MD Chapter 13

The End?

Alex felt like he had been asleep for a million years as he awoke groggy and laying in the hospital bed. His em and pee sat beside the bed looking at him lovingly as if he were a new born babe.

"Ello lad" his pee said with a smile.

"Ello son, how are you?" his em said brushing the hair from his face.

"You feeling any better son?" his pee asked. Alex was still upset with them, they had tossed him away like garbage.

"What gives O Pee and Em? What makes you think you are welcome?" Alex said disdainfully.

Alex's em began sobbing, feeling as if she had failed her only child. Alex's pee put his arm around his em "There, there mother, it's alright. He doesn't mean it. You were in the papers again, son. It said they had done great wrong to you. It said how the Government drove you to try and do yourself in... and when you think about it, son... maybe it was our fault too in a way... your home's your home when it's all said and done, son."

Alex just nodded as the left the room, though he didn't know if he really would ever come back to his once called "home."

Afterward a young woman wheeled up a cart and started down at Alex with a friendly smile.

"Ello missus" he said as cheerfully as he could with his body being all busted up.

"How are you feeling today?" she asked.

"Fine. Fine." he said looking up at her.

"Good, I'm doctor Taylor" she said.

"I haven't seen you before" Alex asked a little wearily. If he had learned anything from this adventure, doctors and new people were not to be trusted.

"I'm your psychiatrist" she said with a bright smile.

"Huh" he said "Do I need one?"

"Just part of hospital routine" she said now holding up some cards. Alex's groggy mind now began to wonder where Evangeline was.

"What are we gunna do? Talk about me sex life?" he said jesting at the doctor. He wanted to have some company other than doctors and nurses right about now.

"No... I'm going to show you some slides and you are going to tell me what you think about them. Alright?" she said holding the cards up more clearly now.

Alex decided to go along with it, he could have some fun with the doctor till he was released. Something in his gut had changed from the fall, he no longer felt the horrible tension that his body once endured as he was being "cured".

Then Alex asked about a funny dream he had while being passed out about doctors playing with the inside of his brain.

"Patients who've sustained the kind of injuries you have often have dreams of this sort. It's all part of the recovery process" Doctor Taylor said sweetly.

"Oh" Alex said and looked at the pictures in the doctors hand.

"Now then, each of these slides needs a reply from one of the people in the picture. You'll tell me what you think the person would say. Alright?" the doctor said.

"Right" Alex confirmed now ready to start this process.

"Isn't the plumage beautiful?" the doctor read from the picture.

"I just say what the other person would say?" Alex asked.

"Yes just say the first thing that pops in your mind" Doctor Taylor said.

"Right... Knickers... Cabbages... It doesn't have a beak" Alex said giggling to himself. The painkillers were really doing a number on him as he looked at the funny picture.

"Good. The boy you always quarreled with is seriously ill" the doctor read.

"That's right and I'll smash your face for you, yarblockos" Alex said suddenly. He realized now that he could say horrorshow words and not feel the pain in his gulliver.

"Good. It was your fault... you sold me a crummy watch. I want my money back" the doctor said.

"Bollocks. You know what you can do with that watch? You can stick it up your arse!" Alex laughed. He was enjoying this, he felt the freedom once more to say and do as he pleased.

"Good. What do you want?" the doctor read as the picture showed a naked woman and a man at her window.

"Excuse me, missus. No time for the old in-out, I've just come to read the meter" Alex said with another cackle.

Now the slide showed a birds nest. "Good. You can do whatever you like with these" the doctor said. Now Alex was really having fun "Eggiwegs. I would like to smash 'em. Pick up th elot and f... owww... " he moaned as his hand hurt from the motion of smashing the eggs. He was still injured but his mind was free and healthy. He felt like his old self again.

"Fuckin hell" he sweared at the pain in his hand. He then realized he could swear again. Bloody hell this was fantastic!

"Fine. Well, that's all there is to it. Are you alright?" the doctor asked Alex.

"I hope so, is that the end then?" Alex said now wanting to see Evangeline. The test had been fun but now that Alex was free to say whatever he liked, he wished more than ever to tell Evangeline what was on his mind.

"Yes it is" the doctor said.

"I was quite enjoying that" Alex admitted with a grin.

"Good I'm glad" Doctor Taylor said.

"How many did I get right?" he asked.

"It's not that kind of a test. But you seem well on the way to a complete recovery" she said. That was good news to Alex.

"So when do I get out of here then?" he said.

"I'm sure it wont' be long now" she said "But for now you have company." Doctor Taylor went for the door and as she exited Evangeline came in. Alex felt his heart melt against his chest at the sight of her.

"Hello my devotchka" he said sweetly as she sat beside him on the hospital bed. Evangeline had waited out in the waiting room for hours which seemed like years as they had fixed Alex up. Then as he slept in recovery she did not leave his side until she had to sign police papers stating the madness of her father and the abduction of Alex.

"Hello Alex" she said kissing his cheek "How are you?"

"As fit as a fiddle" he said cheerfully "Now that thou has joined me."

