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"Sigh…Well, it's the weekend, as well as Christmas, so I have some free time, might as visit the kids." A young girl stated as she pushed herself of her bed. She put on a sister's outfit as she looked around in her mirror where a teenage girl slightly taller than 1.5 meters. She has long flowing Sky blue hair along with a pair of emerald eyes wearing a sister's outfit looked back at her.

Putting on her hat, she slowly left her house. "I don't see why anyone would even think of trying to rob here, it's practically empty." She thought to herself as she locked her house door, walking out the streets carrying nothing but a simple hand bag despite the snowy weather she didn't wear anything else.

The people of her neighbourhood stared at her as she continued to walk down the streets. Muttering soft whispers and words as they watched a sister walked down the neighbourhood, and into a nearby orphanage.

It was a small but run down house, yet it had its charm, for it had a large garden around it, despite the run down walls, the garden and greenhouse behind easily compensated for its look.

Just as soon as she was about to ring on the bell, she suddenly stopped. "Huh?" She asked when she felt a pair of eyes staring at her from behind. Turning around, she saw nothing. "Strange, I thought I felt someone staring at me. Could it be my imagination?" She wondered.

She tried to ring the orphange's bell again, but stopped when she felt herself being stared at again. Turning around, she once again found nothing in sight. "Okay show yourself before I drag you out myself!" She yelled out.

There was no response or anything, in frustration she quickly pressed the door bell ignoring the feeling she had behind her. Immediately as soon as she did so, she heard the sound something moving behind the bushes in the gardens.

"All right that's enough!" She cried out as she suddenly dived towards the bushes and collided with something.

"WWAAAAHHH!" She heard a loud collective cry. She opened her eyes and looked downwards where she saw two children wearing a nun outfit, however one look told her that it was a custom made nun outfit. It's like traditional outfits, although the hat(if that's what it is, is the same) Instead of a dress that covers the entire body, it only covered parts of it, and it had a cross shape on it in the centre of it. Most surprising of all was the fact that it was pristine white in colour. "Sisters? What are they doing here?" Rika wondered as she took a closer look at them, before eyeing the small school bags on their back.

"WAAAA!" Both of the sisters started crying as they were lifted off the ground by the back of their outfit.

"What the—?" She was startled and almost dropped them. Both of them started kicking about as they trashed around lightly while continuing to cry.

"WAAA!" The brawled out loud, causing some of the neighbours to yell out silence.

Without knowing what to do, she immediately dropped them, when she heard a door open. Turning to the side, she saw an elderly man with semi-bald hair wearing a simple shirt and long pants staring at her. "Sister Rika, what is the meaning of this?" He demanded immediately.

"Umm…" She blankly stared at him than back to the two crying sisters. "Umm…this isn't what it looks like?" She said.


Moments later she was dragged through the orphanage by her ears. "Oww…oww! Stop it! I get it! I'm in the wrong for scaring them! But it couldn't be help! I couldn't see who it was through the bushes! Wait!" She cried out like a spoilt little girl as the head of the orphanage dragged her around by her ears, earning the stares of every little child there.

The two sisters who were following behind them also earned a lot of stares as well. But no one said anything as they didn't either way. Fortunately the silence did not last long as the headmaster brought the three of them into a room. "Now the three of you sit." He ordered as he pointed to a rundown sofa.

The three of them complied, with Rika sitting in the middle of the three. The two sisters were sitting next to her, each had one hand on their lap. They looked at her with a smile on their faces. "What is with these sisters?" She wondered.

"Sister Rika!" The headmaster's stern voice called her back to attention.

"Ye—yes?" she asked, clearly startled by his loud voice.

"Sister Rika, would you mind explaining yourself, like what were you doing, scaring two other little sister's? I mean I know you have some anger issues, but a person your age, should be more reasonable, and you're a sister to boot, please restrain yourself." He fired out immediately.

She flinched at the tone he was using, but couldn't say anything, because he was right in a sense. "But—but sir, please let me explain. The situation wasn't what you think it was." She meekly replied.

"Oh very well, please explain yourself then." He told her.

And thus she went into explaining the morning events, about her leaving towards the orphanage when she felt someone stalking her, and what she did. "—And that's what happened sir." She said.

"Is this true the two off you?" He asked.

They gave silent nods, but didn't say anything as they tightened their grip over Rika's clothing. The headmaster sighed. "Very well, but at least tell me the two off you, who are you anyway?" He asked.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment before replying, the girl on the left first before the right.



The two of them said as the returned to being quiet. Sighing, the headmaster decided to change the subject. "Rika, why don't you talk to them?" He asked as he got up and left the room without saying anything.

"Ah…" She tried to call out to the headmaster, but it was too late. Sighing she looked back at the two sisters who smiled at her. They suddenly removed their school bags and took out a book each. One was sky blue, the other was brownish red.

