Dante was in his Devil May Cry shop with Lady, Trish, and Nero.


Dante was trying to find out why Ninja Theory changed his hair color when he was a teen

"I don't get it," Dante said "My hair is white, why dose that teen Dante have black hair?"

"Maybe when you were younger you just went trough an emo phaze," Nero said "I mean the back story must be about how your mother died, so...I don't know"

"How's going emo have anything to do with my mom dying?" Dante asked "I should be full of rage and want to destroy those demons,"

"You were trying to find yourself," Lady said "You weren't even aware of your full demon powers yet either,"

"I understand that," Dante said "But still why dose he have black hair?"

"It's Imfamou all over again for gamers," Trish sighed

Just then their was a knock at the door

"Who could that be?" Dante said answereing it

When he opened the door it was none other than...TEEN DANTE

"You!" Dante said

"Yeah, I want to show you something," Teen Dante said

Teen Dsnte got a bucket of water and pored it on his head. Just then the dye in his hair came off and he hd super cool white hair, just like the original Dante we all know and love.

"Hair dye?" Dante said "Why did wear hair dye?"

"Blame pop culture," Teen Dante said "Apprently to many people are into dark emo freaks in America. Personally I blame Twilight,"

The End