Tony DiNozzo was lying on the cold concrete floor of an isolated hangar.

His thoughts clouded by the gunshot wound in his abdomen, he struggled to maintain consciousness. Although getting shot wasn't one of Tony's hobbies, he didn't bother to think about it much.

He felt cold and he knew his control over the situation was slipping but still, one particular thought kept coming back to his attention. 'Gibbs is going to KILL me for getting shot…again.'

"Stay with me, Tony!", McGee yelled as the ambulance's sirens pushed all of his other thoughts to the background. "Tell… Gibbs…..sorry", Tony murmured as he was hastily shoved on a brancard and put into the ambulance. Then his eyelids became too heavy and he let them slip closed.

Gibbs left Ziva and McGee behind at the hospital, they would wait for the doctor to come out of Tony's surgery and brief them.

He couldn't stay there, he couldn't fall apart in front of his team. He let out a chocked gasp for breath as he stumbled across the parking lot towards his car.

As soon as he had reached it, he nearly pulled the handle off the door when he got in. He only let himself lose control for a second, as he punched the dashboard and a deafening roar came from his very core. His jaw clenched and he gathered back his self-control.

When he arrived back at the navy yard to pick up Abby, he didn't get out of the car for a moment. He sighed and rubbed his hands against his eyes in a desperate attempt to ban the thought of Tony out of his mind.

Couldn't he stay out of danger for once? For god's sake, Gibbs felt like he was always worrying about him. He was afraid his second in command would grow bald if he kept slapping him on the back of his head to keep from shouting that he had to be more careful.

Then again, Gibbs shouting wasn't very rare but he didn't trust himself with his own feelings. In truth, he wanted to tie Tony to his bed and never let him endanger himself again.

The thought alone was so absurd that he let out a rough laugh. Tony would probably choose getting shot over the things that Gibbs wanted to do to him.

Gibbs shook his head and blinked his eyes rapidly to regain his focus. The others would call when they had news from Tony and in the mean time he would keep Abby from freaking out and scaring people in the hospital.

He got out of his car and walked towards the large building that had become his second home. After having made a small detour to fetch Abby's bribe, he stood in the elevator as it descended.

She was dancing as usual, losing herself in what she called 'music'. Gibbs grinned as he walked towards her, silent as a predator stalking its prey. When he was so close behind her that he almost touched her, he spoke softly in her ear.

"Nice moves." Abby shrieked and almost made a perfect pirouette from spinning around so fast. She stomped his arm and pretended to look upset.

"Goddamned Gibbs, one of these days I'm going to hide your shoes and replace them with tap dance shoes! But I'm willing to forgive you like I always do because you got me Caf!Pow. What's up, do we have a case? Because I wouldn't think we did as I haven't gotten any evidence but then again, Bert could've hidden it-"

"Abs…" Gibbs said impatiently. For a moment, he was about to ask her how in god's name a farting hippo could hide evidence but fortunately he was able to swallow the words before they were out. "No case. Wanna grab lunch?"

Abby followed him happily but then she froze in the doorway. Gibbs had already reached the elevator when he noticed her.

She eyed him suspiciously. "You don't have a case so you're asking me if I want to come with you and have lunch. With you." Gibbs grew more impatient with the minute. "Well yeah, gotta eat every once in a while, Abs." he answered carefully and turned his back again to walk into the elevator when he heard her voice again.

"Timmie would've come by the lab to hang out if you guys weren't doing anything. What's going on? And you better not lie to me because you know I have rules too. And I can always kill you without leaving any trace of evidence if you were about to take the risk."

Gibbs sighed and turned around once more. "Trust me on this one, Abs. I need you to come with me now." He stepped in the elevator and held it open for her. She got in with a fearful look on her face. He felt bad for scaring her but right now, his thoughts were with the man he loved lying in a hospital with a bullet in his body.

Gibbs was surprised as Abby endured the elevator ride in silence. She calmly followed him to his car, got in and waited for Gibbs to do the same and close the door. Then she exploded.

"If you're not telling me what is going on RIGHT now, I'll forget I like you and go straight to the part where I'm threatening to put you in my coffin and lock you in it!"

Gibbs tried his hardest not to laugh. Even when she was threatening people, she was still cute. He shifted a little so he could look her in the eyes.

"The team went to check out a lead on some cold case when Tony caught two men in a drug deal. He showed his badge, approached the two men and was about to cuff one when…" Gibbs swallowed. "The other brought up a gun and shot him in the abdomen." He looked down, afraid to see Abby's reaction.

To her credit, she didn't say anything so Gibbs looked back up. Abby tried to speak but it felt like someone held her throat closed and she swallowed hard. "How bad?" was all she managed to get out.

"Ziva and McGee stayed behind to wait for the surgeon. I came here to pick you up and drive back over there. Unless you don't want to come."

"Are you kidding me? Shut the fuck up and drive already!" her eyes grew wide as she realized what she had said. "I'm sorry! No, I'm not sorry! Well, okay, I'm sorry but I'm not saying I'm sorry because that would be a sign of weakness. So I'm not saying I'm sorry but I am sorry. Whatever, please drive?"

The left corner of Gibbs' mouth twitched, almost too small a gesture to spot without a microscope, except for those who studied him on a daily basis. He tapped Abby's knee affectionately to calm her down.

When they finally reached the hospital, Gibbs was afraid that Abby would jump out of the car when he hadn't even pulled in the parking spot yet. She surprised him once more and shifted back and forth on the seat but only opened the door when the engine was safely turned off.

The doors slid open and Abby ran towards McGee as soon as she saw him sitting in the waiting room. "Timmie! Have you guys heard anything yet? Is he gonna be okay? Where is Ziva?"

McGee held out his hand and smiled a little when Abby entwined her fingers with his without hesitation. He stroked her fingers lightly with his thumb to comfort her. "The doctor hasn't come out yet but I'm sure everything is alright, Abs. Tony wouldn't leave us, there are so many pranks he has to pull on me first before his time comes."

Abby grinned at that and sat down beside her friend. Gibbs moved to join them when he heard the doctor's voice behind him.

When he turned around, his face fell. Doctor Pitt sighed as he pulled of his surgical cap.