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House made his way for the kitchen to make drinks, knowing that in order to tell Wilson what he needed to, he would need a little courage.

As he started to make a drink for himself he called out to Wilson, "What do you want to drink?

Wilson replied, "Love on the rocks"

House stopped pouring his drink and tilted his head, not quite sure if his ears were playing tricks on him or not. 'Love on the rocks? Was that some sort of fruity girly drink, well it is Wilson so you never know.' House thought to himself.


Wilson realized what he said and quickly stammered out, "oh I'll just have whatever you're having." Wilson slightly shook his head, he had made up his mind. He knew what he had to do, he just wished he knew what the repercussions would be.

"Sure make the cripple bring the drinks over," House said as he walked back and joined Wilson on the couch.

Wilson took the drink and in one big gulp the drink was gone. He leaned forward and set it on the coffee table. He didn't realize but House had done the same thing. Both men were sitting on the couch. Wilson was sitting in the middle and Wilson was right next to him. There was an awkward tension in the room that they weren't used to. They both wanted to say something but didn't want to be the first one to talk. Finally, House leaned forward to grab the remote and started to say, "Theres an L Word marathon on…" but he was cut off by Wilson saying, "I need to talk to you." Wilson thought to himself, 'this is it, this is the moment, now or never.' House just leaned back in the couch and said, "…Ok…"

Wilsons palms were sweating, he was so used to being able to talk to his friend about everything, but he never needed to talk to his House about his feelings….about House. He knew he had to tread lightly here.

"So….Sam and I broke up today."

House caught Wilsons eyes, relief and happiness washed over him. There was a new spark in his blue eyes that Wilson hadn't seen in a while. Wilson was waiting for some sort of typical House comment, but all he got was, "I'm sorry to hear that…..you deserve better though." And with those words House lowered his head and put his hand in lap. Wilson was absolutely shocked but what he had just heard. The look on his face showed that. He really didn't know what to say. He fell back in the couch and just looked over at House with the stunned look in his face. When House finally looked up and so the look on Wilson's face he said, "What? She was a complete bitch."

With that, Wilson let out a small laugh, "I was waiting for that response." Wilson knew House wasn't sorry, he had done everything in his power to keep the two of them apart, and in that moment he realized that was the sign he had been looking for earlier.

Wilson suddenly leaned forward and said, "There's something else I need to tell you." He instinctively started fidgeting with his hands. House just stayed where he was, he decided it was best to let the younger man get everything out before he said anything.

"Sam actually broke up with me….." Wilson let out a small sigh and dropped his head, this conversation was proving to be much harder than he had anticipated. "I….thought I loved her." House instantly felt a pang of jealousy. "The truth is…I just loved the idea of being with someone. The idea that someone needed me and cared about me. So for the longest time, I used her as a crutch, because I couldn't be open with myself. I couldn't be true to myself. This morning she called me on it." Wilson kept grabbing that spot on the back his neck, more so than usual. House of course noticed this, and he wanted nothing more than to just wrap up the younger man in his arms and tell him everything was going to be ok, but he needed Wilson to finish the conversation that he started. "There's somebody else that I love, and that person has been there the entire time, and I just now allowed myself to actually see it and believe it. And that person is…." He trailed off before he finished his thought, not knowing how to say it. House felt like a boulder just knocked him in the chest. Tears were close to falling from now dull blue eyes. He was thankful that Wilson still hadn't looked up.

Wilson's foot was tapping the ground at an alarmingly fast pace, he was pretty sure he had rubbed away the majority of the skin on the back of his neck, and before he even realized it two words slipped out of his mouth coming out in almost a whisper, "it's you."

Their worlds come to a complete standstill. Neither man could breathe but both for completely different reasons. Wilson was still scared to look House in the eyes. House was at a loss for words. He had wanted to confess his love for Wilson for some time now, but Wilson was always dating or married to someone. Although, he might not ever admit it out loud, he loved the man sitting next to him and couldn't possibly live without him.

Wilson slowly looked up and met House's eyes. He slowly started to say, "House, I don't really expect you to say anything right now…" He was cut off by House, shaking his head, "good because I don't want to say anything." For a brief second Wilson felt crushed, like the wind had just been knocked out of him. He had to see this reaction coming, why was he surprised? Of course House wouldn't share the same feelings. Then out of nowhere, he felt Houses hands cup his face and he turned him to face House. They starred into each other's eyes for what felt like an eternity. Wilson was so confused, yet House looked so happy, a single tear fell down from his eye. Then he leaned forward and kissed Wilson with such a passion and intensity. Wilson didn't want it to end, but House stopped and leaned back, still cupping Wilson's face and said, "I love you, and that's all that needs to be said."

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