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I don't own Danny Phantom or Purple Cow which is an awesome poem.


Bashed has joined the chat.

Bashed: ….Is anyone here?

Bashed: I don't care! I found a chat room that isn't yet blocked by the school firewall!

Bashed: I'm gonna tell everyone!

Bashed: …Why am I still talking to myself?

Bashed: And why isn't anyone here?

Bashed has signed off.


Bashed has joined the chat.

Paulina has joined the chat.

Starr has joined the chat.

Val has joined the chat.

Bashed: Told you it totally works!

Kwan has joined the chat.

Paulina: wow, we can like, totally talk to each other while not doing work!

Kwan: Awesome!

Starr: Let's just hope they don't find it.

Val: that would ruin it, totally.


PDA3 has joined the chat.

Danny has joined the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.

PDA3: Aww come ON!

Danny: What? You know they don't like us.

Sam: too bad they found our chat room…

PDA3: Not that! You guys are totally

Danny: …what?

PDA3: Your names!

Sam: Yeah, they're our names.

PDA3: exactly!

Danny: huh?

Sam: He thinks it's un-cool that we used our real names to sign in.

Danny: Oh….

PDA3: So change them!

Sam: I like my name, personally. I don't wanna be known as like, bat girl or something.

Danny: I could be phantom but that would be stretching it a little bit.

PDA3: we'll think of something!

Sam: well, look at you! PDA love? Come on!

PDA3: well, everyone can guess who I am and it shows my colors!

Danny: whatev bells about to ring.

Sam: meet at my house for popcorn and movie at five?

PDA3: We'll be there!

Danny: definitely.


Danny has joined the chat.

Danny: come on come on come on Sam!

Danny: hurry up!

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: What's going on its half past five!

Danny: need your help gettucker skulker here nasty burger Thermos at home!

Sam: on our way. Hold on Danny!


PDA3 has joined the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.

PDA3: great movie! Have I told you how much I love your house?

Sam: yeah…

PDA3: worried about Danny?

Sam: He IS our friend…

PDA3: yeah, and he hogged the popcorn!

Sam: TUCK!

PDA3: oh yeah. Well, the doctors can take care of him.

Sam: his leg was broken!

PDA3: And being at your house for an hour and a half during Serenity gave him enough time to heal him almost completely!

Sam: I guess, but he's still in pain.

PDA3: that's because he broke his leg.

Sam: this thing with skulker is getting too intense.

PDA3: whoa what? You're the one who like CRAVES the adrenaline rush.

Sam: shut up! Danny's getting seriously injured!

PDA3: he'll be fine…I think. With his healing abilities, I estimate he'll be up and walking day after tomorrow. Maybe with a limp, but that day after that he'll be fine!

Sam: I guess so. We came just in time. Another few seconds and he'd have two broken legs. *shudder* I don't even want to know what would have happened if we were even more late.

PDA3: yeah, I wonder what's going on with him.

Sam: what do you mean?

PDA3: he used to be able to beat the crap outta skulker.

Sam: well, skulker is the most feared ghost even IN the ghost zone.

PDA3: I don't know. Something's going on that Danny hasn't told us about.

VP has joined the chat.

Sam: who's VP?

PDA3: and why isn't he saying anything?

Sam: Danny! Tuck erase the above messages!

PDA3: on it!

VP: Too late, children. But don't worry, I am already an acquaintance on Danny's and I know all about him and his…problem.

Sam: wait…Vlad Plasmius?

VP: Very good Sam.

PDA3: what problem?


VP: Patience, children.

Sam: ….Please, tell us what you did to him.

VP: Very good Sam. Very well, I will tell you some, but the rest is up to Daniel.

PDA3: Wait…what are you doing here anyway?

VP: My dear boy, whose chat room do you think this is?

PDA3: why the hell did you make a public site that can bypass school firewall? You don't go to

PDA3: crap…

VP: I just want to help Daniel in every aspect of his life.

Sam: Bull. Shit.

VP: It's true. Trust me; I am past trying to physically force Daniel to me. I have learned one thing about teenagers all these years. The harder you push, the more they push back.

Sam: what do you want with him?

VP: All I wish is for Daniel to denounce his father publically and come to live with me. I can teach him everything he wants, and of course he can still be friends with you!

Sam: You have father issues.

VP: Quite right! I have my own sob story about a horrible father…but that's all past now.

VP: And Tucker, you will have realized that this chat room is severely encoded and you will not be able to delete anything without it taking a considerable amount of time.

PDA3: I could do it…

VP: Yes, but it would defeat the purpose if perhaps a boy at your school popped in and read your chat, figuring out who Danny was.

PDA3: …

VP: At the moment, I am giving your PDA full access.

Sam: Why?

PDA3: Sweet, I got it! Wow this is some high tech stuff!

VP: I simply want to help.

VP has logged out of chat.

Sam: holly CRAP what's going on?

PDA3: do you think it has something to do with skulker?

Sam: something's going on. Something bad.


Danny has joined the chat.

Danny: hum de hum de hum…

Danny: HELLllllLLOoooooOOO?

Danny: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts…

PDA3 has joined the chat.



Danny: TUCKER!

PDA3: how are you doing? Are you bored I can come over after school!

Danny: Yeah and Sam TOO!


Danny: oh yeah it's school hours still…

PDA3: Yup!

Danny: HORRAY!

PDA3: …Why?

Danny: I…I don't know.

PDA3: Sweet!

Danny: Can you bring me apple juice? The doctor says I have to stay HYDRATED and I'm all out… T_T

PDA3: why do you have to stay hydrated?

Danny: CUZ of my PILLS!

PDA3: ….Oh god.

