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Summary: Momo begins her harem plan as she calls for a plant that lets out Rito's luscious ambition toward the girls of To-Love Ru.

Chapter 1: The Plan Begins

Pairing: RitoxMomo

Rito Yuuki was an ordinary teenager who only wanted to live a peaceful and normal life in Japan. However, unfortunately for him, his peaceful and normal life ended about two years ago. Now his life was more hectic and according to himself, unhealthy for his age. Yes, Rito Yuuki's life was now that of a playboy. A life that he never really was expecting, but unknown to him, his life was just about to become even more hectic as a certain pink haired alien girl was about to hatch her master plan.

"Eh...Rito-san sure looks cute..." Momo seductively whispered as she crawled on top of Rito Yuuki. She gently caressed his cheek as she could feel how smooth his skin was against her fingertips. She loved the sound he made when he slept allowing his snores to hit her ears like music. She giggled at how vulnerable he looked at this moment and wanted to do some naughty things to him, but resisted her urge as she did not want her harem plan to begin when he was asleep. "Rito-san...tomorrow will be the day that my harem plan will begin...so have a nice dream...because starting tomorrow...your new life begins..." She ended her seductive speech by planting a kiss on his neck.

Momo soon shortly fell asleep after the kiss as she laid her head on top of Rito's chest and allowed the soft movement of his chest to rock her to sleep. She eventually woke up several hours later and made sure she did wake up before the sunrise caused Rito to wake up. Smiling seductively down at Rito, she took out her transporter phone and clicked several buttons. Pressing one final button, a small plant poofed into Momo's hand as her smile widened. "Rito-san...today will be the day you will never forget...because today..." Momo said as pointed the plant right at Rito's sleeping face. "... is the beginning of your harem." Momo squeezed the small bulb at the end of the plant as a yellow pollen sprouted out of the mouth on the other end and sprayed all over Rito's face.

As soon as Momo finished she used her phone again and the plant poofed away as she straddled his waist and began softly patting Rito on his cheek to wake him up. However, Momo was suddenly caught by surprise when Rito suddenly grabbed hand and her eyes widened when Rito sat up and smashed his lips against hers. Momo was not expecting the pollen from the Lust Plant to take effect so quickly, but she didn't care as she closed her eyes and gave in to the kiss as the two began to use their tongues, deepening the kiss.

Once the two broke the kiss, Momo groaned that they had to end it but it was soon replaced with a gasp as Rito grabbed her wrists and forced her onto the bed as Momo was surprised at his action. Her eyes widened even wider when Rito leaned forward and began kissing her neck as Momo couldn't help but let out a moan at the feeling of his soft, wet lips against her skin. "Aa...Rito-san..."

Momo could feel Rito being rough with her, but she found herself enjoying his man dominance and was slowly being aroused by it. Momo felt him begin to start sucking on her neck and gasped when she felt one of his hands grab one of her breasts and began caressing it. "R-Rito-san..." Hearing her call his name he raised himself up and reached immediately for her shirt and unbuttoned her shirt. violently to reveal her two mounds as she could feel her cheeks reddened from embarrassment. He then followed it by leaning down and clamping his mouth over one of her breasts and took care of the other with his hand as Momo moaned in ecstasy.

The feeling of Rito's tongue flipping against her erect nipple and his fingers pinching the other as Momo felt like she was in heaven. She wanted a day like this to come and she was ecstatic that it finally happened. She knew there was a chance she would be his first victim of the harem plan and she was glad she was. She arched her back more into him as Rito continued to suck and lick her nipple causing her to moan with so much pleasure. "Rito-san...that feels so g-good..."

Rito raised his head and removed his mouth from her breast with a pop before kissing Momo again and explored her mouth with his tongue. Momo moaned into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around her neck and arched her back closer to his chest as her erect nipples brushed against his shirt. Rito broke the kiss as a trace of saliva that connected the two was seen as Momo sat up and smiled seductively at Rito.

