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Summary: Momo begins her harem plan as she calls for a plant that lets out Rito's luscious ambition toward the girls of To-Love Ru.

Chapter 17: Alternate Ending

"Hmmm...that's weird?" Lala said out loud as she looked through her closet, Rito standing right behind her.

"W-What is it, Lala?" Rito asked nervously as he felt uncomfortable being around Lala after what happened the night before.

"I can't find it." She replied.

"W-What...are you sure?" He asked, hoping she was just saying that to make him feel even more uncomfortable.

"I know I put it in here..." She continued to rummage through her closet. After about a few seconds later, she stood up and sighed. "I think I lost it...silly me..." She giggled and stuck her tongue out playfully and hit her head softly with her fist

"Are you serious!" Rito yelled pulling his hair as he fell to his knees. "Y-You mean, I'm going to be stuck like this forever!"

"Rito-san...are you looking for this?" Both Rito and Lala turned their heads to look at Momo who held a small vile with a pink colored liquid inside it.

"Ah...that's the antidote!" Lala cheerfully celebrated, clasping her hands.

"Huh? Really! Thank you Momo!" Rito thanked her as he began standing up and walked over to her. He went to grab for the vile, but Momo took a step back almost causing Rito to lose his balance at the sudden action. "Huh? M-Momo?" Rito asked surprised.

"Sorry, Rito-san...but I can't let you ruin my harem plan that I worked so hard to fulfill." Both Lala's and Rito's eyes widened in shock as Momo giggled at them with a large smile that made Rito nervously stare at her.

"M-Momo...w-what are you saying?" Momo sighed and frowned.

"Rito-san...you still don't get it?" Momo asked him, but he looked at her dumbfounded. She sighed again. "It was me, Rito-san...it was me who infected you with the pollen." Rito's eyes widened as far as they possibly could go at Momo's confession. Lala was surprised as well, but not nearly as surprised as Rito was.

"But...Momo...why?" Lala asked for Rito as he was too shocked to say anything.

"Like I said before...Nee-san...it was for Rito's harem plan and the only way to do it is by using the Aphrodisiac Hormoneaus Plant. Of course...I was his first victim." She said that last part seductively while licking her lips. Rito felt a shiver run down his spine as the shock of Momo's confession left his body and slight anger built up inside him.

"Momo!" He raised his voice that surprised both Momo and Lala. "How could you do such a thing to me! What about the others who you made do those things to them! Did you even think about their feelings!" He shouted at her, clenching his fists tightly.

"Rito-san...I did." Rito's eyes widened. "Rito-san...I don't want to offend you or anything, but you really are dense."

"Huh?" He blinked at her in confusion.

"If you think that any of those girls didn't like you, then you are wrong. It may not seem like it to you, but every girl who was part of your harem plan had feelings for you Rito-san." Rito was speechless. "Of course I considered their feelings, but I didn't need to do much since they already had feelings for you and yes that does include Kotegawa-san, Momioka-san and even Mikan-chan." She smiled at him. "If any of these girls didn't want you to tame them, then they would have fought back, but they didn't Rito-san."

Rito felt like he lost his voice as he stared at Momo, who only continued to smile and giggle at him. "Momo..." Momo averted her gaze from Rito and toward her older sister.


"Momo, give Rito the antidote." She told her sternly as she glared at Momo. Momo was shocked to see Lala angry. Never did she once see her older sister get angry, but right now, she looked pissed. If there was one thing Momo knew, it was to never make her older sister angry.

"But...Nee-san..." Momo tried to explain, but Lala didn't want to hear any of it.

"Momo...I don't know why you did this to Rito, but this is not right! Just because you think this is okay and assume everyone else is doesn't mean you are allowed to do this!" Lala scolded her.

"But Nee-san...the others..."

"How do you know for sure! Besides, what if they all found out what you did! Do you think they'll accept it like you do! Momo, what you did is completely wrong! Give Rito the antidote or else!" Lala threatened as Momo lowered her head so that her bangs covered her eyes from their view.

"No..." Momo muttered.

"Momo!" Lala shouted at her. Momo shook her head violently.

