.

The comment made Elena smile but she continued on. "You're confident, smooth, sarcastic, powerful, intimidating, and amazing all wrapped into one package. You love having the upper hand and you love being a protector, my protector. If you give this up, I'm not saying that you'll lose these qualities, but your life will take on a different meaning. And besides, without you who will be left to rid this town of all the awaiting evil?"

Damon needed a moment, so he removed himself from her penetrating stare and stepped over to stand behind the couch. The separation had the reverse effect than he was expecting. Instead of regaining the strength to defend his initial argument, he found himself faltering.

Damon had to give it to Elena because she made a valid point. He enjoyed the perks that came with being who he was; a vampire. He hadn't always had the best control, but he had finally mastered the flaws that came with his species. He had learned how to embrace who he was while still being able to enjoy the sensations and comforts that grew from humanity. Plus, he really did enjoy being her protector as well as the town's, but pretty much just her protector.

He loved this girl and he wasn't sure if it was her compliments, the truth behind her argument, or her uncanny ability to get him to follow whatever she wanted; but he found himself wanting the exact same thing. But in one last grand gesture he offered up, "I could always become human to try it out."

She appeared to be holding back a giggle and through her crumbling exterior she asked, "Try out humanity?"

"Sure, and if I don't like it then I could always have Caroline turn me back." Even as he stated the words, he knew it was a ridiculous idea.

Elena caught on immediately and as she seductively sashayed her way across the room, she responded with the all too obvious statement, "That sounds like a lot of effort just to try something you know won't work for you."

Damon hated admitting it to himself, but she was right. He wasn't ready to give this life up and she wasn't asking him to. So what was the harm in keeping things the same? But still in this moment, he was ready to offer everything up to her and he wasn't sure if he'd ever be so willing again. "You're sure you don't want the life that comes with dating a human being?"

She leaned into him and pressed her lips softly against his. The touch felt like perfection and Damon found himself resisting every urge to rip her clothes off. As she pulled her lips from his, she lifted her gaze up to meet him and whispered, "I fell in love with a vampire and I don't want you changing in the least."

The statement sent heat to his very core. With just those words, Damon found himself lifting Elena and pressing her gently into the wall in a sudden flash. With her legs wrapped around him he playfully teased, "Admit it; you just love the perks that come with dating a vampire…"

Elena slowly dragged the tip of her tongue along his bottom lip and through seductive, heavy-lidded eyes she whispered, "The perks are pretty great."

That was all Damon needed to bring his lips crashing down on hers. Once her breathing became heavy, he pulled away and felt the need to ask just one more time before things got too heavy, "Are you sure you're willing to give this a shot?"

He was destroying her; it was evident all over her face. She had one thing in mind and he was refusing to give it to her. Seeing her in agony sent a wave of pleasure through Damon's insides. He enjoyed regaining control after so easily losing it in their discussion. If he hadn't so desperately been craving the same thing she was, he would have attempted to hold out longer.

Although her impatience covered her face, it didn't edge the adoration in her voice when she replied, "Damon, I have always wanted to give this a shot. It was only until recently that I knew I had any other option."

"But now that we have the other option…." Damon pushed.

"I have no desire in you acting on it," Elena finished. "We have a lifetime for you to change your mind. As for right now, I love you exactly the way you are."

"I know you think we're in the clear here, but you never know what life is going to throw at us next. With me this way, I will always be tied to the supernatural world and everything that tie brings with it." Damon said.

"What would life be without a little threat of impending doom constantly hovering over our heads?" Elena playfully asked as she winked at him.

"Normal," Damon answered with a laugh.

"Normal life is such a bore anyway." Elena teased as she forced his lips back against hers.

Damon grinned from ear to ear as he pulled away to comment, "You really are the girl of my dreams, you know that?"

Elena gazed at him with a look Damon found himself becoming all too familiar with. It was a look of pure adoration and the emotion had found its way into her response. "Well, the rest of your life is about to be a living dream because you'll never be able to shake me now."

