A/N: There should be more words. Sometimes there just aren't and it sucks. My night has sucked. And I wish I could use another word but really I don't have any. Huh, a writer without words. Ponder that.

Anyway, here's some Rose/Lysander

"I'm sorry."


"When we talk there's so much silence

So much silence. We have nothing

left to say"


"I'm sorry"

She whispers



"I'm so sorry"

and all she can think is that there aren't enough words


There's no word for

I majorly fucked this one up

no way of saying

this kills me too

nada for

I don't deserve you

and nothing that'll quietly murmur

It's for the best


They fell in a whirlwind love

of jagged edges and mismatched prints

with all the spirit of children

and the hearts of children as well


They stayed in that love



and swore it was the best they'd ever felt



And then it wasn't

something change y

and she didn't think of him every second of every day

but that was okay

because that was getting used to the relationship

that was allowing him to be a Normal part of her life

and she loved that he was a

Normal part of her life


And something changed

well, more like she slowly realized

that there weren't those butterflies anymore

and she wasn't laughing anymore

like she used to


She clung 'til her knuckles turned white

But how do you say that?

there's no way to tell anyone

I tried, I tried, I'm tired


And there was that silence

that oppressive silence

that all consuming pause in conversation because there was nothing

nothingnothingnothing left to say

(besides, she doubted she could've found the words)

And how in the world do you say that?

how do you say that your stomach is turning with guilt

And you don't want to lead him on

And you don't want to hurt him

And it's killing you

It's eating you from the inside out

but you can't do it anymore


"I'm so sorry"

And he nods because he knows her so well

because he's so wonderful

(and how do you say that? That you're amazing but-)

and he's always been so wonderful

and he knows that the silence

the silence is killing her

and she can't do it anymore


And then he's gone

And she's sososorry

but it feels ((okay))

She's going to be okay


and what are the words for that?


"Promise me you'll be okay

Maybe not now

but promise me you'll be okay


and he does

and she doesn't have the words

to thank him for that

because how do you say

I love you but I'm not in love with you


Well, you start by saying "I'm sorry"