AN: Holy crap it's a non-SPN story from me. It's a Christmas miracle! Okay, so I wrote this for the Vampire Diaries comment ficathon over on LJ and I thought I'd post it here for fun. It's short, a little weird and kind of has a non-ending, just to warn you. Also, no beta so any mistakes are mine.

Original Prompt: Stefan/Caroline/Damon; I could fall in love a million times before I die. You could draw me a bubble bath, we could walk into the sunset...

Title is from the song ''Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own'' by U2.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

and it's you

Written by Becks Rylynn

Caroline is sunlight, still. She moves fluidly, like grace and beauty threaded together to make one tangle of a girl. Neither Damon nor Stefan is really sure what to make of her at first. She is something completely different from Katherine and Elena. Katherine was bright and white hot like fire. A lethal beauty that would cut your heart right out. Elena was moonshine, magical and mournful all at once. But Caroline? Caroline is the sun that the Salvatore brothers have run from for so long.

So how come they can't run from her?

She twists into their dance with a grin, takes up residence right between them and that is where she stays.

The years pass by in blurs and colors and lights. Her laugh echoes through the towns and cities they take her. The people they have long ago left behind grow older, gray and worn. They live their lives with secrets in their eyes, they get married, they have children, they waver, they die. The three vampire musketeers, as Caroline has coined them, do not waver and they do not die.

When Elena Lockwood dies peacefully in her sleep at age 88, everything changes with the wind that blows through Caroline's blond hair and the history that keeps them apart and binds them together dies.

Stefan kisses her first.

Even after all these years, he still needs to get to the girl first, doesn't he?

When Damon kisses her, she bites down on his lip to draw blood and she licks it off of his skin.

It is not her lip that he winds up biting.

They fall into a pattern easily, the three of them. It is unconventional and some might say it is wrong. Then again, some might say their existence is wrong. Unsurprisingly, most of their relationship consists of Damon and Caroline bickering and Stefan desperately trying to play peacemaker. Surprisingly, this new song and dance is the most stable relationship any of them have ever had. She is not a replacement. She is a beautiful woman they weave their hearts and blood soaked souls into. They are not her toys. They are the things that keep her together.

And they all love each other like one big weird and bloody family.

Caroline dies on a Tuesday on the 100th anniversary of her human death.

She takes a stake through her heart to save Stefan from a vampire hunter who fancies himself a hero. Stefan clutches her cold body; Damon reaches into the vampire hunter's chest and curls his fingers around the beating heart, ripping it out with a snarl.

And they are left alone with the ghost of another girl they both loved.

It is a neverending cycle, you see...