"What?" She was startled when both the sisters placed their books in front of her like an offering. They didn't say anything but continued to nudge.

Sighing she took the books in her hands, when suddenly she felt a large burst of energy. Her eyes widen as she saw the sky-blue book started shining. The earth red book however remained the same. "Wha—what? What's going on?" She asked.

But no answers came, immediately both the sister's pulled away their books and put it away. The sister holding the sky-blue book flashed a grin at her, and suddenly hugged her without saying anything. "Wha—what?" She was dumbstruck.

The other sister who was carrying the earth red book gave a sad sigh before she suddenly hugged her as well. She didn't know what to do, so Rika just kept quiet as they hugged her. Moments past, before they suddenly broke off the hug.

"Excuse me, but…" One of the sisters began, the one who introduced herself as Azure. "Do you know where we can find a church?" She asked.

"Any church would be fine, we wish to do our prayers there." Her sister added in.

Sighing, she shrugged it off. "Follow me, there's one nearby this area." She said as she led the two of them out. All the while she never forgot about what had just happened in this room. "Just what had happened?" She wondered.


Throughout the entire journey, both the sister's kept silent, it made Rika nervous, but she didn't say anything else. But nevertheless she endured it and ended up sending the two sisters to a nearby church where she left them.

"Sigh…" She sighed as she walked away from the church. So caught up she was in her thinking she didn't see where she was going, until she collided with someone. "Offh…" She cried out as she fell down. "Please forgive me, I didn't mean to." She apologized without looking.

"No, it was my fault, I should have—" The voice belonging to a girl suddenly cut off. Rika looked up at who she ran into and immediately let out a squeal.

"Ha—Haley?" She asked in shock as she got a good look at the person she ran into long red hair that was tied in a ponytail, hazel eyes, and light skin. She wore a blue coat over herself as well long jeans.

Next to her was a young boy with short spiky black hair, sapphire blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Both of his ears were pierced with silver stubs. Surprisingly, his choice of clothing was a sleeveless light blue tank top with a short sleeve dark blue jacket over it that reaches slightly above his waist. He also wore black pants that end about mid-thigh and blue and silver sneakers.

"Ri—Rika? What are you doing here?" The girl asked back. "And more importantly, why the heck are you wearing a sister's outfit?" She asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Rika asked back. "I'm a sister of the church; I was just done escorting two children to it.

At this remark, Haley immediately did a take back. "WHAT? You're a sister?" She screeched.

Rika winced at the volume as did the boy next to her. "Is it that big of a shock?" She asked.

"Yes it is! I mean you who are the most violent girl in school? You who picks fights with me over minor things every day? You who are rude and sarcastic at school? You are a sister?" Clearly Haley was in disbelief. Next to her the boy just sighed.

"Troublesome." He bluntly stated.

"Indeed." Rika agreed to it. "Anyway, Haley, who's this boy? Your boyfriend?" She asked.

"No!" She immediately screamed. Like before, both Rika and the boy winced. "This—this is Kai, he's a friend of mine, we're aren't in a relationship all right?" She immediately changed the subject.

Rika immediately burst in laughter. "HAHAHAHA! I would never have expected it! Who would have thought Haley Storm would have a boyfriend? Oh this is rich!" She cried out in between laughs.w

"Shut up! He's not my boyfriend!" She yelled back.

"Really a troublesome partner." The boy next to her sighed.

"Kai, let's go, I don't want to spend any more time with this rebellious sister." She huffed and walked away, with the boy following shortly.

The boy gave a weary sigh before walking off with her, leaving her by herself. "My my, she really needs to learn to take a joke." She smiled at her. Looking up at the sky, she watched as the snow descended. "Looks like I'll be spending Christmas alone by myself again." She sighed as she turned around and walked away.

For Rika being alone was nothing special, she had always been alone since her parents took her brother and left. Turning to religion, she became a sister of the church and devoted all her time to helping people, particularly young children.

"Ne—Rika-san!" One of the children called out to her. Turning to the side, she could see that it was a young boy.

"Yes what is it?" She asked.

"Come quickly! It—it's the church! It's on fire!" He screamed out.

"WHAT?" She screamed as she ran out of the orphanage and looked through the neighbourhood. Where she saw smoke coming from down the district. "Kids, call the fire department!" She told them as she sprinted down the neighbourhood.

She pushed herself to the limit, ignoring the pain in her legs as she ran all the way to the church, where she found was burning. "Azure! Adella! Are you in there! Answer me!" She yelled out.

The answer she got however was not what was expected. Instead of a shout, what she got was an explosion that blew apart the burning church doors. Covering her eyes, she watched as another explosion rocked the church and a loud cry of agony.

