When you dig deep enough into the bag of clichés, you can find a type of treasure called originality. Uniqueness, if you will. So, we just drop our hands in and pull the first we can touch.

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-Spin the Bottle-

Annabeth tapped her fingernails on the baby blue table cloth, pressing her back against the foldable chair. She sat forward for a moment to pull up the cosmic latte strapless dress she had been forced into. She scratched behind her curly, messed up bun with her clawed, bejeweled nails. She threw herself back and watched the bride and groom laughing and just enjoying themselves.

She picked up her fork discretely and scratched it across her napkin, finding herself having trouble just sitting still. She glanced over at her best friend dryly and he returned the look.

Percy tugged at the bottom of his tie awkwardly, staring at the blotchy design with some form of loathing. He squirmed in his seat subconsciously and his foot met the leg of the table, sending a metallic thud echoing through the yard. He pursed his lips and slumped further into his chair, wavering under the pressure of a few irked glances.

Annabeth covered a smirk and twiddled her thumbs. She tried to sit perfectly still, just as a good girl should do, but the way the day seemed to drag on made such a task prove difficult. She picked up her crystal wine glass and sipped the sparkling, bittersweet drink, glancing around as she did so. In a moment, her glass was empty and she laid it on its side, Percy watching her, amused.

She leaned back and returned her attention to the spotlight couple, as a school girl would when keeping something under wraps, trying for discretion. "Spin it."

Percy casted a sideways glance, wondering if he had heard her correctly. Her face held its similar emotion of guilty pleasure and so he did as told, spinning the glass. It spun around quickly at first, travelling around on the table cloth until the open end landed on the bride's mother.

"Imagine kissing that," she teased, holding back laughter. The woman had a natural turkey neck and electric blue eye shadow, wrinkles caked with makeup. Her hair was a bush of ash white and she was garbed in motley, a multitude of colors holding to her body. Percy furrowed his brow, confused at what she was talking about.

Annabeth leaned forward and gave her own twist to the wine glass, anxiously leaning back. Percy studied the glass until it slowed, inching around in the spot, until it landed on the groom's brother-in-law. He had short-trimmed blonde hair and deep brown eyes that made Percy's lip curl.

Annabeth smiled to herself and felt a small blush creep into her cheeks, to which Percy responded with a glare in the man's direction. It was upon an unfortunate mishap that Annabeth had noticed and he knew he would never hear the end of it.

Percy twirled the glass across the table cloth and cast an obnoxious and almost comfortable smirk, which she took with a meager smile.

They continued with their immature game, the glass pointing them towards different relatives and friends of all sizes, colors, and genders. Giggles were exchanged, pointed and knowing looks passed. Annabeth had even dared to nudge his rib cage and pop her brow at a young girl who even she had to admit was beautiful. Percy, however, hadn't taken high notice of her, only giving a small smile.

The newlyweds began their spotlight dance, so absorbed in each other; it was hard to imagine them as teenagers back at Camp Half-Blood, ready to kill in order to survive. It was a harsh nature that thrived in both of them, sometimes towards each other, that the two best friends had found it amusing.

Annabeth gave the wine glass one last spin and leaned back, laughing out loud, not really caring for who saw her. Lively music had ruptured the quaint silence that had hung in the air and a majority of the crowd was swaying, trying to remain composed while maintaining the fun atmosphere. A difficult task, though Annabeth had taken it with joy.

She smiled up at the sky for a moment and Percy couldn't help but stop himself mid-stare just to admire her. She was near glowing, laughing lightly, and Percy had a feeling that she shouldn't have downed the wine with such abandon, but he honestly hadn't minded at all. She was spontaneous and cheerful and it was so out of bounds for her.

Then the wine glass just happened to land, open ended on him.

-Truth or Dare-

He stood on top of the hill, looking down towards the camp fire that was smoldering, ashes and sparks leaping to the ground in a blend of majesty and chaos. Smoke sizzled and drifted up into the night air, strong and off-key voices echoing aloud with the guitarist. A cheerful mood had been underlined with layers upon layers of contentment and peace as the Titan War had just drawn to an end. Or so he had been told. It hadn't taken her long to describe such a sighting, but every word seemed to draw him in deeper.

The hero and his prize—that witty blonde—were off in New York, doing only what the gods knew. He had a feeling that it was nothing too special; they were more into making each other laugh than blush. With the two demigods gone, though, camp had strangely gone silent, void of monster attacks and psychotic kids whom planned on poisoning trees in their free time, because—hey, what better use was there for toxins?

