Hey guys, Charlie here! So I had some random inspiration from somewhere and I just had to write about it. If anyone recognises it please let me know, I don't think it's from any other fanfic but if it is I'm terribly sorry. Anyways, I didn't really think this would fit in with my other fanfic 'Something Weird' so I decided to create a new one. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1:

Journey's Start

Carly's POV

Why is life so confusing? Actually, scratch that. I know what's confusing. People. People are very confusing. They can be two-faced, stubborn, annoying, lying, denying, blind, irritating and just a bit dense. Yet they can also be so loving, caring, amazing, hilarious and genuinely good hearted at the same time. If you haven't yet guessed who I am referring to here (seriously, not that hard), it is my two very best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. Now don't get me wrong; I love them to pieces. But honestly, sometimes I don't get them.

I mean, sure, I understand them individually. Of course I do. Did you think I don't know my own best friends?

It's really only when you put the two together that things start to get really confusing and contradictory (I sure hope Sam doesn't read this. If she saw that word she'd probably say I'd been spending too much time with 'the nub' and go and hit Freddie with a blunt object for corrupting me).

You see, Sam and Freddie have a very… unique friendship. To people who don't really know them, they could just be two people that don't like each other or at best acquaintances that argue… a lot. Nothing more. But those people are never around for the times that balance their friendship out. For every push there's a pull right?

My theory was proven some time ago when Sam let slip that Freddie hadn't kissed anyone yet. That was not a good time. For anyone. Especially Freddie. That was the push. The part where one of them does something really stupid and hurtful to the other and they end up not talking to each other.

So when Sam realised how much she hurt Freddie, she apologised live on iCarly and admitted that she had never kissed anyone either. And when she went to apologise to him personally, although I didn't find out until later, they shared their first kiss. Which I thought was sweet. And there's the pull. The part that brings them back together and brings them closer. But they don't show it. They never say it. But the respect is there; and it's growing.

Anyway, that particular incident was a long time ago. The things I want to share with you started to occur not so long ago. And it's something I don't quite understand. So you'll have to bear (A/N: Don't exactly know which spelling is used here. Stupid homophones. Is it a homophone? I think it is...) with me as I explain this.

I am going to tell you a little story about a little quirk I have noticed that Sam and Freddie do quite often now. It is called the Pause. Are you ready people? 'Cause this is one heck of a journey.

A/N: Okay, if any of you are confused or anything, all will become clear in the next chapter whenever I get to writing it :) This is a bit short but it's just the beginning, hence the chapter title 'Journey's Start'

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