"KIDS!" She cried out as she forgot all common sense and ran through the flames. What she saw inside was not what she had in mind.

Skidding across the burning the ground, Kai quickly leapt into the air just before a blast of lava crashed into the spot he was a moment ago. On the side, Haley was there reading a book, that was glowing, similar to the one she was holding a moment earlier.

Across the side was another duo, one was a boy with spiky orange hair and dark blue eyes. He stood at around5'8 and had a skinny but well-toned figure. He wore a sleeveless white tank top, baggy blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Next to him was a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood at 5'9 and had a skinny figure, he wore a zipped up black jacket, blue jeans, silver tennis shoes, and a blue ball cap, in his hands was an amber coloured book.

"Wha—what's going on here?" She thought out loud. All four members in the church stopped for a moment to look at her.

"Ri—Rika?" Haley asked in shock. "What are you doing here? Get out quick! It's dangerous!" She yelled at her.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in." The blonde man interrupted them. "But seriously, please get out of here, it would be really troublesome if I have to deal with an extra." He told her.

Before she could respond, he suddenly read out a strange word. "Yougan!" The boy next to him stretched his hands forward, and immediately a large blast of lava shot forth and missed her narrowly by mere inches.

She took a step back, clearly frightened. "Wha—what…what—" She stuttered as she fell on her back.

"I'm afraid I'll have to do that to you if you don't leave." He warned her.

"I—I can't leave yet, there's supposed to be two sister's here. Their just kids, I can't leave them alone." She replied in between hard frightened breaths.

"Big—big sister…" She suddenly heard a cry from deeper within the burning church. Looking around, she found the two of them hiding under a table, which for some reason was still safe.

"Azure! Adella!" She cried as she ignored everything else and went straight towards them.

The boy grunted in frustration as he suddenly intercepted her. Leaping forward, he easily punched in the stomach with enough force to force her to her knees. "Now stay there, I don't want anyone touching our prey, so sorry about that sister." He told her.

"Kaji, don't drag innocent people into this, it would only make things more difficult for us." The man told him.

"Don't tell me what to do Hikaru!" The boy called Haji snapped back.

"Rika!" Haley yelled out as she ran up to her and helped her up. "You have to get out of here, it's too dangerous!" She ordered.

"But the kids—" She began, but was cut off immediately.

"Damn it, I'll get the kids out you idiot! Now leave!" She yelled again before looking back towards the two boys. Opening her book, she pointed towards them. "Kazedron!" She shouted.

Kai immediately shot forth a blast of wind towards the two boys who just smiled as Kaji raised his hands. "Kazashield…" Hikaru bluntly said as a wall of lava burst forth and shielded them from the blast.

"A pity your power is wind, you're a poor choice to fight me." Kaji smirked at them. "For after all, lava is close to fire element, and everyone knows fire absorbs wind. If you were a water or an ice type than this battle might have gone differently."

"Shut up!" Haley yelled at him. "Chisokumera!" She read another word.

A white glow surrounded Kai suddenly, as he vanished from sight. "What—" Was the only thing Kaji said as a fist suddenly slammed into his face, as he doubled back, Kai suddenly appeared in front of him and started throwing punches left and right none stop.

"Gah!Guh!Hah!" Kaji grunted as he took the blows none stop. So caught up in the moment he lost track of Hikaru.

"Kazahiro!" He cried out, suddenly a ring of lava surrounded Kaji and Kai.

"What?" What was Kai said immediately.

"Yougaru!" Hikaru continued. Lava formed around Kaji's hands and suddenly he threw a punch towards Kai in the face, taking advantage of his momentary shock. The impact was so strong it sent Kai flying out of the lava ring, and next to Haley, making a small crater.

"Damn bastard, that really hurts." Kaji stated as he wiped off some blood on his mouth as he stepped out of the ring of fire. "Good thing wind is more of a speed element. It would be disadvantageous to fight you in an open area, but here in a burning building your path and trajectory is narrowed, meaning that speed is useless here for there's only one way to go." He told him.

Without warning, suddenly large icicles shot forth and slammed into Kaji. "Wah!" He cried out as he was flung across from side of the burning building to another. All eyes turned towards where the source had came from.

Sitting down as she was shaking with fear, was Rika holding another book similar to the two of them. Next to her was the two sisters whom she had came to save. "Wha—what's going on?" She asked.

"Damn it!" Kaji swore as he got up. "Another book owner? At a time like this?" He yelled out before suddenly smiling. "Oh well, that just means I can get rid of two at once than." He said.

"Sister, please read the next spell." One of the sisters asked.

"Ye—yes Azure…" She stuttered as flipped it open to another page. "Scythrias Icicalia!" She cried out. Immediately a large frozen scythe appeared in one of the sister's hands. Everyone watching the scene immediately stopped what they were doing.

