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Full Summary: School is a castle. The kids are creatures. Goths? Vampires. Preps? Witches. Everyone else? An assortment of fantastical beings. This is the kind of fantasy world that Bella Swan lives in every day. But what if it's not? And what part does she play in this world invisible to the human eye?


Chapter 1: The School

The castle is amazing

In the light of the moon, waning.

The halls are quiet,

If just for the moment

Until its wonderful creatures come a-playing.

Well, that's one way to describe my school. The halls are filled with every kind of being known to the human imagination. The classrooms range from outside fields to dark, dank dungeons, and anything imaginable in between. Except it's really nothing like that, no matter how I wish it were.

In reality, it's not a castle. It's the average small town high school, with the average students, the average drama, and the average cliques that make life for everyone outside of them, like me and my small group of friends, living hell. My life is just like everyone else's. I wake up in the morning, get ready for school, go through my classes, come home, and go to bed. Whoop-de-doo.

My dad, Charlie, has always said I have vivid imagination. Even when I was a little girl, I would always tell him about the unicorns in the forest behind our small house, the Pegasus that flies over town, the goblins that steal the rocks out of the yard, the werebeasts that constantly roam around, and even the elves that live far into the forest and use their huge house as a sanctuary for creatures trying to find their way in the world. He never believed a bit of it, but he did admit, just once, that it would be nice to live in the world in my head. Apparently it sounded a whole lot safer to him that reality.

I couldn't blame him, though. Being the police chief wasn't always sunshine and daisies, especially when the creatures started fighting. It never happened very often, and the department passed it off as gang wars leaking in from California. It never made sense to me, though. Why would they come all the way to Forks, Washington just to fight? Especially when they had to go through Oregon just to get here? I asked Charlie once, and he said it was less scary to think the problem would head back where it came from quickly, but it still didn't seem right. It was confusing, and Charlie refused to tell me any more, so I just dropped it.

Charlie brought me to school in the cruiser every day, and picked me up during his patrols to drop me off at home until he finished his shift. We stopped talking during those trips for a while after he yelled at me. I was telling him about everything that happened at school once. I was in seventh grade. I mentioned one of the vampire-looking goth kids at school and he blew up at me. He yelled and yelled all the way home, telling me I was too old to still believe in all that crap and to grow up.

Charlie never yelled.

After that day, it was a three word question, followed by a one word answer, and then silence until I got out and said goodbye. There was something strange about Charlie after that day, though. I would answer his question about how my day went, but when I didn't continue blabbering about all the different creatures and stuff, a fleeting look of longing would cross over his face. I knew he was upset that I didn't talk to him as much anymore, but it seemed like it was more than that. Like he actually enjoyed hearing about it just as much as I enjoyed telling it. I never did again, though. To this day, the first day of my senior year, he still seems to miss my stories.

Charlie pulled up to the school and I stepped out, saying a quick goodbye as I did so. I looked back at him when he didn't answer to see him staring at me.

"What?" I asked, warily. This wasn't like Charlie. He looked like he had something to say, but couldn't find the words. He stayed silent, and I felt my pulse quicken in worry.

"Dad?" He shook his head, breaking himself free of whatever thought train he was on.

"It's nothing, Bells," he said, shaking his head again and avoiding my gaze. He was lying.

"It's something, and I'd like to know what it is before it ruins my whole school day," I said, knowing he would be more inclined to spill if he thought his secret would interfere with my learning. He sighed loudly and looked down at his lap before looking up at me again.

"You're turning eighteen in a week, Bells," he said, giving me a small smile that stopped half way to his eyes. That wasn't it.

"And?" I asked, letting him know I knew he was still hiding something. He hesitated for a few seconds before sighing again, even louder if it were possible.

"There's…something I need to talk to you about before then, okay? I'm going to be home a little early tonight, so I was thinking it would be the best time," he finally admitted, looking at me sadly.

"What about?" I asked hoping for a little more info. The bell rang just as Charlie opened his mouth.

"Later," he said, seeming relieved at the timing. "Now, get to class before you're late." I smiled at him and waved as I walked up the sidewalk. He waved back before driving away, leaving me to fend for myself.

I clutched my books tightly to my chest and almost sprinted for the doors when I saw who else was still outside. I wasn't afraid of very many of the beings that went to this school, but those one? Hell yes.

The humans at Forks High call them cheerleaders. I don't. Witches is a much more suiting term, what with the bright glow of magic in them and hexing and all. Jessica and Lauren walked over to me, smiling menacingly to each other. I walked even faster but they still managed to beat me to the doors and blocked my way.

"Hey, Bella. What's the rush?" Lauren said, her nasally voice suiting her ugly attitude. I looked to the ground, trying to disappear with all my might. It didn't work.

"I'm going to be late," I answered simply. None of the nonhumans really talked to me, outside of my friends, but these two went out of their way to scare the crap out of anyone they could. I guess today was my lucky day.

