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Naruto had always thought life to be boring... Until the day he found a blank scroll. A puff of smoke and then- "Did you just come from the..." With the sudden appearance of the two Uchihas, his life may take a different turn from now on. Sasuke struggles to prevent himself from jumping Naruto. But being near him all the time, this task proved to be difficult especially when the blonde had no recollection of who Sasuke was and what their true relationship is. Handling two friends with mother hen attitudes is one thing, fending off an overprotective redhead is another. How about fighting off a perverted raven? What's Naruto to do now with another raven more persistent, arrogant and perverted from another world?

Setting: Semi-AU


DISCLAIMER: Naruto belongs to Sasuke, err, Masashi Kishimoto. So yeah, I don't own Naruto.

In Between

Chapter 1: Encounter


Someone was running towards his room.

Sasuke was awake though he remained motionless in his large, cold bed. He heard a voice calling his name repeatedly and recognized its owner. The person finally entered his room then stood by the closed door. He could feel his brother staring at his back, as if waiting for him to turn and face him.

"Sasuke," Itachi started, voice sounding commanding. "We have to leave. Now."

At that moment, the younger raven sat right up with an arched eyebrow. "What's happening?"

He had just woken up a few minutes prior due to the loud shouting, slamming and ruckus he heard from some parts of their compound. He payed little attention to it, thinking that his Father's men were merely training again. But now, as Itachi had arrived abruptly, things didn't seem too good.

"Danzou." That was all what Sasuke needed to know to get him out of the bed and start preparing his things.

"Itachi why ar-"

"He will kill us once he finds us. You know how Uchihas don't get along with him and his ways," his brother cut him off with a glare.

Itachi helped Sasuke pack his things. There wasn't much to pack since he wouldn't need a lot. Just two clean pairs of clothing and other basic necessities. Sasuke managed to slip their family picture inside his backpack before his brother closed it. The other didn't mind though he did have a questioning look.

"Father and Mother are in no danger. They are well protected by Father's men, we have nothing to worry about them." Itachi paused as he looked into his brother's eyes. "Its us, their offspring, they are after since we are the young ones of our family. If we are killed, there would be no other way to continue the Uchiha lineage."

"So its true that Mother can't..."

"Yes," The older of the two answered without hesitation. "Now, let's go before that scum's men locate us."

"Why now, of all times?"

"Because Fugaku has weakened. He cannot protect you both in his condition," a new voice answered for them, appearing suddenly inside the room.

The two ravens nodded in acknowledgment at the newcomer. "Kakashi, good to see you," Sasuke greeted him.

"Hello, Sasuke." The man smiled even though his lower face was covered in a mask. His emotions were clear in his mismatched eyes, nonetheless.

"We have no time left. The jutsu must be performed at once." Itachi reminded them, stepping back to allow some space for their gray-haired comrade. Kakashi Hatake; Fugaku's renowned right-hand man.

In a flash, the oldest of the three took out a scroll and rolled it open on the floor. His hands quickly executed the seals needed for the jutsu, not wasting anymore time as he was told. He gestured for the two young Uchihas to step on the scroll laid out in front of them.

"Take care, both of you." A serious look was now plastered on Kakashi's face. "The human world is quite complicated to those who are new to it."

"I can handle myself," Sasuke reassured them.

"You are not that capable yet," Itachi interjected. "I will take care of both of us."

The older raven received a glare from his sibling which he just ignored, though Kakashi had chuckled at them.

"I will visit as soon as I can. You can send summons to send your messages to us, in case anything happens."

"Take care of Father and Mother, and your self too." The passive face on Sasuke was now back.

"I will." A thought had suddenly entered Kakashi's mind. "Ah, Tsunade said she will handle things here as Hokage while you are away. Also, she's enraged why that old man had even planned to do this and go against her, and your family. The Hyuuga, Nara, Akimichi and Aburame clans are on our side, I just hope that Danzou will be intimidated enough to stop hunting you both down."

The gray-haired man smiled once again. For the last step, he slashed his arm with a kunai and drew blood to the seal on the scroll, slamming his hand on it afterwards. A puff of smoke suddenly enveloped the two brothers just as voices were now heard outside the room. They all knew that it would not be long until the enemies find them here.

"You can stay at Jiraiya or Minato's place there. I'm sure they won't mind since they're both good friends with your father. Tell them we said hello," Kakashi said lastly with a barely detectable pleasant tone. Itachi and Sasuke nodded once while they processed all the things he had said.

They were both thrilled and nervous about coming to the human world. Sasuke had no experience on how to deal with the life, or the people there. Itachi, on the other hand, had been there countless of times. Being part of the ANBU Elite Force, sometimes it was part of his mission coming to the said world but it was not a long period of visit.

