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Love Song

Chapter 1: The Choice

She stood there on the cliff wondering why it came to this, for the first time in her life she had found happiness. Hanare had grown up in darkness, locked up for when she wasn't to be used for years of her life. She still remembered that dark room she used to stay in before they thought she was ready. She was a ninja of the small Lock village in the country of keys, a small notation that relied on spying on others to survive.

She had never seen her village, her home or her parents. She didn't even know what they looked like, what their names were or even if they were still alive. Did they miss her or had they forgotten. She looked at the clouds hearing the battle in the distance. She knew that Konoha would overpower them; they were after all one of the great five nations. The woman in her ninja gear looked up at the clouds, he would be coming soon, and he would come for her.

She hoped that he would, she hoped that it would take him a little longer and yet she yearned to see him again. Looking at the clouds she thought she could see a shape of him up there, and that made her smile. After all this time she still remembered that day, that first day she had a good memory. The day she met a young boy that helped her and told her to look at the clouds whenever she was lonely, she would never forget that day.

It would seem like fate when they met again, her being captured and brought to the village. He had changed so much, had grown so tall but she knew him, after all these years she knew him. A part of her wanted to call out, but her mission came first. So she had been interrogated (which hadn't been as bad as she thought, they could have done much worse things to her and nothing that left scars) then to her surprise she spent the day with him.

She felt the sting in her eyes as she thought of that day. Now she had two days worth of memories, memories of the same man that filled her day with happiness. It was so cruel she couldn't have more, she wanted to know more about him, to make more memories. But her mission came first, yet she couldn't complete it. Despite how things started, Konoha had been nicer to her and given her more than her own village.

She heard him now, he was here as she slowly turned to face the masked man, the one known as Kakashi.

He looked at her standing there, Hanare was standing there. A part of him wished she had escaped but he knew his duty. She had information about the village she couldn't be allowed to live with that information in her head. If she didn't come back, he would have to kill her. She turned to face him and for a moment he had to take her in.

She was a beautiful woman her long hair looked perfect, she had such a cute face the wide brown doe eyes only enhanced it. The little beauty mark under her right eye gave her a luring sight that wanted to make you look at her. Plus now in her ninja uniform that clung to her body, he could see the fine figure she had. It was no wonder she made a great spy. Any man would be helpless in her spell if she wanted and in civilian clothing she could look totally harmless.

He steeled his emotions putting them away given what he had to do there was no place for them here. Like all ninja, he had learned to place them aside and do what you had to.

"How did you know?" She asked him, she had to know how he had figured out their plan.

"That day...you were weaving a sign with your right eye." He would remember that moment and not because his sharingan had been revealed. She had smelt so good and felt so soft. He put the feelings aside again as he explained. "Somehow my sharingan picked up on it and I knew the technique you were using. That jutsu I accidentally picked up allowed me to look into my own mind. That right of yours doesn't see the outside world but the world inside your head and of anyone that goes into your mind."

She looked surprised by that and she was, she had no idea that had happened in that moment, but then again, she had been distracted by it.

"While Inoichi was reading your mind you were reading his and gathering all the information he held about the village. That was the plan from the very start wasn't it?"

"Yes it was," She couldn't help but admire how he figured it all out because of one little accident. He truly was amazing.

"I was originally opposed to sending you back with the prisoner exchange swap but I wanted to get Riichi back." He told her although there was more to it than that. A part of him simply didn't want her to leave but he quieted that voice. That voice in the back of his mind kept coming back, he had to keep sending it back and trying to shut it down. "At the prisoner exchange we would simply recapture you and the information would be safely ours again."

"That wouldn't be needed," She calmly told him, "The information that I gathered from him, I already deleted from my brain."

At first Kakashi didn't know what to think, although he didn't show it he was shocked but didn't believe it. There was no way she would give up on the information just like that for no reason. "You expect me to believe you?"