He clumsily dropped to the ground and leaned forward on his knees, watching the campers all singing along. His eyes drifted across a girl with long dirty-blonde hair and a perfectly white smile and he soon found himself pushing his dark curly hair out of his eyes as his face fell under the power of a blush. He glanced around him, paranoid that some wandering soul had noticed it.

His eyes, though expecting nothing, came to a boy near his age and height, with the same curly brown hair and quirked eyebrows, a smirk gracing his elfish face. "Cute."

"Shut up," he mumbled, turning back to the crowd. The boy cockily joined him on the ground, assuming the position his brother had taken up.

An eerie silence that they had never known came between them, but neither made an eager attempt to change it in a chance of ruining the peace between them. Of course, Connor decided that risks were meant to be taken. "You know what they're doing?"

Travis turned to his twin, brows disappearing behind the dark locks. "What?"

Connor nodded down towards the crowd that had suddenly grown quite as the big horse-man spoke to them, his hunters bow slung over his shoulder. Smiles were exchanged and a roar of applause broke out from a crowd of girls, the fire bursting to life for that moment. He recognized the cabin; Drew and her posse of misfits crying out with excitement. Connor grinned at them. "Truth or dare."

Travis' eyes drifted to Katie Gardner, the dirty-blonde beauty with the green thumb and the white smile, and she was slumping down just the slightest in her seat, her face irked and set to put up an aggressive argument. He snorted and shook his head.

"I already have some ideas for the game," he nodded, turning his attention to his brother fully. Travis looked over at him again, waiting for more because he honestly had nothing to say about it. He himself could come up with so much that he thought himself ridiculous at some schemes.


"I don't know," he shrugged, laying back in the grass and staring at the stars. "But… something better than they can come up with."

"You don't even know what they came up with," Travis tried reasoning, still watching the girl he loved to annoy and adored. She became frustrated easily when things weren't her way or better—which was considered impossible when compared to her standards—and it was so endearing that he just couldn't help himself. His brother, however, just enjoys making her mad.

"Truth or dare," Connor asked, glancing down at his brother, whom seemed absorbed in whatever was immensely interesting at the campfire. Travis turned to look him full on questioningly. "Yeah, you heard me. Truth or dare?"

Travis studied him wearily, lying on his back in the tall and very, very itchy grass with every intention of hiding a smirk that only mirrored his own. He looked down at the grass thoughtfully. He knew full well that his brother could never come up with a good or even mildly interesting and entertaining question to ask him. So he naturally chose to be dared.

"I dare you to lick Thalia's tree," Connor grinned wickedly, pleased with the instant, yet pitiful, attempt of an embarrassing dare. There was so much worse he could do.

Travis raised an eyebrow and turned around to the group of fellow campers of various ages, a majority younger than the two brothers. It was odd, thinking of himself as a leader, someone that the younger kids looked up to. He and his brother had definitely earned their title of legendary in the Hermes cabin, along with their brother Luke, and they both held the name well. They had even taught some younger campers, who were gracious for the skills and wisdom of their eldest siblings.

Connor sat up and scooted to his brother's side, involuntarily staining his jeans a sickly shade of green. He looked out into a crowd of Athenian girls and smirked, elbowing his brother. Their cousin on the mortal side was staring intently up at them, shaking her head like she had expected better. Connor didn't understand why she was pleasantly disappointed—for a smile had become hers—because they were doing nothing out of the ordinary, but he stuck his tongue out at her, just to tick her off.

He knew it was hard to do as she instantly returned the gesture, and then finished with a wide smile.

Her eyes shot over to a camper in the Ares cabin and her eyes bugged a smidge as he asked her which she preferred. "Probably truth," Connor snorted.

The fire dimmed a little as she gave her answer. Definitely a truthful young girl had landed amongst the rambunctious kids of the gods.

"Told you," he said, smiling proudly. Travis shoved him and leaned forward, anxious to try and here the question.

"Do you have a crush on anyone?" Connor grumbled, lowering his voice. Travis cracked a grin and he could see their cousin giving an answer, and a hot blush burned in her cheeks. Maybe Connor was right. "Their questions are always lame."

"You come up with one better," Travis challenged. He looked at his brother pointedly, his mouth open to a grin and his curls balancing out his wild features.

"Easy," Connor retorted. He returned to the pressed down grass, leveling it even more, and placed his hands behind his head. "Have you ever seen the Batmobile? Have you ever burned an ant with a magnifying glass?" He rolled off the questions casually enough and then sat up on his elbows and stared his smiling brother in the eyes, keeping the tone level. "Is it true you snuck into Katie's cabin last night?"

The smile was gone.