"That was the latest from Lady Gaga, and now here's an old favorite for all you nineties kids like me. Ah, good memories…"

The music began as a slow, but nonetheless poppy sound that Matt found very familiar but couldn't place.

"It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you…"

Oh God – N'sync. Yes, they had even made their way through Wammy's at the height of their popularity, Every girl and a good number of the guys bought their albums – or, in Matt's case, stole Linda's and burned a copy – pretty advanced technology for the day, of which he was very proud.

Now of course, Matt realized how cheesy and ridiculous they were, but still the words came unbidden to his lips. "And no matter what I do I feel the pain…"

He glanced over to see Mello mouthing the words as well and snorted.

Mello looked up at the sound. "What?" Matt only continued snickering and Mello scowled. "You were singing too, idiot, don't think I couldn't see you."

Matt laughed. "Yeah, but you and N'sync," he glanced at Mello's leather, gun, and scar, "it just doesn't match up and it's hilarious."

Mello glared at him. "Well maybe if you hadn't played that fucking CD in our room all the time I wouldn't have been conditioned to like them."

"Uh huh, sure," Matt replied with a roll of his eyes. "Because you definitely didn't jump when you found out I borrowed Linda's. You were born in 1989 Mels. You were genetically programmed to like them."

The blonde only "hm"-ed in response and looked out the window. A minute later he muttered, "The Backstreet Boys were better anyway."

Matt laughed. "You only say that because you had a crush on Nick Carter."

"So did you!"

Matt only grinned and turned up the radio, singing along loudly until Mello reluctantly joined in, a smile slowly creeping onto his face.

They were nearly twenty years old. They were criminals hiding from the law. An ex-mafia man and a gamer/hacker. And they were singing N'sync at the top of their lungs.

Oh, the curse of a nineties child.

A/N: Ok, so the idea for this story came from two sources. The first was when my youth minister asked everyone to bring a song about relationships to youth group one night. My friend brought a CD and said he had two and she told him he could play the second one later. So for the activity he played "Far Away" by Nickelback and it was all wonderful. But when everything was over he played this song. And by the second line, the entire room was singing along. It was amazing. The second source was this video: /watch?v=sogu2C07-lQ

From 5:22-6:05. They're hilarious but can be a bit vulgar so if you watch more than that section and don't like it, I apologize.

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