K is for Kisses

(:And Kitty and Kurt:)

"How can you even say that? They, like, so are!"

"And how can you be zhat delusional? My schwester is not dating him."

Kitty sighed and pressed a hand to her head. They'd been having this conversation for the past ten minutes and were getting nowhere. She couldn't just leave it alone because she knew she was right and could not let her friend be so un-informed.

Kurt was sprawled on the couch in front of the tv in the rec. room, flipping through the T.V channel's with his tail. Kitty stood in front of him as she lectured.

"Kurt, you're so oblivious sometimes it's painful."

"Ja, vhatever. At least I'm not crazy."

"Crazy? There's evidence, cold, hard evidence, that Rogue and Remy are a couple! You're crazy in some kind of denial if you can't see it!"

"Vhat evidence?"

And this is the part where she made her case.

"One," she said, counting off on one hand," he's always flirting with her."

"He's flirts vith anyone who can legitimately vear a skirt."

"Not seriously and don't. Interrupt me. Two, she never shuts up talking about him. It's always 'Remy this' and 'Remy that'."

"'Remy von't stop stalking me,' and 'Remy stole my makeup'," Kurt muttered.

"Three, they're always together,"

"Stalker and stalkee usually are."

Kitty ignored that comment as she continued her list.

"Four, their chemistry is just hot! I mean, the way he looks at her is just smoldering."

"You flunked chemistry."

She glared at him and was just about to take the remote from him and beat him with it when the front door slamming open caught her attention. Through the door way, they could see the blurs of Remy running with Rogue following.

"Get back here with my kisses, Swamp Rat!" Rogue yelled.

"Make me, chere!" Remy laughed.

Their footsteps thundered up the stairs and faded.

Kitty turned to a gaping Kurt with a self-satisfied smirk. She leaned over and closed his mouth with one finger.

"Not dating huh?"

Kurt scowled, wordlessly fished his wallet out of his pocket, and shoved fifty bucks at Kitty.

"Ow ow ow ow ow! Agh! That hurts!"

"I'll stop if ya give 'em here."

"Fine, I'll – Agh, Rogue! I give!"

Rogue smiled and let go of Remy's arm, releasing him from the hold that could have potentially broken his arm. She climbed off of his back and stood in one graceful movement. Remy rolled over to his back and massaged his arm, pouting up at Rogue.

"You're mean," he accused.

"And you're a chocolate thief who got what he deserved. Now quit your cryin' and hand 'em over."

"La belle dame sans pitié," he sighed as he pulled the plastic bag filled with chocolate kisses out of his coat and gave them to Rogue.

Her smile turned into a glare as she examined the contents.

"You squashed them!"

"Well, dey was fine 'til someone tripped me with a child," he retorted, still flat on his back, and pointed at a still stunned Jamie.

"Ya shouldn't have took them!"

"Ya shouldn't throw children."

Fed up with him and upset at the death of her chocolate, Rogue kicked him. Or she would have if the Cajun hadn't been expecting it, caught her foot, dragged her down, and pinned her arms over her head.

"I really hate you," she told his smirking face.

"Aw, but chere, Remy was gonna give you your kisses."

"Then give 'em!"

And he did. However, Rogue didn't specify what kind of kisses she wanted so Remy delivered several of the old-fashioned kind. Until a still bitter Kurt walked through that particular hall way and 'ported them into the pool. Needless to say, he now has two vengeful Southerners after his tail.

A/N: Who saw that last part coming? With the kissing? It seemed really, painfully obvious as I was writing it. On the fluff rater on a scale of 1 – 10, how was it?

If I said I didn't like RemyXRogue, would anyone believe me? No? Cool. Cuz that'd be a lie.