"No! I won't let you take away everything I worked so hard to accomplish! Don't you get Nee-san! I didn't do this just for me! I did this so that everyone can be happy! If Rito-san becomes the next King, then everyone can be happy by being with Rito-san! Everyone would be happy!"

"But I wouldn't." Momo and Lala turned their heads toward Rito, who finally was able to find his voice.

"W-What?" Momo asked, her eyes widened.

"Momo...I understand what you are saying. You want everyone to be happy. I'm not sure if what you said about any of the girls who I had...um...you know...but did you ever once think that I'll be happy with all this."


"I'm not saying I don't like any of the girls, I love all of my friends, but I don't want to force them to do anything. I know I can be dense at times, but I don't know if what you said about all of the girls liking me or not, but this is not right. You shouldn't have done something like this because it's what you wanted. I'm sorry, Momo. Can you please give me the antidote?" Rito asked calmly and kindly as he reached out his hand, giving Momo a warm and genuine smile.

Momo looked down at his hand. She bit her bottom lip as Rito's words tried to sink in. She began moving her arm. The vile was in her hand was slowly approaching Rito's hand. Then at the last moment, she stopped. "N-No..." Rito looked at her with a small frown.

"Momo..." He whispered her name and she started shaking her head as she pulled her hand back and tugged the vile closer to her chest.

"No...I can't! I'm sorry, Rito-san! I just can't do it! This my only chance of me having you. I worked so hard and I just can't let it get away from like this! I'm sorry but neither you or Nee-san or anyone on this planet can make me change my mind!" Momo shouted as Rito and Lala looked at her with frowns.

"To think that the first time I see my daughters after who knows how long, ends up with two of them fighting with each other." The three of them made a noise in surprise at the all too familiar voice that echoed throughout Lala's room. The three turned their heads to the large monitor in her room to see the King of Deviluke frowning at them, as he rested his head on his hand.

"O-Otou-san...what are you...?" Momo stuttered in shock at seeing her father.

"Well, I wanted to see how my lovely daughters were doing, but it seems there is a small little dispute." He answered before glaring at Rito, who froze in fear. "Don't tell me it has something to do with this puny human."

"Otou-san...Momo...she...she did something bad!" Lala told her father.

"Oh? What did she do?"

"I created Rito's harem..." Momo answered, which shocked both Lala and Rito.

"Harem?" Gid repeated, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes...and before you say anything else, Otou-san...I will not let you make me give up the antidote." Gid stared at her daughter with narrowed eyes. Momo looked back at her father with eyes filled with determination. He knew his daughter well and he knew she was stubborn when she made up her mind.

"This harem of yours with that human...tell me...does it include all of my daughters?" Rito began to panic. He felt himself sweating out the liquid in his body and was afraid of the consequences that would unravel if Momo told him. He prayed to whatever God that there was that she wouldn't tell him.

"Hai!" This God was so cruel!

"I see..." He moved his eyes to look back at Rito.

"Ah! No! This isn't...I mean...I..." He stuttered, trying to find the words that would explain himself to possibly the most powerful person/alien in the entire universe. The wait was killing him. He didn't even want to think about the consequences or punishment that he assumed Gid was plotting in his head.

"Damn..." He suddenly cursed, making everyone make a noise in surprise.

"W-What?" Momo asked, confused by his reaction.

"I'm guessing you don't know the law...do you, Momo."

"Law?" Gid sighed and straightened up.

"Then again, it's no surprise that you or my other two daughters never heard of this law, since it hasn't happened for who knows how long...but...according to the Bill of Kings that was created when the Deviluke Kingdom was formed, if a eligible successor, which this human was made into when Lala chose him to marry her, claims the virginity of all the daughters of the current King, then he becomes my true successor." Everyone's eyes widened.

"N-No way..." Rito mouthed out in shock.

"B-But I never heard of a law like that..." Lala told him.

"Of course none of my daughters knew about it...in fact no one knows about it because it had to be kept secret. If anyone besides the King finds out then they could use that to their advantage and try to claim you three in ways I rather not say." He said with a bit of anger in his voice. Momo and Rito understood what he meant, while Lala was clueless.

