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Anywho, this is the first chapter to a fic that is a Christmas present for BrokenRose and that has also been kicking around inside of my head for a little while lately and that I've wanted to start. You'll notice the rating on this thing is Teen and honestly this is probably the only fic with any kind of directly addressed sex that I'm ever going to do just because I kind of prefer writing Arnold and Helga as kids and also, as a writer, writing sex just kind of…I mean, it takes you to the peak of tension but at the same time once it's over it's over and all the tension in the story gets fully released and you're almost not really left with anything to look forward to, if that makes any sense to anyone. It kind of reminds me of how, like, to me, December 26th is possibly the most depressing day ever because after all the build up Christmas finally comes and then you wake up the next day and it's just like you're as far from the next Christmas as possible and also…now the cold and snow have gone from quaint to just plain annoying, there's decorations to take down, it finally hits you that you spent the last week consuming half your weight in eggnog XD Anyway, I'm rambling so I'll shut up now ^_^

As for this story, think like five to seven chapters to be done eventually as I write them over the next few months.

Also, just to be clear, this isn't going to be one of those stories in which a totally virginal Arnold and Helga decide to have sex and proceed to suddenly and expertly rip off their clothes and break the bed, etc. etc. (aka the last third of the fourth Twilight book—don't judge me, I only read them so I could not very much care for them in a more informed context! XD)…because that stuff between two kids who have never even really seen each other completely naked really kind of only happens in the movies (or, once again, in Twilight books… ;) ). This story's going to be more funny and charming and about foreplay and misunderstandings. Don't worry, sex related things will be happening, just…slowly ;)

Alright, Merry Christmas BrokenRose and everyone else! Let's do this! ^_^



The Threshold

"Well, here we are…Mrs. Pataki-Shortman."

"Yes, here we are, indeed, Mr. Pataki-Shortman. And, uh, by the way, I am MAJORLY impressed that you were actually able to carry me all the way down this hallway…" a freshly married Helga G. Pataki went on with a smirk (still in full white wedding gown with her long blond hair hanging down past her shoulders covered by a thin veil decked with pink flowers…and with a familiar pink ribbon tied in it under the veil for sentimental reasons). "You and those wimpy football head arms. Heh…I was actually planning to carry YOU over the threshold you know…" She gave him a playful wink.

Arnold (still dressed in full tux with a blue bowtie and his hair combed back a little…and a familiar small blue cap on his head, likewise for sentimental reasons) just rolled his eyes. "Yup, I knew it…not married more than two hours and the name Football Head comes right out of your mouth…Gerald told me that would happen the second the reception started." He gazed down at her lovingly, still cradling her in his arms. "But I also get passionate kisses from your mouth, so…I guess that evens things out, huh?"

Helga giggled in his arms, firming up the grip of her arms around his neck a little. "Yup—all nice and neat and evened out. In that case, though, I guess I owe you seven years of 'perfect wedded bliss' or something to make up for that first seven years when we were little…You remember, paste for brains…all the lovely torture." She winked.

Arnold's grin picked up a little on one side and he let out a sigh and shrugged. "Well, if you insist, Helga…but…promise me you'll throw in at least ONE 'Football Head' or two during all that time…Just for old time's sake?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way…" she assured him with a loving smile. "Now, for crying out loud, I'M getting exhausted and I'M the one being held so I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be, Mister Strong Man! Let's get into the room already! Besides, I NEED to get these shoes off! Crimeny, I am never wearing four inch heels again!" She chuckled, swinging her legs a little in his arms.

"Yeah. Once we're in our room you can take your shoes off, Helga. You can take everything…off…every single thing."

The reply…took Helga G. Pataki-Shortman by such complete and utter surprise that she turned about as pale as her dress…and then blushed red as a rose. Her breath caught in her throat and she just… felt something inside of her tremble. She gulped.

