Look at me starting a fic after a fic! I haven't forgotten my other stories, so don't worry! But I wanted to write this like, right now. It will be not a oneshot, but a twoshot!


"Forget it America, I'm not doing it!"

"B-but Artie!" a binder flew past his head, just barely missing.

"Don't. Ever. Use. That. Name. Again!"

"I'm sorry Artie!" another binder, this time China's. It would have hit if the git hadn't dodged it on time.

"Bloody hell Alfred! I said I won't do it, and using that forbidden name won't help you a bit!"

"Arti- Arthur please!"

"I am NOT going to help you clean up your house! I've got better things to do! Just because this meeting is being hosted in America doesn't mean I have to play your maid!" Arthur objected and tried to catch his breath. They were both panting as a result of yelling their conversation instead of sitting down to talk about it like responsible adults.

China had to get up to retrieve his binder from where it had been tossed to continue reading it.

"Ah mon chéri, if you want, I could snatch you to myself for the rest of the evening. That way you have the proof that you had something better to do than cleaning", France purred from his seat next to England and felt up his behind, causing Arthur to jump from his seat with a surprised yelp.

"Don't ever do that again you bloody frog!" Arthur exclaimed and tried to force away the small blush on his cheeks. Of course Alfred did notice it and lifted an eyebrow.

"But Arthur, it's not like we haven't done it before. Wont you come with me and… how should I put it… reminisce old times with me?" Francis pleaded and quickly licked his lips. The blush on Arthur's face only got worse as all the eyes in the room turned to him.

"England has gotten it on with France?" Ivan asked with a childish smile while China looked like he was going to be ill. But Alfred just watched him with a weird expression.

"Oh yes, trés souvent as well. You should have seen the way he used to strip himself from those flashy pirate clothes of his. This man is actually not as innocent as you'd believe. I'm not afraid to say that no other person has ever ridden me with such a skill-", well, would you look at that? Even a nation can be silenced with a well aimed karate chop to the neck. He would have to thank China later. Now only one person was left staring at him while China ran to the nearest bathroom and Ivan poked the unconscious France with a pen. Arthur didn't want to move his head from where he had buried it to his hands.


"… Arthur?"

"… What?"

"Still busy tonight?"


Alfred grinned happily and without a thought placed a quick peck on his head. Damn, this was just like those times before Alfred became independent. He would flash a puppy face, knowing that Arthur would always give up in the end and then kiss him when he got what he wanted. Of course, never on the lips, but on his nose, cheek or forehead.

"W-we better get going", Arthur muttered and turned to the doors leading out of the room.


When they reached Alfred's house Arthur immediately saw why his American friend wanted help. He wasn't even inside the house yet, but just seeing the amount of stuff slowly piling to cover the windows was not a good sign.


"Hm?" the guy hummed as he dug his pockets for keys.

"I'm not going in there. Who knows what diseases that building holds inside", Arthur stated and turned on his heels to walk away, but suddenly felt himself being hoisted over an American shoulder. He sputtered and tried to struggle, angered by the laughter that was coming from Alfred's lips.

They entered the death trap Alfred called home and as he kept kicking he could feel the American pulling off his shoes after getting rid of his own.

"America, let me down right no-OOMPH", he yelped when he made contact face first with something soft the soon realized was a couch. He didn't have any time to react as he got stripped from his coat from behind.

"Alfred!" he growled and the other backed away a few steps."Chill out Artie, I was just gonna take off your coat so you won't feel hot when we start doin' it", Alfred said with a wide grin adoring his handsome face and placed the brown coat over the armrest of a nearby armchair.

"D-do what?" Arthur asked and held back a blush. Surely the boy couldn't mean…

"The cleaning of course! That's why we're here, right?" Arthur mentally face palmed. Of course, cleaning. He was stupid to think anything else.

"R-right", he nodded and unbuttoned his green military jacket, taking it off and threw it on the same armchair that his coat was on. If he had been paying attention he could have seen a slight blush on the younger male's cheeks, but he was too busy rolling up his sleeves. This place really was a mess.