"So then...that means that..." Momo said, hoping the next words that came out of his mouth were the ones she wanted to hear so badly.

"Yeah...I can't do anything about this harem plan of yours...you can still give him the antidote, but no matter what happens, this human is going to become the new King of Deviluke even if he doesn't marry one of my daughters." He sighed in disappointment. "To think that my successor is a human..."

Momo couldn't help but widen her grin to the point that it reached each of her ears. She couldn't believe this was happening. Her harem plan worked! Granted she never heard of this law, but it worked perfectly for her! Now Rito was going to become King and everyone would be able to be with him!

"A-Are you sure there is no other way...?" Rito asked nicely, hoping there was.

"If there was, I would have done it by now. I don't like this anymore than you do, but face the facts human, you are going to be King when I step down. Stupid ancestors..." He grumbled the last part.

"B-But I don't want to be King of anything! All I want to do is just live my life like a regular person!" Rito tried to argue.

"Tough squash!"

"Squash!" Rito exclaimed in shock at the word he used. "You got to be kidding me!"

"Rito..." Lala frowned at the person she loved.

"But Rito-san...this means that everyone will be able to be with you!" Momo told him.

"But what makes you so sure that they all want to be with me!" Rito yelled.

"By the way, how did you get your harem to work, Momo?" Gid asked.

"Oh! I used the Aphrodisiac Hormoneaus Plant on Rito-san!" She grinned at her father.

"I see...tell me, how much do you actually know about that plant?" Momo made a noise in surprise at his question.

"Well, it increases Rito-san's hormones to the point that he has sex with the opposite sex anytime he comes in contact with them." Momo answered.

"Yes...but that is not all."

"Eh?" They all questioned.

"It doesn't just work on anyone of the opposite sex...I think you were mistaken by another plant that has the same features as the Aphrodisiac Hormoneaus Plant." He explained.

"Huh? What does that mean, Otou-san?" Lala asked.

"It means that the only time the plant would effect the human's hormones is if the opposite sex knows the person and has at least some feelings towards him." Rito's eyes widened.

"W-What...?" He muttered in shock. "Then...that means..."

"Yes, all the women who you had sexual intercourse with have feelings for you human. Although, I don't see what is so special about you." He grumbled.

"See, Rito-san...I told you." She grinned at him. Rito lowered his head so that his eyes were shadowed by his hair.

"B-but...I didn't want it to be like this...I..."

"Rito..." He looked up to see Lala's warm smile. "I know this isn't what you wanted and Momo was very wrong in doing what she did...but I do agree with one thing...Momo, Haruna-chan and everyone else including myself love you Rito. I know that something like this is illegal in Japan and possibly everywhere else on this planet, but this could possibly be the only way for everyone to be with you."

"Lala...but...this is..."

"I know...Rito..." She said and walked toward him. Rito's eyes widened when she pulled him into a hug. "I know this isn't what you wanted...I know that...and I know that if there was anything my Otou-san can do to stop this, he would...but this is a chance for everyone to be happy...Rito...happy to be with you...I know it would be hard to tell everyone about this...it's going to come as a shock to them I know...but I'm with you...no matter what I'll always be with you...because...I love you, Rito..." Rito's eyes widened as Momo grinned widely again and a groan was heard coming from the monitor.

"Lala...I..." Lala pulled away and then kissed him on the lips.

"It's okay...Rito...I'm with you to the end..."

"Ano...Nee-san...I still didn't give him the antidote..." Momo chuckled.

"Eh?" Lala blinked in surprise. The next thing she knew, Rito kissed her and lowered her to the ground.

"You human! How dare you do this in front of me to my own daughter? I'm going to kill you, you son of a bi-" Momo giggled when she shut off the monitor.

"Gomen...Otou-san...but Rito's harem is far from over..." She smirked seductively as Lala let out a moan in the background.

The End?

Author Notes: So, I checked out all the reviews on the last chapter of this story and I'm sorry that some of you were disappointed with the ending. So, I am proud to present to you an alternate ending! I hope you guys like this one more! So, until next time! coughsequelcough