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Author's Note: Please don't kill me. Really. This is a very harsh chapter, I feel horrible about the end, I really do. But it had to happen. If you really hate this part, you don't need to count it, I just wanted to test a Muse that I had ages ago...

On a different note, this is officially the end. After years of waiting and sporadic updates, you can say goodbye to this story. Nothing turned out like I expected (original planning had called for the Metacrisis to accompany Rose and explore with Amy, with even a scene from River at some point. Hah. That never even made it to a Word Document...) I hope you enjoyed this all!

Note: Epilogue part 2 follows...no. Not telling. Guess. And see if you got it correct.

She wasn't sure why she was here. She wasn't supposed to be here.

No, that was a lie. This was where she had to be. This time, this place, for...for some reason or other. She put a hand to her head. She couldn't remember why she was here, only that she had to be.

But...that didn't make sense either.

In the woods nearby, there was a strange sound, something almost indescribable...fading in and out, changing pitch, almost wheezing. And then, to her right, a blue box-if she could call it that, since it was much bigger than any other blue box she had ever seen-appeared.

She had the strangest feeling, as though she had seen it before...

As the door opened, she hid herself from the three strangers. Something was telling her to stay around, but not to be seen. There was a voice in her head. There wasn't supposed to be a voice in her head, was there? It was soothing her, telling her what to do.

While she mulled over her confusion, several things happened at once. Several sounds neared: footsteps, then an explosion of noise. The three that had left the blue box-how had they fit in that small box anyway?-seemed to dislike the ominous noise (she couldn't really blame them), but then, the one with the bow tie smiled and led them away. Into the forest.

She was about to approach the box-the voice in her head seemed to be telling her to do that-when a blonde woman appeared, looking longingly at the mysterious object. The girl ducked back into her bush and hid, waiting while the other slowly left, and then waited a bit more.

Finally, she approached the blue box. 'Police Telephone Box,' it said.

There was something vaguely familiar about this, but the voice told her not to worry about it; she had a duty.

When the cacophony that had came by earlier when the other three had first landed returned, she knew what she had to do. And she wished she didn't.

She stood in front of the Tardis-that was its name, wasn't it?

The creature, a dark mass of flailing tentacles, approached her.

"Stop," she heard herself call out, the words almost unbidden. "You can't touch her." Because the Tardis was a female, obviously.

The thing stopped and looked at her, in what could have been amusement. "And...who...are...you...to...stop...us...?" It asked in a myriad of voices.

The girl lifted her head and stared straight at it. She knew that she had to distract it for a few moments, to give the Doctor time. Because that was the man with the bow tie's name. The Doctor. "I am Clara Oswin Oswald, and I'm the Doctor's protector."

And then she closed her eyes as the darkness grew closer.