And the reason for all of this was because, well… 'Helga, I want to wait …Helga, don't you think it would be nicer if we waited until we were married… Helga, don't you want our first time to be special… Helga, it's just…important to me to wait…I want it to be the most romantic night of our lives…'

Basically, despite years of teasing Arnold and tempting Arnold and pressing Arnold and all but begging Arnold…her little beloved with all of his modesty (though once or twice she had gotten close) had always managed to keep from letting them go all the way. She would get him so near the breaking point sometimes…but then always he would just simply blush and clear his throat, look at her with a small smile and then merely explain that he wanted to wait…that he had this small little romantic dream of it happening for the first time on their wedding night…And, well, the word 'wedding' popping out of his mouth had always had kind of an 'effect' on Helga and so, despite her desires, she had always just ended up grinning dreamily and nodding and then cuddling against him and asking little things like whose name he thought should go first on the invitations…what he thought of pink as the theme color…what he wanted to name their children..

And then she would always go back home later, shut her door behind her…and then suddenly freeze and throw her arms in the air and let out a sigh and practically want to bang her head into a wall because CRIMENY he had done it to her again!

And, okay, yeah, all of this 'waiting' had been 'understandable' when they had been 16… 'annoying but just barely tolerable' when the had been 18… 'pure hell' when they had been 20 and already freaking engaged! For crying out loud they hadn't even ever seen each other naked!

But now they were 22, they were done with college, the wedding could happen and it just had, and so, well…this was the night.

And Arnold had never said a sexually aggressive thing to her in their entire young lives…

…Until just this moment.

Which brings us back to Helga kind of trembling inside and blushing and not breathing in Arnold's arms as he had been doing his best to get the door before them open…and now as he carried her across the threshold of their honeymoon suite…with a very large bed right in full frontal view.

The door clicked shut behind them and the breath caught in Helga's throat finally released. 'I…I know I always wanted him too…all those times we were caught up with each other, but I…just…I…'

"Here…I'll put you down on the bed…" Helga felt herself being carried forward more into the room and then suddenly lowered. "Hmm, looks pretty sturdy…Good…It'll need to be…"

She hit the bed and her entire nervous system basically shut down. She didn't understand what was going on! Arnold…NO! He…He was supposed to be all shy and nervous about…well…well…the c-consummation (she gulped at the word) of their marriage! He was supposed to need coaxing, like he had ALWAYS needed! Yes, he would be shy, she would tease him a little…until she eventually admitted to him that, well…she was nervous too…very nervous… 'T-Terrified…a little…' A-After all… 'Stupid Arnold and his stupid modesty…keeping me a stupid virgin…And…Now he's going to s-see me…climb into bed with me…I-I'll see him…and we'll…he'll…inside of…' Certain parts of her instantly clenched just a little. Certain parts that were going to be changed quite a bit after this evening…a-and a lot more quickly and with a lot more, um…enthusiasm than she head originally expected.

"There now, my lovely new wife. Why don't you…" Helga felt him trace a single finger from the point of the V of the center of the waistline of her dress…right up over her abdomen…right between her breasts…coming onto the skin as it finished to move through the top of her cleavage before leaving her, "…get yourself comfortable…pull back the covers…dim the lights…And I'll go change out of this suit in the bathroom…and be right back to join you, okay?" He was now whispering into her ear, leaning over her unmoving form. "And…I'm not bringing anything in there to change into…my blushing bride…"

Instantly he was gone from her and walking across the room to head into the bathroom.

Helga just lay there, breathing shallowly, squirming inside! Feeling her breasts (that he had actually, intentionally touched a bare part of for first time ever) just heaving and tightening and then loosening against the upper part of her dress as her chest moved up and down…feeling just the tiniest bit aroused my his words…feeling unbearably nervous… No, no she couldn't do this! No! 'Oh!' She felt sick! It was…this was really IT wasn't it! He would walk out of there completely naked, peel off any clothing she had on when he did so (probably without a second's worth of foreplay considering how eager he sounded), get right in this bed and just…

Everything all over her shivered in a perfect mix of anticipation and fear.

She shot up from the bed, ripped off her veil, ripped off her long, white gloves and was up and running across the room in a flash! "Arnold! WAIT!" she called out toward the direction of the bathroom in desperation and slight panic!