The door burst open and five ANBU Root filed in. As sudden as the smoke had appeared, the two brothers had now vanished into thin air. There were shouts and cries of agitation everywhere, including the room Kakashi currently resided in.

"Sorry guys, seems like you're all late."

And with that, he lifted his hand up, channeling a large amount of chakra to it. As chidori was formed, Kakashi immediately charged at the intruders who dared to harm his family.

-x-x- In Between -x-x-


Someone was shaking him awake.

Naruto could not help a whine from escaping his mouth as he complained of the sudden disturbance. He didn't want to open his eyes yet, much less, budge from his sleeping position.

"Naruto, dear, you'll be late for your first day of school." Kushina continued moving his son back and forth, with increased speed now.

"Mom, just... fifteen or ten more minutes!" He raised an arm in exasperation, then brought it back down on his side. He felt very reluctant to get up from his warm, comfortable, wonderful, wonderful bed.

The redheaded woman laughed a little then bent down to kiss her baby on the forehead. Seconds after, Minato knocked on the door then came in. He noticed the same position Naruto was in when he visited him earlier. He smiled at his wife who had a sheepish expression on her face. Sometimes she was still too soft on their son.

Minato sighed.

"Son, if you don't get up now, I will throw away all our stocks of ramen." The older blonde knew that this threat would be going a little overboard.

Okay, maybe not a little. Since Naruto was now fully awake after hearing the words 'throw away' and 'ramen' in the same sentence, shouting and running around in his room in panic about his precious ramen going to waste. But hey, it worked.

"Dad!" Naruto had tears streaming down his cheeks. "Why? Why would you even say or do that? Why?" Betrayal was clearly heard in his voice. As if, the whole world turned against him to take away his happiness and his father was the mastermind of it all.

His parents laughed at their son. "I'm sorry, it was the only way to make you get out of bed."

"But still! That's... that's mean!" Naruto pouted as he crossed his arms and sat down on his bed beside his mother. He had always thought that his father was on his side, but now...!

"Anyway," Kushina smiled and patted their son's head. "Breakfast is ready. Let's all head down now."

The two blondes made identical grins as they followed the redhead down the stairs then to the dining room. There was always no room for arguments when it came to food, much less home made ones by Kushina. The Uzumaki family sat down at the rather large round table to eat the aforementioned food. Kushina had already prepared the usual for breakfast; ham, eggs, hotdogs, toast, and also strawberry jam. Naruto eyed the things laid out on the table, inspecting all of them. The pout had returned to his face as he didn't see the love of his stomach.

Minato noticed the lack of enthusiasm in his son when he didn't find what he was looking for. He shook his head then stood up, walking towards the counter. He reached for something behind the toaster then walked back to the table.

"Careful with the food, honey. It's still pretty hot." Kushina smiled and gave a knowing look at Naruto.

The sixteen-year old glanced at what his father was holding, pout still present in his face. The moment he realized what it was, he pointed his finger at the bowl with his eyes glistening in delight and his mouth set in a very wide grin.

"Ramen!" Naruto cheered. "Miso ramen!"

Minato chuckled as he handed the food to the awaiting hands of his son. Naruto immediately grabbed a pair of chopsticks on the table, broke it in two and then dug in with incredible speed.

"Slow down, you might burn your-"

"Tongue!" Naruto cried.

He made fanning motions with his hands to relieve the sudden sting on his wet muscle. His poor, poor tongue was darted out as he continued fanning it. Naruto looked at his parents pleadingly. "Mah kang! Mah kang hekz!"

"Your tongue hurts? I told you to be careful!" Kushina scolded him and wagged her index finger in the process. She gave the young blonde a mock-glare as she handed him a glass of water.

"Kanks, Mom."

Naruto's stomach seemed to complain by now since a loud growl erupted from it. It took him quite some time to ease the slight pain in his tongue, after all. Due to reflex or just carelessness, he grabbed his chopsticks again-

Minato blinked. "Naruto, wait!"

-and repeated the same action he had done a while ago.

"Fucking piece of sh-"

"Language!" Kushina snapped.

The older blonde snickered.

-x-x- In Between -x-x-

Naruto finally finished preparing himself.

Fire Academy, his school, was just a few blocks away from their home. Therefore, he didn't need a ride going to the said place despite how many times his mother insisted on driving him there. His father explained to her that their son would just fall asleep in the ride, no matter how short it takes. He blushed a little, feeling a bit embarrassed. He didn't argue though. It was partly true after all. But not to the extent of falling asleep during a three to seven-minute drive!

For their uniform, he wore a white shirt underneath with a black vest on top, along with the school's patch on the upper right of his chest. A necktie, gray in color, adorned his neck, the pants were the same color as the tie, and then white sneakers.

He glanced one last time at the full body mirror in front of him and grinned. "You look hot, Naruto, my man."

