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Elliot walked out into his living room and raised an eyebrow at Olivia, waiting to hear what she had to say.

Olivia's hungry gaze raked up and down his mostly naked body as she attempted to compose herself enough to speak. "You aggravate me so fucking much sometimes, Elliot! Do you realize that?"

He walked over to her, clad only in his charcoal grey boxer briefs and looked down his nose at her as she sat on the couch. "Not nearly as much as you aggravate me."

His voice was low and rumbled throughout the small room.

Her breathing quickened, as did her heart rate. Olivia's mouth ran dry as she stared up at the man before her. Swallowing harshly, she responded, trying to sound calm. "You had no right to do what you did with my career…my life, El. I just really hope you understand what all of this means."

Leaning forward, hovering over her, Elliot placed his forearms on the cushions on either side of her head and whispered practically against her lips. "I do and it's worth it to me. I'm not sure how many times I have to tell you, but I'm in this one hundred percent, do you understand me?"

Her breath hitching in her chest, Olivia nodded slowly, staring Elliot in the eyes and wishing she had another shot back at the bar.

"Now." he growled against her ear, "What do you want to do?"

Olivia exhaled against his cheek before answering him. "No more going behind my back. No more making decisions for the both of us without informing me first…got that?" She leaned forward causing him to straighten above her.

"I can do that, if you can stop freaking out over everything so easily." Elliot kneeled before her and rubbed his hands up and down her thighs. "Now why don't you relax, have another beer with me, and stay the night?"

Raising her eyebrows at his words, she was only able to release a hoarse, "Okay...maybe."

Elliot smirked and shook his head at her stubbornness as his hands continued to knead her thighs. "Maybe, huh?"

Leaning forward, she whispered hotly into his ear. "Maybe…now where's my beer?"

He chuckled in frustration as he stood, his briefs clad semi hard penis directly in front of her face. "Well, that's a start I guess." He walked into the kitchen to grab two beers from the refrigerator.

Olivia sucked in a breath and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. The man was trying to kill her; but she still had more to say before she could let herself give in to the temptation that is Elliot Stabler.

Elliot opened two beers in the kitchen and walked back toward her with a tight smile on his face. He handed her a beer and sat beside her on the loveseat, leaving enough distance between them to give her space.

They both downed more than half of their beers in awkward silence.

Clearing her throat, Olivia decided it was time to bite the bullet and say everything she needed to say, as difficult as it may be with a half-naked Elliot sitting beside her. She could feel the heat emanating from his body which was not helping her focus on her words. Finally she turned toward him and placed a hand on his knee causing his body to stiffen slightly.

Breaking the silence, she began. "As ridiculous as it sounds, these past few weeks have been the happiest I've felt in a long time…pathetic, huh?"

Elliot's eyes widened in surprise at her words, but he remained quiet and simply shook his head, placed a hand over her own, and let her continue.

She huffed out a nervous breath at the contact and his lack of response, but forged forward. "And as corny as it is to say, the worst day with you is better than the best day without you, Elliot."

"Liv-" He cupped the side of her face and brushed his thumb over the apple of her cheek.

Closing her eyes at the contact, she interrupted. "Let me finish. I came storming over here thinking I was going to curse you out, but somewhere between the bar and your apartment, I realized that everything you did was to fight for us. Well, now I'm fighting too…except not with you, but for you."

Elliot blinked at her words and his lips slowly spread into a wide grin. "I love you, Liv."

"I love you," she echoed as she crawled into his lap reveling in the feel of his strong arms around her, his hands rubbing soothing circles over her back. She sighed into his neck and ran her fingers against his scalp. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to take a hot shower, cleanse myself of this day and just start fresh. That okay?"

Disappointed at her breaking their embrace to climb off of him and head toward the bathroom, Elliot groaned and turned to grab the beer he left on his small side table. He then heard her speak behind him in a low drawl, causing the small hairs to raise on the back of his neck.

"Aren't you going to join me?" Her voice oozed sex.

Placing the beer down and smiling stupidly to himself, he turned to respond with an enthusiastic, "Right behind you!" He grabbed her hand and led her to his bathroom.

As soon as they reached the small bathroom, Elliot backed Olivia up against the wall and pulled her into a bruising kiss. He shuddered as he reveled in the feel of her fingernails lightly scraping up and down the sides of his arms and shoulders.

Olivia's head hit against the wall as Elliot pressed his whole body against her and his tongue invaded her mouth. She sighed into him as she realized that there was nothing stopping them this time. No crazy psycho killer after her, no being weak from pneumonia, no work holding them back from exploring each other the way they had been wanting to for way too long.

She raised her thigh to hook the back of her knee onto Elliot's hip as he ground his hard erection against her. "Mmph, Liv," he mumbled against her mouth. He tore himself away only to toy with the edge of her top, skimming the skin of her abdomen with his teasing fingertips.

Taking advantage of the extra space between them, Olivia slid her hand into his boxer briefs to stroke him lightly. She moaned lowly as he filled her palm, growing even harder and thicker. It was the first time she had the pleasure of touching him so intimately.

Elliot hissed and whispered into her ear. "I want you now." He whipped off her top with one swift movement and removed her bra as she continued to rub against him.

Looking down at her half naked body, he groaned and ducked his head to lick and suck roughly at her nipples. Olivia's head rolled back on her shoulders as the sounds of their moans and bated breaths filled the room.

