Neville ran for cover. Rain was pouring down, soaking those who were running across the courtyard.

A group of people had begun to gather under the roof, all staring into the middle of the courtyard.

Neville looked out into the rain, and realized who exactly everyone was staring at.


She was twirling. She spun around in circles, dancing and smiling, all the whiole oblivious to the rain soaking her from head to toe.

Neville sighed. He covered his head with a book, and walked out to where Luna was dancing.

"Ah, hello Neville." Luna aid, smiling gently.

"Hi Luna. Um, what are you doing?" Neville asked, trying not to shiver.

"Dancing," She said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "In the rain?" Neville asked.

"Why not?" Luna said in her normal, dreamlike voice. She held out her hand and smiled. "Would you like to dance?"

Neville glanced back at the the large crowd of people who where now all staring at him as well.

He turned to Luna, who was still smiling.

And he smiled back. Neville took her hand, and they danced in the rain.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, Harry asked his friends, "So who do you think'll get sick first?"

"Luna, no doubt," Ron stated matter-of-factly."She's been out there way longer."

"That doesn't matter. Neville is much more suceptable to illness." Hermione cut in.

Ginny just shook her head and smiled.