He slung one strap of his backpack on his shoulder then got out of his room. Their two-story house was pretty large considering it had five bedrooms, a kitchen, three bathrooms; one on the ground floor and two on the first floor, a living room, a dining room and even a playroom! The pieces of furniture were nothing extravagant because Minato had always wanted a simple kind of life, despite how big their home was.

But Kushina insisted that they should at least pick the colors that they wanted. Red was hers, yellow for her husband and orange for their son. Once you enter their home, the three colors would be noticeable as the theme of the whole house. From the bed covers to the towels and to the toothbrushes they used, the colors would differentiate the owners. Naruto was quite proud to say he had been to every corner and every room of their humble abode.

Except for one place.

Second door to the right of his room, is where he hasn't stepped foot in since God-knows-when. He wasn't actually forbidden by his parents to enter it, but he was told that it only served as a storage room, nothing more. Naruto never felt curious before, until now. So with a quick peek downstairs to check on his parents, and knowing that they weren't there, he dashed towards the said room.

It wasn't locked so he had easy access getting in. He searched for the light switch at the wall since it was dim-lighted inside. After finding it, and switching it on, he quickly scanned the whole room. He saw his old toys, old clothes, old furniture... oh, was that his favorite blanket?

Nothing had caught his interest. He stepped further inside, lifting the covers on the objects on the floor, checking the things laid out on the table. Nothing. He was about to leave the unexpectedly tidy room, but it was then that he saw an old-looking scroll hanging at the wall. He snatched it from its place and then slowly opened it.

Naruto was grinning widely, thinking that it might be some kind of secret map to a secret place, where there would be a secret treasure where only few knew how to read the secret language written on the secret scroll. Yes, he was thinking nonsense again.

He was disappointed, however, when he found out that there was nothing written in it. Not even pictures. He pouted but he didn't return the scroll to its rightful position on the wall. Instead, he put it inside his bag. He switched off the light and then left the room, closing it behind him. He jogged down the stairs to say goodbye to his parents. Naruto found them both on the living room watching TV.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" He kissed his mom on her cheek while she did the same to him, and then he bumped fists with his dad.

"Take care, dear." Kushina adjusted and straightened her son's necktie before he left.

"See you, son. Keep track of the girls' names!" Minato called to him, which earned him a whack on the head by his beloved wife. Aggressive woman.

Naruto's laughter was heard from the door. "I will dad! Don't worry!" he called back, and then he left the house, past the yard and then outside the gate.

Naruto actually loved walking on the street, especially on mornings. Everything was so peaceful, so serene. His neighbors saw and greeted the teen, he grinned and waved at them in return. He glanced at his watch. As soon as he saw the time, the grin on his face dropped.

"Oh shit..." Four minutes until eight o'clock.

-x-x- In Between -x-x-

"Dude, I thought you said you already had a change of heart," a brunette reminded his blonde friend about their talk a few months ago. "That you wouldn't be coming late to school anymore like you did before."

Naruto groaned as he buried his head in his folded arms on the desk. "I tried, Kiba! I tried!" The protests were slightly muffled but the other had understood it. "I just got a little distracted by something..."

"A little?" Kiba asked incredulously. "You nearly missed the entrance ceremony!" He threw his arms up in the air, almost exasperated by what his best friend had done. "What time did you wake up?"

"Quarter to seven."

"What time did you finish fixing yourself?"

"Twenty minutes before eight."

"And...? Did you realize what time you arrived at school?"

"Uh... one minute past eight?"

"Exactly!" The brunette slammed his hand on the table, making Naruto wince and lift his head back up. "You're not trying hard enough!"

"Gah! I'm sorry okay?" He clutched his head and then lowered it again.

Kiba grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "Apology accepted."

Stupid mutt.

-x-x- In Between -x-x-

"For sophomores like us, I didn't actually think they would be merciful on the first day," the dog-lover commented offhandedly.

They walked down the hallway as they were about to go home now.

"Just wait, those teachers are just preparing to strike and then... BAM!" Naruto shook his fist for more emphasis, some students glanced at them for the sudden raise of voice. "Homework!" They turned to a corner after going down the stairs, finally nearing the exit. "Loads and loads of homework."

Kiba couldn't help but laugh at his friend's antics. He was sure they would survive another year, that or he was just plainly relying on false hope.

They (or rather their parents) were friends with almost all of their teachers that's why it was no big deal having them in class. Plus, the school director is actually Naruto's godfather. Minato's uncle; Jiraiya. He had pulled some strings to assign a few familiar teachers to Naruto's classes, making the school year much easier. Ah, life was good.

"We're meeting up with the others tomorrow," Kiba informed Naruto, who looked at him with interest. "Sai and Sakura had been nagging me about you. They said they lost contact with their favorite blonde."

