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Chapter 3

Tony blinks a few times to get some clarity in his clouded mind. When he tries to move, a sharp pain in his abdomen makes him lie back down instantly.

They must've given him some heavy painkillers because he could've sworn that somewhere far away, Gibbs has just told him that he needs him.

Tony smiles. If his very heterosexual boss isn't going to fall in love with him anyway, he can at least dream about him. He takes in the room and barely suppresses his sharp intake of breath at the sight of Gibbs by his bed.

Only then he realizes that they're holding hands.

A dull headache tells him that he shouldn't be analyzing this right now but he can't help it. He looks at his boss. Gibbs looks tired and there's a deep frown between his eyes that wasn't there before. Tony fights the urge to stroke his hand with his thumb. Gibbs would probably go all Marine on him and throw him off his team.

He looks up at the ceiling and tries to remember his dream. When he puts two and two together, his eyes grow wide and he jerks his head back at Gibbs. His tough boss needs him, Tony DiNozzo, the clown of the team. This feels better than a head slap. Although he likes those too, he thinks to himself as he grins.

When he's about to doze off again, Gibbs' voice nearly makes him jump three feet in the air.

Tony quickly realizes that his boss is having a nightmare.

"Tony! No!" he shakes his head as if he's fighting the demons that haunt his dreams. He squeezes Tony's hand tightly and lets out a whimper. "Please, don't go. I love you!"

When Gibbs wakes up abruptly and practically launches himself off his chair, he lets out a long, deep breath he didn't know he'd been holding. He rests his forehead against Tony's mattress and waits for his breathing to slow down.

Then he finally looks up to find Tony staring at him as if his eyes are going to pop out any moment.

Gibbs simply stares back as he doesn't know what to say. It feels like his heart has skipped a few beats. Then he tries to pull his hand back but Tony doesn't let him. Tony's emerald eyes seem to be boring their way into Gibbs' soul and he wants to escape what comes next.

He's expecting an inevitable look of disgust in his younger agent's eyes. But it never comes.

He gets up from the chair and shuffles a little more towards the bed. "Don't mind what I said Tony, I'm just glad you're okay, I.." Tony doesn't let him finish. He grabs his boss by his collar, pulls him down and crashes their lips together.

Gibbs is stunned into silence as their lips touch. He pulls back slightly and stares at Tony in an attempt to see him through. "It's okay, I'm here," the younger man assures him. "I'm not going anywhere, Jethro."

The use of his first name makes his mind go blank and he kisses Tony again, only this time it's like everything else around them fades and there's nothing left but unspoken promises.

Tony is alive. For the first time in days, Gibbs doesn't feel like his whole world is about to crumble from under his feet.

When Gibbs softly bites Tony's bottom lip, the man moans and Gibbs has to back off before he takes him there and then.

Tony seems to read his mind because the corner of his mouth quirks up in a suggestive smile and his green eyes sparkle.

Gibbs can't help but smile back at the gorgeous man lying there. He feels like his brain has short-circuited from trying to process that amazing kiss. There's a comfortable silence between the two of them as they look at each other and try to wrap their heads around what the hell just happened.

Finally Gibbs smiles once more and straightens his back. "You should get some sleep or the nurses will kick me out of here." He moves to grab his coat as Tony lays a hand on Gibbs' arm. The touch sends an electric shiver down his spine. "Please, just a little longer, otherwise I'll feel like this was all just a dream when I wake up without you here."

Tony pats the mattress and gestures for Gibbs to join him. "Just for a little while", he repeats. Gibbs sighs and lies down beside his younger Agent. Tony is lying on his side, looking at Gibbs in a way that nobody has in years.

"I'll stay for a few more minutes but you really should rest, Tony." Gibbs says, before he kisses his forehead softly.

Tony moves until his body is touching Gibbs'. "Sleeping is for sissies", he whispers. "I'd much rather let you fuck me hard right now" and he rubs his unmistakably hard dick against Gibbs' leg as he speaks those words.

Gibbs can't suppress the low growl that escapes his throat at the feel of Tony's obvious arousal pressed against him and he hardens instantly . He reaches under the covers and roughly cups Tony's hard dick.

Tony bucks up against Gibbs' fingers and bites his bottom lip to keep from moaning loudly. "You like that?" Gibbs whispers huskily in his ear. The sound of Gibbs' rough voice makes Tony impossibly hard and he has to fight the urge to beg Gibbs for more.

But his boss isn't planning to let him off the hook so easily. He slowly kneads Tony's balls and bites his earlobe. "You're so beautiful, I can't wait to find out how tight you are for me", he growls. Tony thinks he's going to lose it as Gibbs' fingers keep teasing his balls and achingly hard cock.

Gibbs traces Tony's lips with his index finger and the eager agent softly bites it and traces circles around it with his tongue. Desire drips from his features and Gibbs feels the little self-control he had left, disappear.

Just when Gibbs is about to give in, they hear footsteps coming from around the corner.

When the nurse walks in, Gibbs is leaning against the bed and has Tony laughing at something he whispered in his ear.

"Get some sleep DiNozzo." And with that, Gibbs smiles almost invisibly and walks out the room.

Almost invisible for anyone else but Tony knows it's an order to stick around.

Gibbs needs him.