Slowly she takes a few steps forward, "See for yourself with that eye of yours." She smiles at him as she calmly looked at him. "It's what I wish so you can believe that."


"The Leaf village was just like what I imaged a home to be, the home I never saw except only in the clouds and in my mind. As I walked through the village with you that day, I felt more at home there than anywhere else, even though it was my first time visiting the village, I truly felt at home."

"When Naruto-kun and his friends gave us their blessing I felt like I was accepted by the village," She wasn't even sure her own village accepted her. She was their spy and that was it, a tool to be used by them.

"I truly believe that Konoha has been more of a home to me than my own, that's why I can't betray my 'home'."

"You..." He couldn't believe this but he heard her words and felt the truth in them. She wasn't lying, he knew all kinds of tricks to both lie and to see through them, he saw only the truth in her now.

"Even if I go back now...I know I'll be charged to erasing the information. I'll most likely be executed for this." She felt the sting of tears forming but forced them back. She wanted to try and stay strong in front of him. In front of the man that had given her so much in her lonely life. As a ninja she knew her duty and although it was hard she had to do it. Even if it was the last thing she could do.

"If that's the case...then I would want to die by your hands!" She begged him. "If that's the case then for the first time in my life I'll die knowing that I was able to do something good for my the Lock village. Although I never felt like I belonged with them, they were all I knew for most of my life. I have already betrayed them and so I am no longer of any use to them."

She prepared herself for the end now, it wouldn't be so bad for him to kill her. He had shown her so much and so it was fitting in a way for him to end it.

"I cannot kill a ninja that has lost their pride. A ninja should never allow their emotions to get in the way of their mission. I wanted to fight you as a ninja to the end." He wasn't sure if he was talking to her and to himself at this point, reminding himself of the danger of putting your emotions into the mission.

"So that's your answer..." She was disappointed in that.

Kakashi didn't like this at all, he didn't like the feelings that he had. Once again he was faced with a choice and it was a choice he didn't like. He could kill her and save her the trouble and pain of what their village might to do her if caught. He could let her go, maybe it would give her a chance even if she would always be on the run. Where those the only choices he had?

He paused and he hated the hesitation he was showing, hesitation was what got you and others killed at times, he had seen it happen. Then again, that day that Rin had been kidnapped and Obito had gone after her, gone after the girl he loved. If Kakashi had been there sooner would things have worked out for the best? That was a question he kept asking himself over and over since that day happened.

He felt like once again he was put into that moment, that he was going to have to be forced to make a choice.

Thankfully it would seem that fate had a new hand to play. Just at that moment his genins finally caught up to them as they landed not that far behind them.

"Hey you caught her Kakashi-sensei, now we can bring her back right?" Naruto asked him.

"Naruto it's not that simple," Kakashi told him without taking his eye off Hanare.

"What? What do you mean?" Demanded Naruto, he and the others had seen Kakashi on his date (although it was really just Kakashi showing her around not officially a date but they didn't know that), so he liked her didn't he?

"He's right Naruto-kun," Hanare told him sadly. "I have betrayed the Key village so if I go back I'll be killed. There is no place for me to return to now."

"Then come back with us!" Naruto shouted at her.

"I'm not a ninja of the Leaf," She told him with a sad smile. "I'll be a prisoner for the rest of my life and most ninja would not allow that. I still have enough pride to not be taken as a prisoner forever."

"There is only death for her now Naruto," Kakashi told him and he tried to ignored the slight pain in his chest.

"But you can't allow that, you like her don't you Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto yelled at his teacher and team leader. If he really did like her then why wouldn't he fight for her?

"Enough!" Kakashi yelled at him, it was one of the few times he ever had to raise his voice to them. "Naruto, this is the kind of world we live in. She can't go back and she won't be allowed to be a prisoner."

Kakashi didn't want to drag this out, it only got harder. He couldn't just let her go now, not in front of witnesses and it was only a matter of time now before others showed up. Even if he could make them promise not to say anything if he let her live, if it was ever found out he left her go, they would suffer for it. If it was just himself he could take it but he wouldn't drag others down with him.

