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Chapter Five: Birthday Presents

Returning home after shooting Glenda's big scene (which was, admittedly, pretty cool), the twins found two things on the front step of their house. One was another love note from their mother's "secret" admirer. The other was addressed "To Glen and Glenda". It was a package in brightly-coloured wrapping paper, box-shaped and about two and a half feet high, give or take a couple of inches.

Glen picked up the note and the package and carried them inside.

"What is it?" Glen asked, as Glenda opened the note.

"The usual creepy, stalkerish shit," was her answer. "I swear if that creepy bastard ever comes inside the house I'll fucking kill him."

"I'll help you," Glen offered. He wasn't one to commit violent acts, apart from when he had killed Chucky, but the notes were beginning to frighten him.

"That a birthday present?" Glenda asked. She was pointing at the brightly-wrapped, box-shaped package.

"Probably," Glen said, tossing the package on the couch. "You think we should turn these notes in?"

"To the police?"

"Sure. Maybe they can catch the guy."

"Not worth it."

"Just a suggestion…"

The doorbell went. Glen groaned. It was probably Glenda's friends and here they were, holding a stalker note and Glenda covered in blood. Fake blood, of course. She'd been shot at the end of the film. In the face.

It was a pretty cheesy film. But still.

"Hey girls," Glenda said. Glen heard the girls giggling at all the blood.

"Who'd you kill?" one girl asked.

"God, I hope it wasn't your brother!" another squeaked.

"No," Glenda said. "Unfortunately, he's still breathing."

Glen could hear Glenda's girlfriends sigh in relief and resisted the urge to smirk. She was probably going to wish she hadn't invited them over by the end of it.

"What do the letters on those license plates mean?" one girl asked.

"Sweetface," Glenda said flatly. "It's how our mother texts it."

"Aww," another girl cooed. "That's so cute!"

"And it really suits," the third girl giggled. There appeared to be just three girls.

One girl, unsurprisingly, was Carmen. She was a real glamorous girl, probably because of all the modelling. She had big blue eyes and long dark hair, and she always wore clothes that were either fancy or revealing with tons of makeup. She was very skinny, having only recently gotten over her anorexia. She had been mildly flirty with Glen prior to this, but as it was Glen and Glenda who had helped her to overcome her anorexia, she seemed to feel that this entitled her to flirt with him all she wanted, almost as though it had made her his.

The next girl was called Mandy. She was a stereotypical California beach babe. She admittedly had a hot body, and gorgeous blonde hair and lovely brown eyes. But her personality was dull, she had the most God-awful voice and her laugh was worse. Not to mention her spray tans always turned out orange and she was a horrible friend. Sometimes around town, Glen would hear Mandy saying nasty things about Glenda behind her back; and those two always seemed to be fighting about something.

The last girl was Polly. She was a spoilt girl whose family had tons of cash and she liked to show it. She had long strawberry-blonde hair and small eyes, and always wore expensive clothing. Her attitude showed how spoiled she was.

"Ooh, what's that?" Polly asked, pointing to the love letter Glen was still holding. "Is it for me?"

The three girls burst into fits of the giggles. Glen could see the realisation that she was going to regret this dawning on Glenda's face.

"It's something some stalker sent to our mom," Glenda said, somewhat rudely. "She keeps getting them."

"Yeah," Glen said simply, flopping down on the sofa next to the thing they assumed was a birthday present as he resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands.

"Birthday presents!" Mandy squealed at the realisation of what Glen was sitting next to. "Oh yay! We have birthday presents for you!"

"Yippee," Glenda said, her voice hinting at an attempt to hide her sarcasm.

Glen allowed his mind to wonder. He thought about who might be leaving his mum the notes. It couldn't be his father, because his father was dead, right? He went down the list of super-creepy-evil people he knew. Mostly his ex-employer, Psychs, came to mind as a top suspect. His dad, obviously, although this didn't seem like the type of thing his dad would do. Otherwise, somebody they'd never met. That was actually the more likely –

"Wake up, Shitface," Glenda exclaimed loudly, whacking Glen hard on the back of the head. Glen let out a yelp of pain, but it was actually more shock, since he'd gotten used to being beaten up by her a long time ago.

"Aww, don't call him that," the girls cooed.

"Call him whatever I want," Glenda muttered under her breath. "He's my brother."

"Open the present," Glenda said out loud. Glen picked up the package they'd been left, sat it on his lap and tore it open.

Inside the wrapping paper was a cardboard box. Glenda pulled the Swiss army knife out her pocket and cut the tape holding the box together. Then she pulled it open.

Inside the box was a doll.