Damon knew he was in dangerous territory. This girl held all of him and he was fully aware that if she ever decided to back out, his life would be shattered. But the words she had shared and the physical movement of her body showed him that she was exactly where he was emotionally. They were both completely invested in the other.

He surrendered fully as he replied, "I think I can live with that." He then brought his lips crashing down on hers and allowed all of the pervious worries of the day to finally fade away.

Elena rested her head against the comfortable nook in Damon's neck. Once their actions had started, neither one had been able to restrain the urge to hold off long enough to make it upstairs to Damon's bedroom.

Now they both found themselves entwined on the victorian rug in front of the romantic fireplace. As Damon traced his fingertip over her bare shoulder, Elena simply enjoyed the comforting gesture. The heat of the fire on her back fought against the chill his skin provided as they leveled and left her body at the perfect temperature. She had never felt more blissfully at ease.

Elena had no idea how it was possible, but without Damon's death hovering over them, their second attempt had far surpassed their first. They had simply been able to enjoy the intimate experience and all of the emotions it had evoked. Damon's abilities were flawless and she found herself once again lost in the idea that he was forever hers.

Almost as if he was reading her thoughts, Damon broke the comfortable silence. "I don't know about you, but I'd say we pretty much nailed it out of the ballpark this time."

Elena immediately felt a smile plaster across her face at his lighthearted observation. It was true; she couldn't remember a time where she felt more alive than she did in this moment. Although Elena was no expert on sex, she knew enough to realize that Damon was a master.

He had pushed her when she thought she couldn't go on and the rewards had been remarkable. Her body felt more than satisfied, exhausted even, and yet still had the hunger for another round. She wanted more of Damon and she wasn't sure if that desire would ever ease up again.

As the two relaxed in each other's arms, Elena found herself remembering the night of their first time. But to her surprise, it wasn't the memory of their time together that held her focus. Instead it was a phrase Damon had spoken during their horrifying interactions afterwards in the cellar.

She wasn't sure why the memory found its way into her conscious, but once it had she couldn't shake it. The words kept playing in her head on repeat, "Your blood will be unlike anything I have ever tasted before."

She knew it was foolish, but she couldn't resist the push her body was requesting for this act and she couldn't ignore the idea that maybe her body knew something she didn't. Remembering the way Damon had spoken about this action, left her feeling aroused by the idea of him drinking from her.

Without giving herself time to rethink her decision, Elena traced her fingertip along the definitions in Damon's cold bare chest. As his eyes closed, Elena knew she had him right where she wanted him and coaxed, "Damon…"

He responded to his name with a slight moaning sound, so she decided to continue. "There's something I want to try…"

"Anything you want," he replied in merely a relaxed whisper.

She gently ran her index finger along the center of his stomach and took notice when she got the effect she was aiming for. Knowing she had him right in the palm of her hand she stated, "I want you to drink from me."

Whatever state she had managed to get him in before vanished as his eyes shot open. He then removed himself from her side in a shorter amount of time than it took her to blink. Concern and anger were just two of the emotions she recognized on his face as he heatedly asked, "Are you crazy! Earlier this evening you could barely handle physical contact with me and now you want me to bite you?"

Elena stood up and held her ground firmly as she replied with a stern, "Yes."

Damon waved his hands frantically in front of him as he shouted, "No fucking way! We pushed the line already tonight with your state and I am not going to perform the very act that has you terrified in the first place!"

Elena crossed the distance separating them and reasoned, "My state is just fine. As you can see, I'm not afraid of you. I didn't shy away from your touch once this evening and I want to try this."

Damon's face changed into one consumed with concern as he questioned, "Why can't you just be satisfied with sex tonight?" He then slashed his signature smirk across his lips and wrapped his arm around her. He ran his hands around the exact places he knew would cause her to lose track of her thoughts.

The touches had the effect Damon was expecting. They had successfully aroused her more and she wanted more of him; the hunger was unbearable. But she didn't think sex would ease that desire. Somehow she knew a single bite from him would crave that hunger. That simple act would quench her thirst for him.

