New Chessshipping one-shot! I majorly love this pairing, and since on the Battle Subway is the only time they meet in the games, I wrote a fic for them. ^^

-xxGlassRose :)


Touya stood in a sea of people, all coming from different places, all having somewhere to go. He backed up against a nearby wall only to discover that it was even harder for him to get to the stairs that led to the Battle Subway than it had been before. He took a step forward, then a step back. This was getting him nowhere fast, and unless he got to the platform before the crowd swallowed him, he'd miss the train.

He decided the smartest thing to do would be to make a break for it. So he overcame his shyness and took a few steps forward. His steps quickened as he walked farther, and soon Touya was only a few feet away from the stairs that descended into darkness. He could barely see a thing beyond the entrance. So he just stared forward and focused on getting on the train.

All of a sudden, he caught a glimpse of perfect sapphire orbs and chocolate-brown hair. And he was immediately stunned. He turned to follow the figure, but she was headed in the opposite direction-to the sign-up desk. It was because she wanted to do double battles, he presumed.

If there was one thing he was going to do, it was meet her, get her name, talk to her. He had no reason to do it, but that was no reason for him not to. It was more of an overwhelming urge than anything.

The girl slowly made her way over to the train, knocking into people here and there. She stumbled in Touya's direction and soon found him staring at her. He realized this at the same time and shook himself out of it. All she did was giggle and give him a smile.

Man, she was pretty.

The girl advanced to the stairs, slowly followed by Touya. He stepped lightly on the grey concrete stairs, hand running along the guardrail, mirroring her steps, knowing if he lost his pace he would lose sight of this girl.

The area around the stairway that had once been surrounded by darkness was now bathed in light from the train pulling in. Touya had never realized how long it was until he saw how much time it took the train to pull entirely into the station and come to a full stop. He was so mesmerized by the train that he took his eyes off of the girl, and when he turned around, she was gone.

Touya tried to look up over the crowd, searching for any sign of that thick brown hair. But to his chagrin, he saw no one. It made him mad that he had lost her so quickly. Would he ever get his chance to talk to her?

He figured if he had nothing else left to do, the best thing would be to get on the Battle Subway and make the most of every match. But his heart still felt saddened with her memory. Those eyes would not soon leave his mind.

His steps became faster with each one, hastening to just forget it all happened. Until suddenly-he saw those sapphire orbs and that chocolate-brown hair.

He walked even faster now, racing to catch that girl.

"Hey!" he called out when he was close enough. She whipped around, knowing who Touya was addressing. When he caught up to her, he stopped. Touya had never been a good talker, especially with girls. He was fairly quiet in the first place. "Um… Do you…" He searched frantically for something to say that didn't seem out of the ordinary. "Do you have a battle partner yet?" he asked nervously.

"Uh, no," she said slowly. She didn't seem to be the type who talked much either.

"Do you want to partner up with me?" he questioned, this time with more courage than before.

"Okay!" A soft smile crossed her face as she agreed. Seeing that alone was enough to make Touya go weak at the knees.

As the two were just about to step on the train, Touya turned to the girl.

"Oh, yeah, I never got your name."

"Right," she said, slightly embarrassed. "Touko. I'm Touko."

Touya stood in a sea of people. But she was the only one he saw.