Haley who was watching the scene was dumbstruck. "I don't believe it, a sister wielding a scythe of death, this is like straight out of a horror movie." She bluntly stated.

"Oh the irony." Kai muttered as he nodded his head in agreement.

Both the sisters looked at each other for a moment before the one wielding the scythe suddenly leapt forward, she swung her weapon in a wide arc, spreading a blast of frost everywhere. The flames that was extinguishing the church suddenly died down a little as she did so.

"An ice type? Oh great!" Kaji snapped out of his confusion and ran forward, trying to engage her. "Hikaru another spell!" He ordered.

"Yougaru!" His partner yelled out. Once more as his hands was covered in lava, he punched the scythe that came down onto him, causing a large burst of steam which blew away the flames that was devouring the church.

From within the steam, loud metalic sounds of clashing could be heard as Kaji exchanged blows none stop with the sister. Kaji was easily gaining the advantage in the fight. "It's difficult wielding a large weapon like a scythe here is it?" He asked as he easily dodge a horizontal swing bent on taking his head off and punched her in the stomach.

"Kuh…" She grunted out as she doubled back, Kaji followed it by punching her straight in the face, throwing her straight towards her partner and sister where she landed hardly. "Man that felt good." He praised himself.

But as soon as he said that, a large pressure slammed into the back of his head flooring him. "And that felt good." Kai smirked as he looked down on him. "With the flames gone, I can fight easily now." He smirked.

"Damn it." Kaji groaned as he pushed himself up. "Two on one is a disadvantage for me, especially when one is an ice type." He said as he looked at his partner. "Come on, time to leave." He said.

His partner nodded. "Yougan!" He read the spell again. Kaji then shot a blast of lava upwards, destroying the roof of the church, causing all the debris to separate them. When both parties finally cleared the way, both of them were gone.


It didn't take long for the fire department to arrive, and imagine their shock when they arrive to find no fire but instead a frozen church on the inside.

"Can anyone explain what's going on to me?" Rika asked as she, Haley, Kai and the twins sat across each other in a café sipping hot coffee.

Both the sisters refused to look her in the eye, playing with their drinks. Haley sighed at their silence. "All right, since even though it's against my wishes, I'll explain everything to you since these two refuse too." She said.

Moments later, it took quite some time for the words to sink in. Rika just sat there staring at her drink, not able to say anything. By now, both the sisters looked as if they were about to get up and run, but one look from Haley told them not too.

"So, what now Rika? Will you accept them, or will you just leave them?" She asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Rika asked back as she looked her in the eye. Both the sisters refused to look at each other, waiting for her answer. "I'll take them. I mean not just as my duty as a sister, it would be wrong to just leave innocent children lying about the streets." She gently said.

Without warning, both of them suddenly tackled her to the ground. "OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" They cried out together as they jumped up and down on her, drawing the attention of everyone around them.

It didn't take much for her to pacify the two kids. After she did so, she finally got up. "Well, thanks for explaining Haley, I'll see you after Christmas when school reopens, for now just have fun with your boyfriend." She said.

*Puttoiee!* Haley did a spit take. "HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Rika smirked darkly at her. "You know, they say the more a person denies something, the more true it is." She said.

"Be quiet!" The red-head snapped.

"Oh I bet the girls at school would love to hear about this." She continued on.

By now, Haley was barely able to contain her anger. "You—You—You stinking blackmailer! How dare you call yourself a sister?" She yelled at her.

Taking it as a sign to leave, Rika quickly grabbed the two kids and left before Haley really lost it, leaving Kai alone with her. "So troublesome." He muttered as he sipped on his hot chocolate, ignoring his angry partner.


Even hours later, both the twins refused to leave her alone for even a single moment. By now it was already night, and the three were watching some television together when Rika noticed something. "When was the last time both of you took a shower?" She asked.

"Uh…" Both of them stuttered.

"Forget it…" She sighed. "You two take a shower now, feel free to use mine." She offered as she lead them out of their room despite their puppy dog eyes. "Damn, their adorable." She thought to herself before suddenly smacking herself in the face. "Oh not again." She scolded herself for cursing.

Much later, after much struggling she finally managed to push them in. "Geeze, how hard is it to take a bath anyway?" She wondered. "Any more importantly, why is it taking them so long?" She wondered.

"Kids, I'm coming in!" She knocked on the door.

Immediately there was a loud snap. "WAIT!" But she didn't hear it and instead walked in on them. The moment she saw what was inside the basket of towels she was carrying fell to the ground.

Both the twins stop and looked at her shock. "Si—sister Rika…" They stuttered.

"Why—why is there a boy here? And—and…" Was all she could say before she ran out of the washroom completely embarrassed.


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