She's crazycrazycrazy

That girl

Nothing but trouble

A head full of air

And ears stuffed tight against all those who say

She's not all there

(and maybe they're right,

What does she know?)


But she hears the names they call her

"Looney" they say

"Off her rocker"

"Completely mental"

And it hurtshurtshurts

Because she isn't trying to be different

It's just the way she is

The way she was raised

And who are they

To tell her her truths are wrong

And theirs are right

(what if theirs are wrong?

Hers could be right, and if they aren't

They're right for her at least)


She tries so damn h a r d

Every day

She tries to be 'normal'

But that fails


Because, no matter what she does,

She's nowhere near normal enough for them.

So she stops trying to make them accept her

And tries instead to block her ears from their jeering insults

To ignore each sneer and cruel laugh

And this,

This she's good at

She can pretend that it doesn't hurt


They steal her shoes,

Hiding them different places


"Kids will be kids"

The adults say

And the adults

(who also find her uncomfortably queer)

Do nothing to stop

The kids from acting like kids

And do nothing to find

Her missing shoes


And that's it

It's her versus the world

A not-so-epic war

Of miniscule proportions

Because each battle is fought quietly

Almost silently

And the victor is only declared when she is sitting

Alone, always very alone

And c r y i n g

(that means they won

They always win)


It's tearing her to bits

And that ripping is the sound of her heart

Onetwothree shredded pieces

Scattered on the floor

Soaked in her tears

Three patient pieces

Waiting for someone to glue them back together

And place them back into the cavity

In theirowner's chest

Waiting for Luna 'Looney' Lovegood to finally be

W h o l e

A/N: Wow, I really love writing Luna freeverse. I had forgotten how relieving it is, just letting go and pouring insecurities, doubts, fears on to the paper. But she's so delightfully innocent, so it's fun to play off of that, too. Her innocence leads to optimism, I believe, which allows for happy endings. I'm thinking this will be a series of freeverse, mostly romances, with different characters and pairings. What'd you think?