Dance with the Darkness

There was only one choice left for him.

He was rejected, alone. Nobody was there to help him face his demons when the time came.

But he never needed anybody there with him, anyway. He was a loner because he was strong. Powerful. He didn't need the help of anybody, not even his best friend. That was why he rejected him in Traverse Town. Well…sort of. Sora didn't need his help; he had replaced him with a duck and a dog. Seriously, what was that all about?

Whatever. Riku didn't need him. So what if he trained him? So what if they were best friends since they were babies? It didn't matter. All that mattered now was getting Kairi her heart back, and gaining more power. But of course, he told himself the first was more important, even if the Darkness in his heart was making him more thirsty for power than ever.

Ugh, what am I thinking? Riku thought, holding his head in his hands as he sat in his temporary bedroom in Hollow Bastion. He was doing this for his friends, nothing more. The Darkness was under his control; it wasn't doing anything but giving him more power. It wasn't changing him, and it wasn't making him do anything he normally wouldn't do.

You normally wouldn't fight Sora, he thought then, though he tisked in disgust to the thought. Sora was being an idiot. He was wasting time with Donald and Goofy instead of searching for Kairi's heart. Riku himself still hadn't found it, but at least he found her body. He was fulfilling the purpose that he meant when he first accepted the Darkness. Well, sort of. His original purpose was to get off the islands. And now that he was off, his purpose was to protect the one friend he had left who needed protection. Kairi.

But he still couldn't get his best friend off his mind.

Focus, Riku, he told himself. You're losing control. Keep a clear head and you'll get through this. You're strong enough to control this Darkness.

Riku rose off of his bed, a look of determination crossing his face. He wouldn't fail. He would play his role in the story and come out the victor, even if he was doing something very dangerous by toying with the Darkness. However, he was strong enough to control it and make it submit to him. He just had to be smart with it. One misstep and he was done.

And thinking that way, he only had one challenge to make.

"Darkness, let's dance."

Notes from the author.

I know, this is a short oneshot for me. But I was randomly inspired and just recently finished it. Not really sure how I feel about it. Thoughts from the readers? And in case you didn't get it, this takes place during KH1.

Oh, and this was inspired by "Dance with the Devil" by Breaking Benjamin.

Have a good day now.