A/N: Howdy! I don't own Child's Play *sniff*.

You'll have to excuse it if it's wrong – which it probably will be – because I've never actually seen the Child's Play movies yet. I will, because I'm old enough, but I had a fear of Chucky for a long time, and I've only lately been starting to get over it. So I'll watch the movies either if they're on the internet, or in a couple of years. Whichever.

For that reason – the one where my excuse is that I haven't seen the movies yet – this story's about an OC I've made up.


Beth couldn't stand Child's Play. Chucky scared her, and the whole general idea freaked her out.

Who'd have thought they'd save her life?

There was only one drawback – and she ran into the infirmary.

Too late.

Beth watched as her body, in its coffin and everything, was incinerated.


The police ran into the building after her, and before taking off again, after the flash of red-ish hair that vanished through another door, she allowed herself one thought.

I'm gonna KILL Josh.