Naruto got an angry expression on his face as he thought about it, weren't they happy together? They had looked happy earlier together and they looked good together. It just wasn't fair, he knew what it was like to really like someone but not have them. He cast a look to Sakura and he wondered if she belonged to another village what would his choice be? There had to be a way for Kakashi and Hanare to be together wasn't there?

He just said the first thing that came to his mind, he didn't really think about it he just let the words come out. "Then what if she joins our village?"

Kakashi and Hanare both quickly looked at Naruto.

"If she can't go back then let us give her a place to belong! She can have a home with us and can always return to us!" Naruto shouted at them.

"Yeah we would like to have her as a Leaf ninja," Sakura said as she too wanted to see them together.

Sasuke said nothing but he didn't voice any disagreement with what they said.

Kakashi wasn't sure if that would work, there would be danger for that and she could still die. The only difference was that she could die without honor, one of the worst fates for a ninja. He looked at her silently asking what she wanted.

Hanare stared at the scene she felt a warmth in her heart that she hadn't felt before. These young kids were asking her to join with them she was accepted by them even though she had been sent to spy on their village. She was touched by their proposal and like Kakashi, she knew the risks. But even if there was a chance...she wanted to live in the Leaf. She had fallen in love with that village and the thought of a home to return to at any time was just too tempting for her.

He looked at Kakashi and nodded. "I surrender myself to the Leaf."

Kakashi nodded as he started to take her gear. This would be a very difficult road but if it worked out, well he would deal with that as it came.

-Hokage's Office-

This was definitely something that the Third Hokage was not expecting from the mission. They had gotten their captured jonin back but not only did they get the woman spy back, she had come back on her own it would seem. He listened to the report of Kakashi as he stood next to her, his genins also there behind him.

He listened to the explanation of how Hanare wanted to join the village. It was a tough choice as she had been sent here to spy on them. Knowing her unique skills with her eye he wasn't sure if having the intelligence division going back into her mind might be a smart move or not. He doubted that Kakashi would be fooled by such a thing but looking at the young man he had a feeling he might be more motivated than usual to have her back.

He smiled on the inside, oh to be young again.

"You've put me into a tight spot young woman," he addressed her. Although she had no bindings on, she had not hesitated to give up all her weapons before entering the village a sign of her unconditional surrender. "Although the Lock village isn't powerful enough to cause trouble if they want you back it would make them an enemy."

"Weren't they kind of already if they captured one of our ninja?" Naruto whispered to his friends.

"That's just the way things are," Sasuke told him. "We do missions in other nations all the time, of course if we get captured things won't go well but that's how the way things work. Actually taking in a rogue ninja however, is a different matter. They would want her back but because we're a more powerful village they can force the issue. The most is that they'll just work against us in the future instead of avoiding us."

Sasuke seriously wondered why Naruto didn't get the basics of politics but then again he saw him as an idiot and nothing could change that.

"So what am I going to do with you?" The Hokage asked her.

Hanare had thought about this, there was only one course of action. It was a risk but one she was willing to take. She cast a look to Kakashi as she held out her hand to him. He blinked as he suddenly understood what she was asking for. He pulled out a kunai and handed it to her. Mostly everyone in the room tensed a bit, having a known spy and once prisoner a weapon in the presence of the Hokage was a risky thing.

Although given that both Ibiki and Inoichi were there with them as well as Kakashi there was some still some tension. Everyone watched for any kind of slight movement that could be taken for an attack as she slowly removed her forehead protector, she placed the tip of the kunai on it and everyone watched as she scratched the key symbol on it. Everyone but the genins knew the full meaning of what she was doing now.