"Yeah. Once we're in our room you can take your shoes off, Helga. You can take everything…off…every single thing."

Arnold could NOT believe that he had actually brought himself to saying it. He had been thinking over what his first…forward statement…to her should be for weeks, and had eventually decided that when the time and situation presented itself, he would know it and be able to act on it. Now that he actually had, though…his heart trembled and any slight arousal he felt was washed with guilt.

He…He was more than aware of the fact that Helga had always seemed to like and want things between them to get a little more…well… (words like 'naughty' and 'dirty' echoed at the back of his mind but he could not even begin to think them without blushing like mad and going into total meltdown…) Anyway, the point was that, even though Helga had always expressed herself as being very physically and sexually motivated about them, he himself had just…well, of course he wanted to with her too! He had wanted to with her for…years! She was gorgeous and fiery and brilliant and perfect and he loved her like crazy! And as a guy of course he…uh…it had NOT been easy begging her all those times to let them wait and wait and wait a little more…But…

Helga was…the single most precious thing to him in the entire world. And he knew…after they were married…that he would have all the time in the world to satisfy her needs and desires and his own needs and desires…to run his hands all along the flesh of those intense curves of hers instead of just running his hands over fabric over them…to lay down with her and give in to everything…

Arnold swallowed and tried to move his thoughts along (because now he was…starting to feel more aroused than guilty, and he did NOT want that just yet…). Anyway, the point was that it had been not just his dream but his goal to have their first time be their wedding night because…along with practically being afraid of ruining his perfect Helga with the messiness of sex…and along with being a little freaked out about whether or not he'd even be able to, well, 'satisfy' her, as intense as her desires and intentions always seemed to be…yes, along with these reasons for not going all the way with her, what was most important to Arnold was that he had always wanted to have their courtship to be a time of innocence and fun and simplicity to look back on and savor…after which the sex on their wedding night following the actual ceremony itself would mark a new phase of their life…a new phase that they would have forever together to savor in its own special way.

Of course, that hadn't meant that resisting all these years had been easy for the football headed young man, as he had already expressed. At 14 he'd started having dreams about her…beckoning him in skimpy bathing suits to come join her for an ever so private swim…at 16 his resolve to keep up the virgin thing until marriage had started to crack a little and in his spare time he'd used his computer to look up places in the country (and even out of the country) that would marry you at that age…at 18, every single time he'd convinced her, despite all of her advances, that he really did want their wedding night to be the night, the evening had always ended with her swooning and smiling and asking cute questions about the ceremony…and him with a pillow over his lap, just nodding and squeezing her hand and trying to think of ice cold showers…And then 20 and every day since the engagement had just been…well, actually he had found himself to be the tiniest bit calmer than from the teenage years but still it had been NO picnic…and it especially didn't help that Helga seemed to get exponentially more jaw-droppingly gorgeous ever year that she aged.

And now they were 22, they were done with college, the wedding could happen and it just had, and so, well…this was the night.

And Arnold had never said a sexually aggressive thing to her in their entire young lives…

…Until just this moment…and that was because, well…

Well, Helga always been so patient with him over the years even though she had pretty much made it clear that she aggressively wanted to have a full-scale physical relationship… And so Arnold had decided, this being their wedding night, that even though it really wasn't in his nature and didn't really feel exactly right to him, he was going to give her that night of crazed, intense, uninhibited physical passion she so obviously craved! She deserved it after waiting so long!

Which brings us back to Arnold now standing before the door of his honeymoon suite with Helga in his arms, trembling a little inside, all mixed up with guilt and desire, and just doing his best to get the room door open and take them inside…stepping across the threshold now and the door lightly clicked shut behind them…And he was with her now…in a room with a…very, very large bed right in full frontal view.