"Rito-san...your getting excited aren't you..." She teased him as she placed her hand against the bulge that was trying to push through his underwear. She slowly stroked it causing a silent groan to escape Rito's lips as his eyes were hidden during the whole time he was pleasuring Momo. "Let me help you..." She smiled as she moved her hands toward his underwear and pulled them down as Rito's erection popped out, surprising Momo at how big it was. "My, my Rito-san...you sure are bigger than I expected..." She teased as she stroked his penis causing groans to escape Rito's mouth. "Yare, yare...Rito-san...you love it when I do this don't you..." Rito didn't respond, but she knew what the answer was. "Then...you will definitely love this..." She said as she flipped a strand of her hair behind her ear and then licked the tip of his penis.

"Ah..." Rito groaned as Momo continued to lick the tip before she engulfed the head and sucked on it. She loved Rito's taste and wanted to taste more of him as she began to bob her head up and down on his member slowly. She began to speed her motion as hearing the groans that escaped Rito's mouth was something she loved hearing. Her eyes widened when she felt Rito's hand on the back of her head as he made her speed up in her motions.

Next thing Momo knew, she felt Rito's penis twitch and felt his white cum being released and into her mouth as she swallowed everything he was squirting out. She removed her mouth and swallowed whatever was remaining in her mouth as she looked up at him, her seductive smile still on her face. "Mmmmm...Rito-san's cum taste so delicious..."

Momo was once again suddenly pulled down to the bed as Rito kissed her again and slowly began pulling her panties down as it revealed her wet vagina. Pulling away, Rito placed his member in front of her entrance as Momo, for the first time throughout the entire experience was actually feeling a bit scared. "Rito-san..." She whispered his name as he began entering her. Momo bit her bottom lip as she felt her walls begin to tear at the intruder and then stop as she felt the tip of his penis to reach her hymen. She whispered his name one more time before he pushed through and broke her hymen as she held back the scream that she wanted to let out. She could feel the tears fall down from her eyes and down her cheek as Rito began to slowly pull out and then push back in.

The feeling of Rito's penis thrusting inside her was nothing like she imagined and nothing like she felt whenever she masturbated and the pain she felt before was slowly disappearing and in it's place, pleasure began growing. Rito's thrusts grew faster for every thrust he performed as he placed his hands on her breast causing Momo to let out a pair of gasps. "Rito-san..." She moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him close to her.

Momo was now in heaven. She was finally able to do this with Rito. The one thing she had that Lala didn't and was never going to obtain. Rito's virginity. Yes, she knew that her harem plan would involve her sister, but right now she didn't care about that. As of this moment, all she could care about was the sex she was having with Rito. Now, she was feeling something at the pit of her stomach that was just pleading to come out. She was ready to cum and since this might be the only time she might have sex with Rito for a long time...she was going to take the risk.

"Rito-san...I'm about to come..." She moaned as Rito groaned in response understanding that it meant he was near as well. "Rito-san...let' come together..." Momo told him as she felt his pace speed up as he joined his hands with hers. The with one final thrust, he arched his back as he felt him pour his seed inside of Momo as she couldn't help but let out a scream at the sensation she felt of her own climax and his as she could feel his warm liquid enter her womb.

Rito stayed connected in Momo before he slowly fell to his side and laid down on the bed. Momo was busy catching her breaths as she looked over to Rito's face and watched as the pollen's effect wear off and the side effects begin to take place. Apparently, the person who was struck by the pollen would instantly fall asleep after releasing twice and she smiled at him. She felt herself giggle as she sat up and looked down at her vagina and saw the mixture of her cum, his seamen and her blood on the sheets.

She knew that she would have to get rid of it to avoid suspicion, but right now she felt herself get tired. She laid back down and cuddled into Rito's arm as she slowly allowed sleep to take her. It was only about two hours before sunrise and she knew she had to wake up before anyone else did. However, right now...she was happy and her harem plan was just beginning.

To Be Continued...

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