"Oh, now we wouldn't want that, would we, Lauren?" Jessica asked, turning to her.

"No, of course not! That would be terrible!" Lauren answered. They smiled devilishly before Jessica lunged at me, grabbing for my bag. She caught on to the front and yanked it off my shoulder. I held onto the strap, but another hand shot out from behind me, making me let go. I looked at who had snuck up on me to see another creature to add to the list of who scared me. He had coppery-colored hair, pale-as-snow skin, and deep gold eyes that were quickly turning black as he glared at Lauren and Jessica. He had my bag dangling from his hand as he stood there like a God dropped from heaven.

"Let go," he said stiffly to Jessica. She stared at him, my bag slipping from her grasp, before looking down at her manicure. Her faced twisted in rage.

"Oh, my God! The little bitch broke my nail!" yelled Jessica.

She lunged at me again and I took a step back, falling to the ground. The guy took a step towards me, his now black eyes looking at me with no emotion whatsoever. I shuffled back, my own fear-flooded ones darting between him and the two witches still standing by the door. They were staring at the new boy now, and I could see them mentally stripping him where he stood. The one thing that caught my attention about him, besides the Godliness, was a strange red glow, kind of like the witches' yellow one that told me what they were. His had a halo of gold around it, and I had no idea what it meant. Usually the vampires had red, but none of the ones I'd seen had any gold. He took another step towards me and away from them when they finally realized he was paying them absolutely no attention. Lauren walked over to me and grabbed my arm, and what sounded suspiciously like a growl escaped from the guy's throat.

And that was the last straw.

I broke out of Lauren's clawed grasp and bolted for the door, not caring that the new guy still had my bag. I had a fleeting look at his confused, regretful, and slightly shocked face as I ran past and burst through the doors. I ran down the hallway, past the office and right to my locker, echoes of "Bella actually looks awake today!" and "Reality isn't good enough for THAT girl" following me. I opened it as quickly as I could and grabbed whatever I had in there before slamming it shut and darting down the hall to my English class. I sat down at my desk near the window in the front row and rested my forehead against the cool desktop. I raised my head as footsteps approached and saw my teacher, Ms. Hart, sit down at her desk. She was a white witch, much different from the two outside. Her glow was white, with a little green tint swirling around. She gave me a small smile that I returned before I turned towards the window.

Vines were growing around the windows, framing them in green. Purple flowers popped up every now and then shading the brick walls in light purple. The trees grew right up to the walls and the branches lightly swayed back and forth with the almost nonexistent breeze. The wildflowers were just started to lose their petals and the leaves of the trees were losing their green luster.

I blinked, bringing myself back to the stained white walls and metal desks of the school. The trees moved away from the school walls, there were no vines outlining the windows, and the grass outside was overgrown. It had started raining while I zoned out, bringing my mood down with ever drop slapping against the glass. Class was just starting and there was a knock at the door as Ms. Hart wrote on the whiteboard. She tilted her head in confusion and opened the door, my eyes widening when I saw who was on the other side.

The guy from outside, and he still had my bag.

"Can I help you?" Ms. Hart said, sounding slightly flustered as she looked at him. He nodded once and showed her my bag.

"That young lady left this outside," his velvet voice said, nodding his head at me. Ms. Hart gestured me over and I got up slowly, my heartbeat quickening as I walked over. I gingerly reached out to take my bag, glancing up at his face just for a moment. My gaze fixed on his glow, confusion flitting over my face as well as his.

"Uh…Thanks," I said quietly. He gave me a crooked grin, amusement and confusion fighting for control in his eyes as he looked down at me. I was a good foot shorter than him, so he had no choice.

"You're welcome…" he trailed off.

"Bella," I answered quickly, a blush rising instantly to my cheeks. I glanced at him again and he nodded to me, extending his hand.

"Edward. Nice to meet you, Bella," he-Edward–answered. I gave him a small smile as I took his hand, giving it a small shake. A spark travelled up my arm as our skin touched, his much cooler than my own. The sudden flash of surprise told me he felt it too.

"Well, thank you for returning Ms. Swan's bag, young man, but I must start my class," Ms. Hart said, politely telling him to leave. I inclined his head to her.

"I apologize for the interruption. Have a good day," he said, before turning a walking to his class.

Ms. Hart shut the door and I practically ran to my desk, my face flaming. The rest of the class was quiet, but I could feel their eyes burning into the back of my head. They started whispering as soon as the teacher turned to the whiteboard, finishing what she had been writing.

"Who does she think she is, talking to someone like him?"

"She's no one. How did she get him to talk to her?"

"I hope she realizes she's not good enough for someone like him."

I sank down in my chair and sighed.

I considered myself a seer, being able to see what everyone else missed. The world around us was so much more than what everyone else limited their sight too, but I embraced it. I saw inside people, saw who they really were, but they had no idea. I didn't tell them, they'd just call me crazy.

They already called me a dreamer.

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