Rogue was in an exceptionally good mood for apparently no reason whatsoever. Like really, no reason. She got up early like the rest of them for the D.R session. Although, she did get quite a few spectacular hits on Remy. Even though he was on her team. But everyone conceded he deserved it. So much.

She'd eaten cereal like almost everyone else as Storm was visiting her sister, and no one bothered to cook. It's not like she sneaked a chocolate in there or something. It was finished off with her regular cup of coffee.

Afterwards, she walked out of the kitchen, humming what sounded like a happy, non-death metal song.

It wasn't that Rogue wasn't allowed to be happy. It just was so abnormal for the girl to be anything other than angry and scowling and snappish.

It was scary.

Tabby voiced that she was on something and wanted some. Amara just swore up and down she was bipolar. Kitty suggested that they follow her to see what was up with her. No. They really didn't have anything else to do.

Ignoring Scott's advice to leave her alone, the three girls trailed Rogue to the garage. They exchanged confused glances. What was so great about the garage? Kitty took both girls' hand in either of hers and phased them through the wall until their heads were in view but remained hidden.

Amara almost gasped but Tabby reached around Kitty to put a hand over her mouth.

There was a radio somewhere that they couldn't see playing a smooth saxophone. Rogue was sitting on a wooden stool with her elbows leaning back on the work table behind her. Just in front, Remy was standing. Very close. Naked.

Well, no. Not naked naked. Just almost chest-naked. He still had on a white muscle t-shirt and his jeans, Tabby noted regrettably.

His front was pressed as close to Rogue's knees as it could be. He was leaning forward, almost touching her with his arms –is that a tattoo on his bicep?- on either side of her. Rogue didn't appear too concerned when his right arm curled around her waist. She just stared into his eyes with a small smile playing across her lips and a brow arched. He stared back at her, smirking.

Then suddenly, he pulled back now with a pair of pliers in his hands and started to walk to the hood of the black car he was working on. Before he got to the front, Rogue said something to him that the music wouldn't let them hear and touched her arm on the spot where Remy's tattoo would be. He responded over his shoulder. Remy stopped, turned to her halfway, and shrugged. She seemed to think it over a moment then nodded. He came back to her. He pulled up the side of his shirt slightly, revealing some very nice abs, and tugged down his pants just enough to show the beginnings of another tattoo on his hip.

He sent her a wicked glance and said something that made her blush and say,

"Don't you dare!"

They heard her that time because she yelled.

Remy laughed and went back to work on his car. With his head under the hood, he missed Rogue biting her lip, blushing like mad, and sending him glances. Then for no reason whatsoever, Remy glanced right at them and the trio froze. Then he winked and they all had mini heart attacks.

Kitty pulled them out and they decided it was best to move away from the garage, despite Tabby's protests that they should all just pull up a stool and sit with Rogue.

Tabby pouted as she was dragged by Kitty and Amara, her heels digging into the ground.

Mission accomplished. They found out what the deal was with Rogue. Now, the somewhat sensible ones did not want to end up being caught by Rogue. Something told them she wouldn't just wink at them.

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