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Chapter 33.

Ladies and gentlemen, could we please put our hands together for the bride and groom. Mr and Mrs Belikov" The DJ said, over the microphone, as Dimitri and I walked through the doors.

Cheers erupted, and everybody was clapping for us as we walked straight to the dance floor for our first dance. `From this moment on` by Shania Twain, began playing, it was such a fitting song.

Dimitri's arms wrapped around my waist as mine circled his neck. We just stared into each others eyes, with happy faces, as the flashes from cameras went off around us.

"Have I told you how much I love you" Dimitri asked, as we swayed in small circles. "Not in the last five minutes" I replied. He chuckled. "I love you Roza, with my whole heart" I smiled lovingly, up at him. "I love you too Dimitri. More than anything." Our lips met for a sweet kiss as we danced, and our arms instinctively tightened around each other. We broke the kiss after a few moments and I laid my head on his shoulder. This was how I wanted to stay, for the rest of my life. By Dimitri's side.

When the song finished a faster song came on. I thought Dimitri would let me go, insted he began spinning and twirling me around. I laughed, breathlessly. I didnt know he could really dance.

I raised my eyebrows in question, and he chuckled at my reaction.

"Been having dance lessons, have we comrade?" I teased. He smiled.

"I have in fact" he told me. "Adrian taught me everything he knew". I laughed loud, picturing the two of them dancing together. I would of loved to have seen that. I looked towards Adrian, where he was now dancing with Viktoria. He met my gaze and smirked. I smiled back at him then turned back to my husband.

"He's a good friend" I said. Thinking of everything he had done for us. I owed him so much, If it wasnt for him, I would of lost my daughter.

"He is" Dimitri agreed. When the song finished. He bent me down, old fashionedly, and he me a sweet kiss. My fingers lingered, lovingly on his cheek. He was tapped on the shoulder when he stood me back upright.

"May I?" My father asked. Dimitri nodded. "Certainly" he said. With one last kiss to my knuckles, he moved away, smiling. I watched as he walked to his mother and embraced.

I turned back to my father. "You look beautiful today. Youve made me so proud of you" he told me, as he reached for my hand and began dancing.

"Thanks dad" I smiled. I was so happy, everything was perfect, and everybody I loved was here. I couldnt of asked for anything more.

When we parted I walked over to the DJ, and whispered into his ear. He handed me the microphone, I cleared my throat loudly, capturing everybodys attention, once the DJ had turned the music down. Everybody looked forward.

"Liss. Can you come up here for a moment?" I asked. I felt a little shock and embarassment through the bond as she made her way forward. "I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you, for making everything so perfect for us today" I told her. "Non of this would of been possible without you. So thankyou, I love you, my sister" I handed her a large bouquet of flowers and a gold chain braclet with a diamond heart charm on it. I hugged her then wiped the tear that she had shed. Then I turned back to the ordience, thanking my friends, my parents and the Belikov's for everything that they had done for us. Finally I turned to Dimitri.

"I wanted to say a final thankyou to my `sexy as hell` husband." Laughs filled the room, and Dimitri smiled at me, as he held his mother and grandmother, sandwiched in the middle of them. "No, seriously. You've made me the happiest woman alive and im so happy and proud to call you my husband. It cant have been easy for you... putting up with me" I said, as people laughed and he grinned in agreement. "...But you did. And I wouldnt be where I am today if it wasnt for you. I love you, comrade" I said, as I blew him a kiss, which he caught and blew one straight back. I stepped of the stage with Lissa and the music began again.

Then Dimitri strode up there, with a grin on his face. He swiftly spoke to the DJ, who smiled at him, and nodded his head. I had no Idea what they was talking about. Dimitri walked to the centre of the stage and smiled at me.

"I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful wife" He said. "I love you baby" Then he began singing `You are so beautiful` by Joe Cocker. And my heart skipped a beat. "Aww that is so sweet" Lissa said, through the bond. "I had no idea Dimitri could sing so well" She added. I didnt either, it was beautiful and perfect. He may of had the body and the face of a god, but he had the voice of an angel. I was mesmorized by him. When he fnished he handed the microphone back and jumped of the stage, heading towards me. Everybody was clapping and I threw myself in his arms and kissed him passionately.