"R-right", he heard Arthur mutter and shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was beating himself over his choice of words. He didn't mean to voice out his inner thoughts like that! Thank god he managed to fix the situation before Arthur realized why he really got dragger here. The house was a mess, yes, but more than that he had just wanted to spend some quality time with his former caretaker. If everything went well, maybe Artie would even spend the night here! In his bed, preferably naked, with hamburger wrappings around him. Some cheese and sauce would drip from those pink lips. Okay, these thoughts were not helping his current plan.

"Y-you know Arthur, it's pretty late already, so maybe you could take the guestroom for the night and we'll start tomorrow? We could spend this evening to just relax", he suggested and Arthur lifted an eyebrow.

"It's five in the afternoon Alfred", the bold stated. Damn, well, maybe he could still save this.

"Y-yeah, but we should totally have dinner first. And t-then we must rest for a bit after eating. Making dinner also takes time, so it'll be like, eight in the evening before you know it!" Good save man, good save. He could see Arthur was thinking of something, and soon enough the man shrugged.

"Okay, I'll sleep here tonight. But let me warn you, I will wake you up early tomorrow, so no watching late night shows again", Arthur warned and Alfred felt like jumping up and down. Artie was staying the night! But in a wrong bed. Damn, that would have to be fixed somehow.

The dinner went pretty smoothly. Well, at least the eating part. There was a bit fighting while cooking, since neither trusted the other in making it. Now they were sitting on the couch, watching TV. Arthur was sipping on tea and he had a mug of coffee sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. They had both changed into something more comfortable to wear. He had lent Arthur some of his clothes since Arthur's were at his hotel room. The clothes were a bit baggy, but truth to be told, Alfred found this extremely cute. He was happy to think that only he got to see Arthur like this. In your face world! The only person who could have seen Artie like this would be… France. Oh, that's right, Arthur wasn't a holy virgin anymore. Now that he thought of it, surely France wasn't the only person who had slept with Arthur. He felt his mood turning gloomy at once.

"France, eh?" he didn't ever realize he had said it out loud before he heard a 'clonk' and Arthur cursing loudly. He quickly turned to check on the other and saw him hissing and patting on a large wet spot on his thighs. The teacup was lying on it's side on the floor, so it wasn't really that hard to figure out what had happened.

"Eh, Arthur, are you okay? C'mon you need to take those pants off!" he exclaimed and without thinking gripped the waistband of the other's pants, trying to pull them down.

"Eh, ah, A-Alfred!" Arthur cried out and also gripped his pants, trying to keep them on. "S-stop Alfred! L-l-let go!" somehow they had managed to wrestle themselves to a very awkward position with Alfred looming over Arthur and still keeping his hold on the pants with Arthur laying on his back with one leg hanging over the edge of the couch. They had no idea who started it, but it was the last thing on their minds as their lips were crushed in a messy kiss. Arthur had his fingers in Alfred's hair, while his were cupping the older one's face.

"Allll~", Arthur moaned between kisses and heard Alfred let out a content sigh. The younger clumsily licked the lips pressed against his and was surprised when they opened in a flash, like asking for tongue to be inside. Who was he be to deny that request? He eagerly pushed his tongue inside the other's mouth, sweeping the muscle around. The kiss was a lazy one with neither one of them trying to dominate it. Both were just enjoying the closeness and texture of the other's tongue.

"Alfred! S-stop!" Arthur suddenly whimpered and to Alfred's annoyance broke the kiss he had been enjoying. What was this? It's not like Arthur hated it, right? Oh god, the Englishman didn't want this. He had blown his chance to make sweet, sweet love to the guy. Somebody must have been laughing at him right now. At least France would when he'd hear about this. Stupid country of 'love'…. More like the country of shameless groping perverts. Oh yeah, he knew what went on under that table in their conference room. And he didn't like it one bit.

"Ouch!" Arthur yelped and his hands shot from their place in Alfred's hair to his own bottom, where the after mentioned man's hands happened to be too. When had they moved there, the American wondered until he felt fingers trying to remove them. That was when he noticed how hard he was gripping the other's firm buttocks. Okay, now it was proven that it was not good to think about disgusting things, -coughFranciscough-, while trying to do the dirty.

