A/N: Well this is another one shot, this time of Kanon.

I haven't watched it in a while so if I'm off about some parts I apologize now.

It's basically centered around Shiori right before she meets Yuichi at the school so it's pretty short.

Shiori's POV

The snow.

Every flake falls with such lightness and grace.
My eyes pick out the largest and trace the path to the ground, to the sea of pallor that never ends.

A breath is too heavily exhaled; the cloud of my pant is distracting.

I tug at the coat to bring some warmth near my shoulders.

It's exceptionally cold today.

But beautiful.


My eyes fall to the school.

My school.

How long until I can go back?

Will I be able to go back?

The doctors say not.

But they're always telling me things.

And all of them I refuse to accept.

The classroom.

It's high.

Only the window I can see.

But I know it's hers.

I've known for a while.

Just like I know she knows.

Knows I'm here.

But doesn't come.

It doesn't matter. If she wishes to remain like that…I'm ok. If the only way we can relate is by the sharing secret that I exist, I'm ok. Whatever makes it easier for her.

I've long since given up on that promise.

A small grumble from the stomach and my face blushes.

There's no one to hear, but the actual noise is just embarrassing.

I could perhaps find some ice cream somewhere.

Something to eat.

But that would mean leaving.

And I like it too much here to leave.

Gaze drifting around in the peace, they settle on the building again.

A bell.

It rings in an orderly fashion, perfect timing, as usual.

How odd.

I'm more familiar with the sound of the bell from the outside than in.

It's unfit for a student.

Am I a student?

One day of high school.
That was all I had.

Was there a limitation of when a studen stops being a student and becomes an outsider?

Every day...I can only hear the noises from a distance.

From the remoteness of nature.

I turn away, walking slow to stall my departure.


The crunching of snow is audible in a hasten fashion.

A boy.

He stands where I previously stood, circling around.


I've seen him.

I know him.

From before.


I step towards, gathering the strength of my thimble voice.