He almost gave up at the sight of that thing! The place where he would…and she would …and he would … 'Oh boy…' He just closed his eyes though and took a deep breath in. 'She deserves a night like this. She's always wanted it…She's given me MY dream of our first time only happening once we were husband and wife…The least I can do is give her all of the physical passion she wants…e-even if I'm a little nervous…A LOT nervous…about to pass out…O-Oh…I'm going to have sex with her! There are a MILLION ways I could mess this up!' Doing his best not to give in to the panic, Arnold abandoned his thoughts for a moment and just let out a breath and put his more sultry voice back into play, addressing Helga once more…doing his best to put a seductive look in his eye. "Here…I'll put you down on the bed…" He lowered her. "Hmm, looks pretty sturdy…Good…It'll need to be…"

Oh for the love of…was it really possible to feel so sick and so turned on at the same time! Saying something so ungentlemanly to his perfect lady wife…and yet at the same time laying the woman who was now his forever upon the bed where he would give her her greatest unrequited desire about their relationship and make himself a man and her a woman? Huh—yes, apparently, it WAS possible to feel so sick and yet so turned on at the same time! He removed his arms from around her, though, and just kept trying to smile and pour on the erotic charm for now. 'This is for Helga…Remember, this is for Helga…' "There now, my lovely new wife. Why don't you…" He summed up all of his courage…and then gently traced a finger from the bottom of the waist of her dress, slowly along her stomach…right over her chest…ending by brushing along the area of soft, warm flesh right between her breasts…those breasts he'd soon get to see and hold…and that he'd just given a little touch totally without her permission for the first time ever! Once again, a perfect mixture of turned on and guilt-stricken! "…get yourself comfortable…pull back the covers…dim the lights… And I'll go change out of this suit in the bathroom…and be right back to join you, okay?" He leaned close to her ear…and added in a whisper as his heart pounded. "And…I'm not bringing anything in there to change into…my blushing bride…"

Unable to bear saying things like this to his perfect Helga anymore for right now, Arnold was instantly off across the room to the bathroom…the whole time just trying to mentally prepare for the fact that he'd probably walk out of there in a few minutes to see Helga laying curled in the bed in dim lighting with one of those risqué outfits his subconscious had always conjured her up in for him in his dreams with a smirk on her face…ready and waiting to pounce on him like a vixen thirsty for the satisfaction of all of her wildest desires or something after twelve years of dating…And also he had apparently just promised to walk out of the bathroom to meet her completely naked…Naked in front of her for the first time in his life…So many expectations…What would she do to him, what if he couldn't keep this aggressive stuff up, what if she had more in her to give than he did! She had always been the stronger, more agile, more limber one, after all!

Arnold burst through the bathroom door and shut it tight behind him, one hand on his stomach, another over his mouth. 'I'm going to puke! I can't do this! I know it's for her but…OH!' He ripped off his jacket and tie, he was feeling so warm and nauseas, and just rested his arms against the sink, his head down. He even couldn't stand his shirt and undershirt much longer and got out of those too…Now just turning on the faucet and letting the cool water run and trying to splash himself with it a little. "M-Maybe I should just tell her the tru—"

"Arnold! WAIT!"

The call met his ears and just as the football headed young man was about to fly out of the bathroom to see what the problem was (and hoping that the problem would not turn out to be that Helga, reaching some peak of desperation in her state of sexual frustration, had just decided she was going to go for it with him right on the bathroom floor or something—no, she deserved so much better than that! Satin sheets and a king sized bed and, heck, rose petals if only he could have gotten some of those to bring up here and sprinkle everywhere!). Suddenly, though, the door was flung open before him by none other than his blushing bride…and she…had her hand over her eyes…and she was still in full wedding gown (minus the veil and gloves, of course)?

'Huh?' was all Arnold could think at this very…unexpected scene in which he was currently involved on his wedding night.


Okay guys, that's all for now! Let me know what you think, please! ^_^ This is a new genre for me and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Oh and as for the writing perspective, after this initial thing where I wanted to go back and forth between Helga and Arnold just to kind of set up their mindsets, I think it's just going to play out normally. There'll be awkward admissions, games, attempts and other fun things in the coming chapters so I hope you'll all stay tuned for more ;)

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