"Ahaha! Sorry about that Iggy! But France-"

"You were thinking of that bastard while trying to give me permanent bruises?" England asked in dismay.

"Not like that! I swear Iggy!"

"Stop abusing my name like that already, don't you have any respec-ah!" Arthur was cut off when Alfred slowly massaged his behind. The younger smirked seductively and kneaded the flesh through the fabric with his fingers.

"Oh please Iggy, admit it, you love it when I say your name like this. How could you resist this face~?"

"… Have you got any idea how much you sounded like Francis just now? And back to the topic, how about we play hide and seek because I really don't want to see your face right now", Arthur complained and struggled to get Alfred off of him.

"… Way to kill the mood Iggy", Alfred pouted and made the other roll his eyes.

"That is exactly what I was going for. Now get off me!" The younger frowned at this. Where did he go wrong? Just seconds ago Iggy was no doubt enjoying himself!

"I swear I'll hit you next time I hear that name leave that larger than life mouth of yours", oops, had he said it out loud? Without Arthur's blushed face he would have doubted.

"But yes, it was quite enjoyable for a mistake…" a mistake? Alfred stared at Arthur for the longest time with a weird feeling swirling at the bottom of his stomach. Did Arthur really think of it as a mistake? Arthur wasn't even looking at him. In fact, he was clearly avoiding his gaze. Alfred sighed and lifted himself off of the other. He couldn't - wouldn't force himself on Arthur.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't know what made us do that. I mean, it's not like we're in love or anything", was that his voice?

"Yes, I know…"

Alfred swallowed. This was not going anything like he had planned. It was, he'd be happily pounding Arthur into the couch at the moment, but instead he felt like running to his room and crying his eyes out. What a nice evening. He peeked at the older who had lifted himself to his feet and bent over to pick up the fallen tea cup. One glance to that cute butt helped him to lift his spirits. There was no chance in hell he was giving up yet. That ass was beggin' for an owner, and he'd be damned if it was anyone but him. He was going to woo Arthur Kirkland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland once and for all.

"I really want to take a shower now, if you don't mind? I want to get rid of these wet pants", now that the Brit mentioned it, Alfred's pants felt a bit damp too, which was weird, because no matter how good he was at kissing, he was pretty sure that it hadn't been enough to make both of them come. He looked down and saw a brown spot on where he'd been grinding their groins together. Under the tea stain his arousal was still clearly visible. Well, things could get awkward. But wait! Maybe he could use this opportunity for his advances. Usually shower sex would come after the main course, but this could work too!

Okay, it didn't help. His attempts to sneak behind Arthur to the bathroom left him with a red handprint on his face and tears in his eyes. Apparently, when Arthur said no to his begging for a shared shower, he meant it. Oh well, maybe he could ambush a dripping wet Arthur when he came out of the shower. He could like, sneak in, steal the towels, flee, then act innocent when the old man came to yell at hime while butt naked. Hey, that actually sounded pretty good!

The plan to see Arthur naked was put on motion as Alfred tiptoed to the bathroom and pressed his ear to the door. He could hear the water running, which was good. It signaled that Arthur was indeed taking a shower and while at it, completely unaware of his surroundings. He even left the door unlocked! That was practically an invitation. Hello everyone, a very naked and smoking' hot nation being offered to anyone who happens to walk into the room! Oh crap, he hoped France's sex radar wasn't on duty. If it was, Arthur would be in great danger! As a hero, he couldn't accept that!

"A-ah…!" what was that? A moan-OH SHI- SNAP. It wasn't too late already, right?

"DON'T WORRY ARTHUR. I'LL SAVE… you", he froze. Arthur froze. His hand froze too. Around his leaking member. To which Alfred's blue eyes were glued on. He was right, things did get awkward.

To be continued.

A cliffhanger! Sorry about the first chapter being so short, but we're just getting started! I promise the next one will be longer!