Evangeline sat and stared at this boy who she had risked life and limb to save, but in the end it was him who was saving her. "Alex DeLarge" she said to him "You are the most dangerous and complicated person I have ever met."

"But that is why you love me" he said looking up at her. He had to know the truth, if she truly did love him or if he had just imagined it as life flew back into his body.

"Yes, I do love you, for all your faults but also for your virtues" she said with a slight blush.

"And I love you Evangeline, I've loved thee since the moment we first met" he said with all the gentleness and love Evangeline had seen in his eyes from the very start. She bent down and gave him a long deep kiss, the kind that only she could give him. Then gently she lay on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

The two fell asleep like that and for the next few days as Alex recovered Evangeline never left his side. Then one day Alex had two new visitors, the Minister and Matron. They talked of how they were deeply sorry for Alex's plight and explained where the went wrong in trying to cure Alex.

Evangeline listened calmly, knowing that the government was trying to hide what they had done to Alex and to try and convince him to play along with their games. Alex would of course, but in no time he would be himself again, the same Alex she had fallen in love with the moment she saw him.

Evangeline felt sick to her stomach and excused herself from the men to go get some fresh air. She knew this was a new beginning for her, and for Alex. As the sweet sounds of Beethoven's 9th symphony glided out from Alex's hospital window Evangeline breathed a deep breathe and headed back into the hospital, and back to Alex.

It had been nearly a year since Alex emerged back into society and although at first Evangeline was certain he would go back to crime and the streets, Alex stayed firmly planted to her side. Liam had offered the apartment upstairs from his to be rented out and soon Evangeline and Alex were moving in and settling down.

But something was amiss with Alex, he felt the urge, the pull to go back to the horrorshow and ultra-violence, but after a few encounters he found it to be boring, a dull re-run of his past antics. Something in the back of his mind was bugging him, he needed something to show for himself other than his past mistakes.

Evangeline had watched this struggle within Alex, she knew his feelings even when he did not know them himself.

"Love I'm going out for a bit" Alex said to Evangeline as she unpacked a box full of records to be placed by the new stereo his pee and em had given them. Basil lay lazily around her neck as she turned to him with a smile.

"Alright, not too late, I'm not feeling well tonight" she said.

"Thou hasn't been feeling good for a fortnight, you should probably go to the doctor" he said watching her move across the floor. It had been over a year and still Alex was captivated by every little thing Evangeline did. She was truly his only one, for no other creature on earth could make him sit still except for her.

"Alright, I'll stop by and get a check up, though it's probably nothing" she said. Although she didn't know if it was true. She had been feeling sick now for week's , constantly throwing up and exhausted, and also her time of the month was late.

As Alex went out he thought about his time on this earth and what he would do with this life he had left. He did not want to be known as Alex DeLarge who was magnificent criminal with such ultraviolence the city had never seen before that had suddenly become a nobody. He was happy with Evangeline, and he could survive on their love alone, but a dark urge pushed him to be something else.

Alex walked for a long time, so long that as the moon showed its face against the night sky it reminded him that he did have something that made him like nobody else. He had her, his devotchka, his Evangeline. No man on this earth would feel the love and purity that was her light. He could give a damn if the world knew of him or not, as long as he had her.

As Alex made his way back to the apartment he suddenly knew that Evangeline would be his wife. The thought of always waking up beside her was enough and as he walked up the stairs he knew he must ask her at once to be his.

He suddenly stopped at the thought. He didn't have a ring. Without a ring it wouldn't be a proper asking now would it?

Alex knocked lightly on Liam's door hoping he would still be awake at this hour. Groggily Liam answered the door and noticed the look of excitement on Alex's face.

"Alex?" Liam asked.

"Have you got a spare ring by chance?" Alex asked quietly.

"Um, hold on" Liam said not really understanding Alex's request. Liam found an old plastic ring in his change mug that he had dropped in there years ago.

"Here" he said sleepily "Explain tomorrow, I need to go to bed" and shut the door behind Alex.

Alex could not contain himself any longer, he rushed up the stairs and opened the apartment door only to find Evangeline standing there waiting for him. She looked lovely in a dark blue dress with a blue daisy placed right behind her ear.

"There is something I need to ask you" he said as politely as he could. He would not use street slang now, not this time.

"Good because there is something I need to tell you, but you go first" she said.

"I love you" he said "And I could care less what I am in this world, as long as I am the one you call your husband" Alex said getting down on one knee. Evangeline could not contain her smile as Alex looked up with those boyish eyes she loved so much.

"Evangeline, will you marry me?" he said shakily. A funny thought suddenly appeared that Alex had faced down thugs and criminals in yet this was the most scared he had ever been.

"Of course!" Evangeline said wrapping her arms around his neck. Alex placed the small plastic ring around her finger, promising himself he would get her a real one.

"Now what is it that you need to tell me?" he said looking down at his soon to be blushing bride.

"Alex" she said taking his hand and placing it against her abdomen "Soon there won't be two DeLarge's in this house, but three."

Alex suddenly felt all the joy his heart could take. This is what he would be known for. Alex kissed Evangeline more deeply than he could ever imagine, knowing that as their lips parted that she and his child were truly his legacy, his meaning in life.