Naruto had a sheepish smile on while he rubbed the back of his neck. "I lost my cellphone somewhere in the mall. After my parents bought a new one for me, I didn't know where I could get your numbers," he admitted.

Kiba snorted. "Idiot."

"Hey! You're the stupid one here for not even-"

"Oh, and Gaara had been isolating himself more often when you weren't around." That had effectively shut Naruto up. He hadn't seen the aforementioned redheaded friend of his for quite a long time, too.

"Do you think he'll be socializing more with people when I'm with you guys again?" he asked, uncertain of what could happen.

"Dude, you're practically the only person he trusts! Even more than his two siblings!" The brunette shook his head with a hopeless sigh.

Naruto scrunched up his face as he processed in his mind what his best friend had told him. "Whatever you say, mutt."

"Shut u-"

You are my friend aa ano hi no yume
Ima de mo mada wasuretenain desho
You are my dream aa-

"Yoh," Kiba greeted the person on the other line. "Sis? Yeah... Hmm... I'm with Naruto." He cast a glance at the blond who had stopped walking when his friend did so.

"Hmm..." Kiba occasionally became quiet as he listened to his sibling. "Yeah, yeah. I understand, I'll be there."

"What did she say?" Naruto tilted his head to the side while waiting for the other to answer.

"Sis needs help in taking care of the dogs. She told me to go home right away since she needed my assistance. We have three canines currently sick," Kiba explained, hiding the slight worry in his voice.

"Oh..." Naruto didn't have any knowledge pertaining to animals, much less dogs. That's why he wasn't able to give any words of wisdom to help in the current situation.

"Also, the dogs have been howling all together which kept on causing disturbance for the neighbors."

"I wish I could do something to help."

Kiba chuckled a little then shrugged. "Nah, its okay. Oh!" He quickly flipped his cellphone open. "Number?"

Naruto blinked twice and then grinned. He started zipping his backpack open to reach for his phone. Ever since he had lost it in the mall, he had never put it in his pocket again. He always carried a bag with him to put his valuables in it.

"Hey what's that?" The brunette pointed at the old scroll Naruto had found that morning.

"Oh this?" He took it out of his bag too and then rolled it open for his friend to see. "Doesn't contain anything. I just found it this morning in the storage room."

"Never mind then." They both laughed.

The two boys exchanged numbers, finally having contact with their best friend. After a few goodbyes, they both parted on their own separate ways. While walking home, Naruto had been staring at the blank scroll he had unrolled and held in his hands.

"I don't get it..." Naruto let go of one end of the scroll to scratch his head. "Why would Mom and Dad keep an empty, old-looking scroll anyway?"

He glared hard on the blank space, daring it to form words, pictures, anything. He was rolling it back when suddenly, black ink started to appear and construct what appeared to be a seal. Naruto's eyes darted everywhere on the once-blank scroll. He couldn't believe it! The seal continued to grow and form on the the paper. This really might be a secret map, to a secret place with a secr-

A puff of smoke began to form and he just had to let go of the scroll.

"What the hell...?" Naruto couldn't believe his eyes. Out of nowhere, two raven haired males suddenly appeared. "Did you just come from the..." He glanced at the scroll which had rolled a little far from him.

They seemed to be siblings, considering how they looked so much alike. The older one, a man with a low ponytail and an emotionless face, had to be older by five years or so. And the younger one, a boy who looked to be the same age as him had the same expression as his brother, only his hair at the back was spiked upwards. The taller of the two glanced down at his companion. The slightly shorter male appeared to understand what his intentions and so he stepped back, allowing his brother to do all the interacting.

"Do you know of a man named Jiraiya, or perhaps Minato?" The man's eyes looked calm but deadly.

He gulped. "Yes, they're my family." Naruto congratulated himself inwardly for not stuttering. The unknown guy in front him had a voice even colder than ice!

"Take us to them." At this point, Naruto's fear seemed to back away, little by little.

"Why should I do that?" He crossed his arms. "How should I know you're not bad guys who are just planning to-"

His sentence was cut off as a sharp object was pressed to his throat. "Listen here, we are not enemies. We merely wish to speak to Jiraiya and Minato."

"Sasuke, stay back."

"But Itachi," Sasuke tried to protest but his older brother's glare wouldn't allow him. He obeyed and stood by his aniki's side.

Itachi looked back at the blond who had now fallen on the ground due to shock. How the heck did that Sasuke-guy get so fast behind him?

"We're in need of their help." Itachi gazed at his eyes. "We mean no harm," he promised.

Naruto stared at them both, eying them for any wrong intentions. Having found none, he slowly got up and dusted his pants. He walked towards the two, past them and then bent down to retrieve the fallen scroll. He turned back around, heading to their home.

"Follow me," he instructed. "I'll take you to my father, Minato."

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