My Devotchka

Summary: This story takes place during the whole story of A Clockwork Orange and goes a little beyong that when Alex starts to think of going straight and narrow. During his real horrorshow eegra he stumbles upon a molodoy devotcha to his liking. And this particular ptitsa sticks with our droog Alex throughout his whole ordeal.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from A Clockwork Orange; I only claim the character Evangeline.

And now Veck's and Sharp's

My Devotchka

He thought about her often, his Evangeline. He liked calling her by her full eemya, unlike her pee and em always giving her gloompy nicknames that didn't fancy him. As Alex DeLarge sat in his prison cell, he thought of his lovely Evangeline. Her soft smile she gave him, her curly golden locks that bounced when she ran, the way her eyes lit up when she first saw him. Oh he got all bolnoy when he messeled of her.

She had bewitched him the moment he heard her scream. Alex smiled widely at the memory of meeting her. It was her scream that had torn him from his real horrorshow antics. As him and the droogs were having their fun, a sound echoed from the old casino building. It was the purest scream, a scream that reverbed a sound of terror, of surprise, and most of all, defiance. Alex casually strolled into the building, wondering what all the fuss was about, when he saw his old enemy Billyboy and his gang. They were tearing off the clothes of one weepy devotcha and two others were trying to hold another molodoy devotcha with a feisty temper as she tried to break away from the two as they watched Alex and his droogs step in. Quickly they grabbed her with a laugh and there Alex heard again his beautiful scream.

The young girl couldn't have been more than Alex's age, as her bright green eyes looked at him with all the fires of hell and Bog. She was wearing the latest fashion, a small white dress with bright boots. Billyboy and his gang could have easily torn her apart. Alex decided that it wouldn't be proper like, them treating the fiery ptitsa the way they did. He didn't much care for the other girl, they could have the old in and out with her, but the seraphim was his.

"Ho, Ho, Ho... Well, if it isn't stinking Billygoat Billyboy in poison. How are thou, thou globby bottle of cheap stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou" Alex jested towards Billyboy.

Billyboy gave a quick smirk "Let's get'em boys."

The two girls quickly ran off stage, one of them crying her eyes out, the other walking calmly into the shadows. Billyboy and his droogs stepped from the stage they were standing on and the fight began. Alex gave a good kick to Billyboy and all around they're were chains, knives, and Alex's droogs kicking boots everywhere before his eyes. Soon police sirens were heard and Alex, having beat old Billyboy to the ground, whistled to his droogs that it was time to head out. As Pete, George, and Dim ran out the back way, Alex stopped short and stared into the shadows where the seraphim had disappeared. Alex thought of her, her scream, he wondered what her real voice would sound like, would it be the angelic form he had imagined when he first saw her on stage with Billyboy, or would she be another timid rabbit of a ptitsa that Alex had the old in and out with for years. Suddenly a white glow of a hand shot out from the shadows and grabbed Alex tightly. The hand pulled him quite forcefully and he disappeared into the shadows. Alex felt around, having been suddenly blinded by the dark, almost losing his composure from the approaching police sirens, but quick soft hands found his, then slowly the hands wrapped around his waist. Alex held his breathe, the touch, the movement was all too soft and calm for his liking, but he

stopped and let the hands that were now attached to equal soft arms hold his persons for a moment. Was it his seraphim? The fiery one that had looked at him and him alone, or so he thought. "I would like to thank you" a voice said quietly.

The voice was as he imagined. Pure as light but as dark as night, a symphony of sounds that almost came to his beloved Beethoven, and gentle as a soft breeze. Alex could not bring words to his lips, but instead another pair of lips found his. Alex was now aware that the seraphim was kissing him, that her warm body was now lightly pressed against his. And then in that moment, the hands were not there, the body was slowly melting away from him, as if the light breeze that was coming from the light of nighttime that was divided by their shadows of a first meeting was quickly blowing her away. The last thing Alex felt on his lips was her kiss; it tingled and felt like she was still there.

"Alex? Where art thou? The millicents are about us now!" Pete called from the light of the nighttime. "Coming my young droogies!"Alex called as he searched wildly for any hint of the ghost that had snatched him.

As Alex and the boys went back to the ultraviolent, Alex took one last look at the casino, and thought that maybe he dreamed it all up and that he should stay away from the milk bar for a little bit. AS they stole a Durango-95 they raced through the country side playing hogs of the road, and headed out for a surprise visit that would surely make up to his droogs for not splitting the casino fast enough. Oh yes, all real horrorshow like, him and his droogs would have their ultraviolence tonight.