Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games.

Before we start the Hunger Games, I would like to set some rules:

I don't want any copies from Susan Collin's Hunger games!

No characters that you have submitted to other stories! I want individuals!

It would be nice if you threw a few personality flaws in there: sadistic, pessimistic, pyromaniac, etc.

This is not a first come first serve type of story. I will take the best, most well-developed tributes I get.

Expect late updates because I do have a life!

I'm just tring to give you guys the best story possible so please don't get mad if I take a long time to update or if I seem picky.

Also I if I think some things with your character need some tweaking (cause I am writing the story) I will pm you and try to reach a compromise with the new change.

Here's the form, so submit away on my reviews or PM:





Appearance (Hair, eye color, body type, ect.):

Personality (Please tell me as much as possible! I need to know who they are):


Family (age, relationship with the tribute, ect.):


Status in District (rich, poor, loved, hated, ect.):



Weapon of Choice:

Do you want them to die:

Opinion on Hunger Games:

Open to Alliances:

Open to Romance:

Chose or volunteered:

If volunteered, why:

If chosen, reactions:




Interview Outfit:

Reaping Outfit:


Stylist/ Prep Team:

What did I miss?:

I want every detail guys! So please, have fun and submit away!