She countered his move with one of her own. She ran her fingers seductively along the sensitive points on his body and whispered, "Don't you remember what I taste like? The sensation it gave you. I know you want this just as badly as do."

Damon's eyes rolled back as her hand landed on just the right location of his body. She could feel the desire he was experiencing. She almost had him, but she needed to push him further. "What did I taste like?"

In his euphoric state, he seemed to have forgotten his previous argument because he suddenly began licking his lower lip. With his eyes still locked closed remembering the memory, Damon willingly responded, "If they could bottle satisfaction, the elixir contained within it would be your blood. I have never tasted anything more flawless. You tasted like life, happiness, love, compassion, warmth, sex, and forgiveness all at the same time. It was almost as if each sip contained another characteristic you possessed."

The description must have caused Elena to stop her stroking motion because Damon instantly snapped out of his previous trance. His eyes flashed open and he grabbed her hand as he stated, "But I'm not sure if that was the only decent side-effect of the wolf venom in my system or if it was really the connection I have heard so much about. I had never experienced anything like I did when I drank your blood, Elena. But I'm not willing to ruin everything we accomplished tonight because you want to offer yourself up to me in the chance that it was the latter of the two."

Elena placed her lips against his and gently planted a kiss. As she pulled away, she saw the shaky state of Damon and knew she was inches away from victory. He was fighting his urges, but his exterior was crumbling right before her very eyes. She ran the tip of her tongue up the center of his lips and seductively whispered, "I know it's because of the connection we share and I want this more than anything. Please just give me what I want…"

She then pulled just far away enough so that her eyes could penetrate into his and she knew she had won. She knew exactly what to say and what to do to get Damon to surrender and this was the first time that she had truly used it to her advantage.

Elena laced her fingers between his and led him back to their previous spot on the floor. Pressing herself against him, she gently pushed back the strands of hair revealing her bare neck to him.

She could immediately see the desired spark in his eyes as he questioned, "Are you sure?"

Elena was positive she had never been more ready for anything. Her body was screaming for him as she nodded and replied, "Absolutely."

Damon delicately placed his lips against her throat and slid the tip of his fang around the side of her neck. The simple touch sent tingles down her back as the adrenaline pumped through her system, but she felt no fear. He inhaled deeply taking in her scent and she felt the need for him almost instantly.

Sensing her welcome, he broke through the delicate skin and sipped gently at the wound. The sensation was almost instant as her body sent her into a state of euphoria. There had been no pain when his fangs had broken through her skin, only bliss. And at each gentle tug on her neck, she felt the connection between them heighten. She had never felt more intimately involved with someone than she felt at this exact moment.

As Damon took another sip, Elena let her head fall back as she rode the pleasure his bite was providing. Nothing could have prepared her for this bite and this moment. Stefan had drank from her in the past, but it had never evoked the same emotions she was feeling now with Damon. So many were flashing through her in quick bursts that she chose to welcome them instead of deciphering what they were.

Emotions were still rapidly flooding through her body, when Damon lifted his face from Elena's throat revealing he had just shared the exact same experience she had. His eyes gleamed back at her brightly with satisfaction and she knew that if she wasn't 100% confident in her argument beforehand, she sure as hell was now. She thought to herself that if this was what vampire Damon was providing, she couldn't imagine having the desire to ever turn him again. Vampire Damon was what she wanted; what she needed, and she need him forever.

As she gazed longingly into his perfect blue eyes, she couldn't deny the way bites had shaped their relationship. It had taken a werewolf bite to get Elena to realize her feelings for Damon in the first place. Another werewolf bite for her to finally admit those feelings to him. But a vampire bite to solidify them. The others had simply brought her to this point, but in this moment Elena knew the truth behind the statement that filled her thoughts; this bite was truly the one that would start the rest of their lives together. This bite was the one that started it all.

I have always known that I wanted to leave Damon a vampire. The vampire version of him is who we all fell in love with on the show and it didn't seem right to me to strip him of this characteristic. I hope those of you who were looking forward to a human Damon were not too disappointed.

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