She bent down to one knee and presented the protected in her left hand and the kunai in the right, the hilt towards the Hokage. This was an old ritual that had gone back before the village system was even created. It held a lot of meaning to those in the room. The first being that by scratching out her symbol it represented that she was cutting all ties with her village. Any ninja would never do this for a trick, by doing this it was a sign of just how committed you were to leave. If this was a trick then her protector would be sent back to her village and the shame that would fall on her would be something that she would have to carry forever with no way to atone.

You couldn't just do this and expect not to be punished, if she left and went back without it they would question what happened she would have to lie because if she told the truth, they would be horrified by her actions. If they found out the truth of what she had done the shame would be too great to bear for most ninja. The few that had tried to trick another village with this and had been found out had been exiled or even ostracised for such a thing.

It was a very serious thing to do and the Hokage knew it. She was presenting it to him so that if she betrayed Konoha it would be sent back to her village. Not only that, it was a sign of exchange of loyalty, that she was giving him everything she held dear in life.

The kunai was the other offering. If a leader didn't think that the ninja was trust worthy enough or good enough then he would take the kunai and kill the ninja. The ninja wouldn't fight this as they would have nothing left. By severing all ties they would have no home to go back to, no future and death would be a mercy for them.

If he took the headband and she kept the kunai it would mean that he accepted her and the kunai in her hand was a symbol that she was now his weapon to be used as he saw fit.

He thought about it as he got up and stood before her, her head bowed to him. She wasn't shaking or showing any signs of worry, he could see that whatever happened she would accept it. It was an admirable trait that, perhaps there was some will of fire in the young woman after all. He stood there testing to see if she would show any sign of hesitation or worry. Like in the torture before from Ibiki she endured with quiet dignity. There was like everyone was holding their breath to see what would happen next.

Kakashi felt his fist tighten and quickly loosened it, no matter what happened now it was in the hands of the Hokage.

Finally he reached out...and took the forehead protector.

"Rise up, from now on you are Hanare of the Leaf." The Hokage stated as he recited the old words. "You have offered yourself to the Lead and we accept. Know this, if you betray this trust you will be hunted down for the rest of your life. If you stray we will end you. You are also now a part of this village and from now on your life is for this village. Do you swear to protect this village and its people with your life if necessary?"

"I do," She said with a smile at him as she slowly rose up.

The old Hokage smiled a bit himself as he nodded. "Well then now that, that is out of the way I guess I should start on the paper work." He sighed it would add to his pile of work already but a new member of the village was a happy occasion and she could be a valued spy herself later on.

"Alright!" Naruto jumped for joy breaking the silence. "This is great right Kakashi-sensei?"

Although he didn't show it he was happy, "Well now I guess we'll need to get you some Konoha gear."

Hanare smiled as she looked at Kakashi and his students. She had never felt so happy in her life in this moment, she finally felt like she had come home for the first time in her life.

"So...where is she going to live?" Naruto asked innocently.

"Oh yeah that's a good point actually," Sakura said out loud. "I mean she had nothing but the clothing on her back right?"

Hanare paused it was true, she had little money of her own and it would take time to get her started on actual missions. She had no real change of clothing and no place to live. She never thought this far ahead, well there could be options to her. She would have to rent a hotel for a bit, she had enough for a week more if she stretched things out a bit.

"She'll come with me," Kakashi said as everyone turned to him they were all shocked he was being so brazen. Kakashi looked around at everyone with his laid back attitude. "What? She's here basically because of me so I'm responsible for her. So she'll stay with me, at the very least until she gets on her feet."

"Uh..." Hanare blushed at the thought of living with him. She had always lived alone and this was Kakashi but he was being generous and she didn't want to spoil it and it would allow her to stretch things out a bit. "T-thank you."

"Wow Kakashi is already asking his girlfriend to move in with him," Naruto whispered to his teammates. "I mean isn't that kind of fast?"

"Yeah but it's really romantic anyway," Sakura grinned at the sight of Kakashi and Hanare. The romantic in her just loved the fact that their sensei had a woman in his life. She couldn't wait to talk about this.

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