North Mixed With South

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Anderson grumbled on his way to the stove. He didn't want K.P. Duty today.

He use to like doing it but since the day a group of Tommys* captured the island and try to kill a General, he didn't relish cooking anymore.

It seemed kind of funny now because that had happened some time ago and the Japanese had gotten caught.

He lugged the sack of grits up high and poured them into the pot of water.

The stove was hot and it was already muggy this morning.

Not a place anybody wanted to be. Himself included.

Anderson sighed and started cooking up a batch of scrambled, powdered eggs.

Cooking for the squadron was always a hassle and the food wasn't that good.

He knew who would eat what and which ones would make fun of the others breakfast.

The guys from the north would eat the eggs and the guys from the south ate the corn.

He remembered the large breakfasts back home.

Waffles with loads of syrup, crispy bacon, super buttery grits and fresh fried eggs.

Nobody bothered him when he ate his meal.

He had always mixed bacon and cheese into his grits.

Then to make it taste even better, he would add an egg on top.

His mouth watered as he thought of it.

Anderson decided one without the other was not appetizing.

Something smelled funny.

He snapped out of his daydream.

The pot was boiling over and the pan was burning the food.

He quickly took them off the heat.

Well, maybe the guys wouldn't notice it.

But he knew they would see it and give him a hard time. They always did.

"Hey Anderson, is the grub almost done?" one of them yelled.

"Yepper" he shouted in reply.

Oh well, just one more thing to add to the list of things I'll eat when I get home.

He rang the bell to call them over for breakfast.

Bring on the hungry!

*Note: This is not a mistake on my part. On the show Pappy called the Japanese "Tommys", but durning WWII that was what the British soldiers were called. This is the reason I referred to the Japanese in my story as "Tommys" for all of those who are sticklers for that sort of thing.

Americans were (and still are) called "Yanks" or "Yankees".

British were and in some cases still are called "Limeys" and "Brits".

Germans were usually referred as "Gerries" by the British, "Krauts" by the Americans, and "Boche" by the French.

Japanese were called "Japs" by the Americans.

I am quite sure there are more nick-names for the Axis and Allies durning WWII, only this is as many as I can remember.

No offense was meant to the writers of the show or anybody else.