Danny: Apple juice?

PDA3: yeah, I will. Where's your mom?

Danny: still trying to find the ghost who hurt her "Little baby boy."…

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: You're on MEDICATION? WHY?

Danny: it makes my leg feel NUMB! LOOK I CAN POKE IT AND IT DOESN'T HURT!

PDA3: your making me feel guilty. And sad. And turn your CAPS LOCK OFF!

Danny: HOW COME?

Sam: I'm sorry Danny…



Sam: I will. I hope you feel better soon.

Danny: YES!

Danny: all right caps lock is off PARTY POOPER!

PDA3: ….

Danny: poke, poke, poke

Sam: STOP poking your LEG!

Danny: why

Sam: just…stop. We're coming over soon, okay?

Danny: CHEESE STICKS! Oh my god I want some.

PDA3: we should put you on medication more often. You're even MORE fun.


Danny: !

PDA3: ahahahhhahahahaa

Danny: can we watch the last unicorn?

Sam: sure…

Danny: I want a movie about a purple cow!

PDA3: why?

Danny: I've never seen a purple cow,

Sam: I never hope to see one

PDA3: But I can tell you anyhow

Danny: I'd rather see than be one!


Danny has joined the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.

PDA3 has joined the chat.

Danny: I did my math homework!

PDA3: good for you…why?

Danny: I was bored.

Sam: maybe being bored is healthy for you…


PDA3: how was it stupid, yoda?

Danny: It told me to find the X and I was like "It's right there! DUH!" Then I drew a picture of ninjas versus pirates

Sam: who won? Or who would win?


Sam: no, ninjas would KICK your BUTT!

Danny: in my world, the fight would go on forever and ever because they are both so cool.

Sam: I can agree to that one..

PDA3: yes! A solution! Now, Danny. Work on Google vs. Yahoo.



Sam: but you can't say gooooggllllle but you can say YAHOOOOOOOOOO

Danny: she's got a point.

PDA3: gasp! You don't agree?

Danny: of course not! I LOVE GOOGLE! And BLACKLE! AND PANDAS!

Sam: what happened to cheese sticks?

Danny: you're crazy.

Sam: *sweat drop*


Sam: shut up we get it!

PDA3: HA you're such a nerd!



PDA3: *sigh* how could I get any lower?

Danny: transvestites?


Sam: I happen to LIKE the rocky horror picture show.


Sam has joined the chat.

PDA3 has joined the chat.

Sam: what up? And why are we still using the same chat room. It is Vlad's.

PDA3: Because it's still the only chat room and the only other option is to not chat during school hours and actually do our work.

Sam: …


Sam: Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

PDA3: how's Danny?

Sam: like you predicted he's limping but fine. Still a little loopy.

PDA3: tell him to get his but on here.

Sam: I am not his secretary! Please hold…

PDA3: HAHAHAHAHA your hilarious!

Danny has joined the chat.

Danny: Aloha mis amigos! Como estas?

PDA3: you're in Spanish class, aren't you?

Danny: Si! Yo…. Damn it. I'm "working" on a project.

Sam: yeah, we're studying the cowboys of South America.


Danny: cool, right?

Star has joined the chat.

Star: Oh crap you guys are here?

Danny: Noooo this all just an illusionnnn!


Star: God you guys are annoying. But this is the only chat room!

Danny: Oh no. NOW what will you do?

Sam: don't talk to her like that!

PDA3: ? O.0

Danny: GASP!

Star: what?

Sam: She could, like, so her nails and like, her makeup, and like….that's all I got.

Star: How dare you make fun of me! And I was ABOUT to do something nice!

Danny: I'm sure.

PDA3: how could we ever doubt you? What in the world could ever give us this opinion?

Sam: stereotypes are here for a reason.

Danny: they're usually TRUE

Star: I'll do it anyway because I am better than you geeks.

PDA3: well sure, why not?

Star: Just to let you know, Dash has got some beef with you, Samantha!

Sam: Well, I'm a vegetarian.

Star has logged out of chat.


PDA3: people are looking at me because I am laughing so hard.

Sam: hey, I can't take all the credit. 1, it was from a song and 2, she set that one up herself.

Danny: I wonder why he's mad at YOU?

PDA3: well, knowing Dash we won't have to wait long to find out.


Sam has joined the chat.

Danny has joined the chat.

PDA3 has joined the chat.

Sam: I figured it out.

Danny: already? It's not even lunch yet.

Sam: two words: girl's locker-room.

PDA3: is that two words or three?

Danny: So why is he mad achoo?

PDA3: bless you?

Sam: what?

Danny: ever notice how ACHOO sounds like AT YOU?

Sam: no…

Danny: Well I just did.

PDA3: Cool, but weren't we talking about something. Like an actual conversation?

Danny: OH MY GOD!

Sam: He's on his meds isn't he?

PDA3: give him a break he broke his leg.

Danny: ever notice how if you look to the side but don't turn your head you can like see a black dot in the corner of your vision that moves with your heart beat?


Sam: You're so random.

PDA3: why is dash mad at you?

Sam: I overheard in the girls locker-room

Danny: You said that already.

Sam: well…

Danny: This is so climatic!

Sam: Tuck, remember when I "borrowed" my mom's car to go to nasty burger to help Danny when we hit that sports car?

PDA3: oh god I thought that voice yelling at us sounded familiar.

Danny: You ran into DASH with a CAR?

Sam: apparently it was HIS dad's and his parent s aren't rich like mine so…


Danny has logged off of chat due to a failed connection.

Sam: Danny?

PDA3: did you hear that crash?

Sam: and all the screaming? Yeah.

PDA3: we need to go help danny!

Sam: its skulker


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