Hello my dear readers! The end is here, but unfortunately, it's just a very, very short chapter. I kinda lost all the ideas for this chapter, so I decided to only publish the part that had been decided from the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed this story and I want to thank you all who had the patience to wait for my slow updates.

On to the last chapter!

"You really wanted to see me wearing an earring that bad?" Artie asked me. I turned my face to him. We were lying in the backyard of my house. We had spread a huge quilt on the grass and a basket full of different pastries next to it. We laid side by side on the soft quilt and he stared at the earring in his hand. It was already dark outside, but you still couldn't see the stars as well as in the countryside, the city lights being so bright and all even though we weren't in the heart of the city. The bold ring twinkled in the light that came from the windows of my house. I smiled softly, knowing he wasn't paying attention to my facial expressions. Damn, if this wasn't romantic then I don't know what was. I wanted to say something, but instead I ended up doing something I wasn't sure that Artie would appreciate.

I leaned up on my elbow and loomed over him before leaning down. He didn't move an inch, just stared up at me with those green eyes that looked almost black in the dark. Our lips were almost touching when I heard the backdoor of my house open and Mattie apologize for taking so long with the tea. I was surprised enough to lose my balance and ended up smashing my lips against Artie's nose and cheek. He quickly wiped off the saliva on his face and told me how disgusting it was, but I could see him holding back a wide smile. I couldn't help but start laughing in near hysterics. I was one big epic failure but most of the blame could once again be placed on my brother. But this time I didn't even bother to be mad when Mattie sat down on the other side of Artie and placed the thermos bottle between them and two cups and a can of soda next to it.

I saw Arthur slip the earring to his pocket and shook my head. He would wear it. I'd make sure of that. But right now I was craving for some sweets and reached for the basket. We ended up sitting in a ring and talked about everything pointless until both of my most important people were just about ready to fall asleep on my both sides. For a moment it was silent, but as you people already know, silence was an unknown expression for me.

"… I LOVE YOU GUYS", I shouted and they both jumped five feet in the air. I didn't give them time to figure out what was going on before I pulled them to my sides and squeezed the living daylights out of them.

Oh yeah, this was the life.