Chapter 1

Crap! I was sitting on the bathroom floor, with a little plastic applicator in my hand. How can a tiny piece of plastic alter my life so drastically. Well... thats because it is a pregnancy test, and in the little screen is a pink plus sign, staring back at me. A million emotions flitted throughout my body. Denial, shock, love and finally hapiness. I had a tiny comrade growing inside of me. I couldnt wait to get to training with Dimitri, I knew that he would be over the moon when I told him about the baby.

I was still absolutely shocked though, that this had happened to me. Dimitri is a dhampir, just like I am, so its unheard of. Not only is it unheard of, its impossible. We shouldnt be able to have children together, due to some problem with our genes. So this little one truely is a miracle.

I pulled myself of the bathroom floor and jumped into the shower, eager to get to the gym on time for once. The warm spray of water worked miracles on my jittery nerves. I had to admit, I was very nervous about telling Dimitri my news. What if he didnt believe me?. He was the only person that I had ever slept with though, so there was no doubt in my mind that he was the father.

I dressed in my gym clothes and put my hair into a pony tail, then I headed off towards the gym, to tell Dimitri our news.

"Rose" I heard Lissa yell, as I reached half way to the gym. She came to an abrubt halt in front of me, flinging her arms around my neck. "Im so exited" she exclaimed. I could see that, she was practically bouncing. And I knew it was all because of our graduation party in four days time. We were going shopping later on, to buy dresses for the party. "I cant believe we graduate in four days" she gushed. "I know, im exited too liss. We'll finally be out of this hell hole" I told her, "And this time nobody will be able to drag us back" I added. She laughed. "Listen Liss, Ive got to go, Dimitri will have my head if im late for practice again. But I really need to see you later, Theres something Ive got to tell you, okay?" I asked. She nodded, then hugged me again and hurried off, as I continued my way towards the gym.

When I opened the doors, I heard a faint whisper of a conversation. Straining to hear, I faintly heard Dimitris voice, followed by Tasha Ozeras. "Have you told Rose yet, Dimka?" she asked. I could see them, but they wouldnt be able to see me. I saw Dimitri shake his head. "Not yet" he said, after a moment of silence. "I cant, I dont know what to tell her. I cant tell her before graduation and ruin it for her. I'll tell her after" he sighed. He had his guardian mask on, but I knew him, I knew him too well, there was pain and heartbreak in his eyes. My stomach dropped to the soles of my feet as I saw that expression, and I knew that this wasnt good. Hesitantly I took a step into the room.

"Tell me what" I said, calmly. Although I was anything but. Tasha and Dimitri moved futher apart as there shocked expressions registered that I was really there. "Nothing Rose" Dimitri answered after a moment. "Dont lie to me, comrade. You suck at it" I told him. My voice rising a little. "Why... why wont you tell me?" I asked. I turned to look at Tasha, who had stayed quiet since they had seen me. She seemed to have a blank expression on her face, but her eyes held a look of smugness, and that scared me. I turned back to Dimitri. "Tell me now" I growled. He flinched at the cold sound of my voice, and in sure that coldness was evident on my face aswell. He sighed in defeat and turned to tasha. "Can you leave us Tasha?" he asked. She nodded, before squezzing his arm in a comforting gesture and walked out of the gym.

"Sit down Rose" he said, pulling my hand and leading us to the benches, up against the wall at the side of the gym. We sat down facing each other. But unlike our other times of sitting in silence, this one wasnt a comfortable one. The air between us was too tense and thick, and I knew something big was coming. He grasped my hands in his and looked me in the eyes for a moment, where I saw the look of pain again, as well as a look of love. He looked away for a moment before taking a deep breath.

"Tasha offered me the chance to be her guardian again Rose" And those words shattered me, because now I knew what it was he was going to say, what else could give him a look of pain like that. "And I have excepted her offer. Im so sorry Rose" he said, as a tear fell down his cheek. "I love you Rose, I love you so much that I cant breath, but the attack on the academy as changed my views. I nearly died Rose. You nearly died too, because you ran back to save me. Do you honestly think I would let you die for me Rose. I love you too much for that to ever happen. And... and also..." he looked a little worried now. "...If I had died, what would I have to show for it. I want a baby, Rose. I want to be a father. Life is to short as it is, and I want to enjoy it while I can. Tasha can offer me that. I... I wish more than anything that things were different. Truely I do. I love you Rose" he said, Tears were streaming down both our faces now.

"Please Dimitri. Please. You cant leave me. Not now. I need you now, more than ever" I told him. He smiled a small smile, but it didnt reach his eyes. "You dont need me Rose. You just think you do, but you dont. Ive taught you everything I can, and you are amazing. Theres nothing else for me to do. Graduation is in four days. And I'll be leaving in five days. Im sorry" he said, as he wiped my tears with his thumbs, then his own.