So, I never usually write next-generation characters – I love, love, love, James and Lily, so I never venture into the trio's era, never mind their children's.

But, while waiting for my train to leave Edinburgh station on my way home, I saw something which absolutely inspired this, and totally reaffirmed my belief in true love.

I saw a girl and a boy hug in a sort of friendly, platonic way. The boy got onto his train, and the girl sort of stood there looking kind of disappointed and sad. Then the boy must have changed his mind, because he quite literally came running off the train, and he kissed her very beautifully indeed. It was very gratifying, and very much like a movie, which may sound clichéd, but somehow much, much better in real life. And then my train pulled out of the station, and I didn't get to see any more. :(

Nevertheless, it really inspired this ficlet, and Teddy and Victoire just seemed to fit really, really well. I just wanted to show this. I hope you enjoy this fluff, especially since it is (nearly) Christmas.

The clock on the wall next to the cast iron 9¾ sign tolled the hour and, as if by magic, the scarlet train began slowly to move out of the station.

Teddy Lupin, who was still locked in a passionate embrace with his beautiful girlfriend, currently hanging out of the window of her compartment, started in surprise, breaking the kiss. It was the first time in seven years that he had not been on the train to Hogwarts, and six years since he'd been on it without Victoire Weasley, who had at times been his best friend, playmate, fellow Gryffindor, homework aide, prefect and – finally – girlfriend. They had been dating for the whole of his seventh year, but then that was the problem with liking with a girl a year younger than he was. She got to go back to Hogwarts, while he was stuck back here in London, desperate for it to be Christmas, so that he could catch her under the mistletoe again.

He would have auror training to occupy him, of course, but even that was kind of boring in the wake of his Godfather's famous legacy. Sure, there was the occasional stray nutcase Death Eater to lock up, but since the last Great War, the wizarding world had, for the most part, been peaceful, and many aurors were stuck in desk jobs, or basic police work, with plenty of time to think about their absent girlfriends.

The train was moving faster now, pulling away from the station. He could see his Victoire's beautiful face, still gazing back at him. She looked disappointed... like she'd been expecting something else.

And suddenly, he knew he couldn't leave before –


He started to run. He had always been fairly athletic, and he built up into a sprint. The train was speeding up, but he was almost level with it now. She looked bewildered, and he could see the curious eyes of parents and students staring at him. He ran past his godfather and Aunt Ginny, along with their sulky-looking Lily, stood next to an equally sulky Hugo Weasley, stood in front of his parents. He ignored them all, even the smug sort of look on Harry's face.

"Victoire Weasley, I –"

"What?" His voice was drowned out by a sudden shrill whistle of the train.


He reached the end of the platform, and he felt like screaming in frustration as the last carriage disappeared into the tunnel. She hadn't heard him.

But in her compartment, sat next to the new Head Boy, she smiled secretly.

"I love you, too."