By the end of the night I was exhausted. My feet were sore and I ached for my bed. It had been an amazing day-one of the best days of my life. I had danced with everybody that I knew, at least twice. My mother was now sitting beside Olena, Chatting away and laughing like old friends. It warmed my heart. Although I had a sneaky feeling that they were discussing Dimitri's and my younger years. Oh god! I hoped not. Lets just say that throwing a book at my teacher and calling her a `facist bastard,` had not been the worst thing that I had done. I shivered.

"I love you, Roza" Dimitri breathed in my ear as we almost reached our home. The party was over and people were making their way home. Olena had taken the babies again, for the last time. It pained me and Dimitri that the Belikov's would be leaving tomorrow morning. I would miss them, so much.

Dimitri scooped me up in to his arms, as we reached our house. He gazed lovingly down into my eyes as he stepped over the treshold- such a romantic. He kicked the door shut and crushed his lips to mine, kissing me fiercely. I kissed him back with equal passion. He didnt put me down until we reached the bed. Then he gently lay me down and kissed me again, His body pressed full length against mine. My hands went straight around his neck, pulling him even closer to me, as we kissed and melted against each other.

Our clothes were quickly disposed off and we clung to each other, in bliss. "I love you, My wife" Dimitri whispered against my lips. I smiled, I would never get tired of hearing that. "I love you too, hubby" I replied, as he entered me.

I gasped in pleasure, then we began moving together, slowly and gently. Not our normal hot, animal sex, which I also loved. But this was something else, as we moved gracefully together, gazing into each others eyes. Portraying all of the love that we felt for each other- It was amazing. We fell into each others arms once it was over, holding each other tightly.

"I love you, so much Dimitri" I told him, as I gently ran my fingers up and down his spine. "I love you to, Roza" he sighed, kissing my lips lovingly. We fell into a blissful sleep, in each others arms.

I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon, and the sounds of sizzling bacon and hushed conversations. Dimitri was still in my arms, As I was in his. I kissed his nose, then his lips, until he began to stir. I laughed as he opened on eye, smiled, then closed it again.

"Get up hubby" I breathed. He chuckled.

"Mmm. I like the sound of that" He said, as his eyes finally opened. The smell and sounds hit him then. Looking abit shocked, he threw on some shorts and a , while I wrapped a gown around me. Together we headed downstairs.

We were greeted by our friends and family. The twins were sitting in their bouncers, while Viktoria and Adrian kept them entertained. Lissa ran over to us, she was exited about something, and that something she was hiding from me.

"Heres your wedding present" She said, holding out an envelope. I smiled and took it from her. Then I opened it, and gasped.

"Really?" I asked, stupidly. She laughed. "Really" she said. I smiled and handed it to Dimitri. I heard a small intake of breath. "Were going to Russia" he stated. Smiling, happily.

"Were all going. You and Rose, Me and Chris. Janine and Abe, and Adrian" She told us. I squealed, and hugged her- hard. I had always wanted to see Dimitri's home town, and he had always wanted to take me It was a perfect gift.

"Thanks Guys" I said, as I hugged her. "When do we go?" I asked. "In an hour" She replied. What! "An hour" I exclaimed. She laughed. "Rleax Rose. Jeez... If I can plan your wedding in two days, you can pack a bag in an hour" She said, I rolled my eyes at her, but smiled still.

"I love you Liss" I told her, running from the room. On Second thought, I ran back in, pinched the bacon sandwich of Adrians plate and ran back upstairs, hearing laughs behind me.

An hour later we took off from the academy's airfield. I looked down on my home, the place where it all began. The place where I met my best friend, and all my other friends too. The place where I had met the man of my dreams and fallen in love with him. The academy truely was an amazing place to be, We would continue to teach here, and raise our babies forever, not having to send them away. It was my happy place, with everybody that I loved.

As I sat, bouncing Damon on my knee I looked around at everybody that meant anything to me. People laughing, joking and chatting away to each other. I smiled at Dimitri, who smiled right back.

"What are you thinking?" he asked. I smiled again. "Just how perfect my life is" I told him honestly. "No regrets?" he asked. I shook my head. "No regrets" I replied, before pressing my lips to his.

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