Elliot broke their contact briefly to turn on the shower and Olivia took this time to remove the rest of her clothing, except for her panties. They both stood still for a moment, chests heaving, eyes roaming. He then grasped the back of her neck to pull her into another passionate kiss as he snaked his other hand down her body and slipped her panties aside to insert one, thick finger inside of her. They moaned together at the contact. "God, Olivia…you are so fucking wet."

Groaning at his words, she tugged at his boxer briefs, urging him to remove them so she could feel him fully against her. Elliot slid his finger from her flesh and knelt down in front of her, pulling her damp panties down as he went. Olivia released a shuddering breath as she stepped out of them and felt his hot breath against her wetness. "Elliot, please…"

"I just want to taste you again first," he mumbled against her, shooting vibrations through her body. Before she could respond his tongue was on her clit, rubbing small circles of pleasure.

"El, God," she moaned before pulling him up by the shoulders to lick at his neck and nip his earlobe. "I can't wait anymore."

Maintaining eye contact in the steam filled room, Elliot stepped out of his boxer briefs and into the shower. Olivia wasted no time following him into the hot mist.

Pulling her slick body tight against his own, Elliot kissed her hungrily under the spray of warm water, cleansing them of the horrors of the past few weeks. Breaking the kiss, he gave her a brief smirk before turning her body so that her back was facing him. He then ran his hands up and down her back and began to massage her shoulders. Olivia sighed at his touches and the feel of the water playing against her muscles. She rested her forehead against the cool tile as Elliot leaned forward to drop hot, open mouthed kisses to her upper back and shoulders, trailing over the side of her neck. "I need you," he whispered against her ear, causing a shiver down her spine.

She answered by arching into him and rubbing her ass against his erection. Elliot groaned into her ear and lightly tugged on her hair, pulling the back of her head against his shoulder. He turned his head to kiss her with urgency as his hands wandered over her body. Breathing heavily through his nose, he then reached around from behind to dig his fingers into the soft flesh of the front of her thighs, running them up until his hands settled on her hips, drawing her in tightly against him.

"Oh," Olivia gasped, breaking the kiss and grinding into him with more purpose. She moaned as she felt his large hand cup her full breast while his other hand led his rock hard erection to enter her from behind.

They both stopped breathing for a moment.

"Fuck," Elliot growled as he bent her forward slightly, drawing him deeper inside her wet heat. They stood still this way for a long moment, both absorbing the intensity of the moment. Years of desire, complicated feelings, and finally love swirling around them and mingling in the steamy air.

Elliot gritted his teeth and began to move inside her, bringing the hand that was not massaging her breast down to rub her most sensitive area just above where their bodies were joined. Her heavy breaths and moans encouraged him to continue thrusting into her with slow, punishing strokes.

"Shit, Oh my God," Olivia keened as she snaked her arms back and around Elliot's neck. The hot steam against their bodies only enhanced her feeling of being enveloped in his warmth. Around her, inside her, pushing into her again and again. His hands and his dick were relentless and she became overwhelmed with emotion and pleasure all at once.

She breathed him in as he licked the back of her neck and one final, rough, thrust brought her over the edge. She cried out in a string of curses as her body shook and clenched around him.

"Liv…fuck!" Elliot barely gave her a moment to catch her breath before he swiftly pulled out of her completely and spun her around, gripping her by the thighs and pushing her against the tile. She automatically locked her ankles around him as he pushed into her once again, causing her to yell out in surprise.

"Oh…oh, God, Elliot." She was going to come again much to her complete shock. She didn't even have time to recover from her first before her second, even more intense orgasm began. She reached down to cup Elliot's ass, pushing him deeper causing them both to cry out from the sensation.

Leaning into his shoulder and circling her hips as best as she could in the position she was in, she whispered, "Come for me, baby."

"Shit, god damn, Liv!" Elliot finally let himself go, a powerful orgasm ripping through his body, causing his thrusts to falter as he filled her with his warmth. Panting against her, he leaned forward to rest his head against the tile beside her. "Holy, shit."

"Yeah," she breathed as she slid her legs down to touch the floor of the tub, her knees almost giving out on her. She pressed a kiss onto his shoulder as they held each other and slowly began to calm.

Later, Elliot and Olivia lay on his bed, bodies intertwined, sated and at peace. The sheets and pillows were a tangled mess on the floor and Olivia lay against Elliot's chest, listening to his even breaths and feeling the gentle rise and fall. "Mmm, you smell good, she breathed.

Tracing lazy patterns on the soft skin of her upper arm, he replied sleepily, "So do you."

"Might have something to do with the fact that we both soaped each other up with your Irish Spring," she laughed as she turned to play with the sparse hair on his chest in front of her.

"Nah, you always smell good, Liv." He inhaled her deeply.

Chuckling lightly, Olivia craned her neck to look up at him, her hair tickling his bare skin.

"What's so funny?"

She smiled brightly and placed a light kiss onto his chest. "Now I finally understand the expression I've died and gone to heaven."

Elliot's face lit up with a crooked smile as he pulled her in tighter to him and dropped a kiss onto the top of her head. "Don't ever put me through that again, got it? Next time a psycho stalker is after you, don't be so damn stubborn."

She laughed softly and settled her head back against him. Reflecting over the past few weeks, they drifted off to sleep, drowning into one another and she couldn't be happier.