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Pairing: Ulquiorra X Grimmjow

Rating: Mature. I highly advise you turn away if you don't like mature themes...

Starting song: FMLYHM by Seether.

"You only realize what you've lost once you've lost it and everything is to late"

I pressed the fourths pale, lithe body firmly, aggressively against the wall, his head cracking into the pearl white tiles. My teeth gritting, blood pumping furiously through my course and aggressive veins.

"What? Say that again I dare you!" I growled out as i ground my knee into his upper thigh. Furry pumped, skittered, dominated my every thoughts as pulses of unexplained anger pumped, coursed, through me. Ulquiorra trapped beneath my body, his ragged breathing, eyes shut closed, only pushed my furry further. Sure i had always had a bad temper, but every thing ulquiorra did always, never without fail, caused my blood to boil. I realized here just now my current intentions with the emotionless espada, the espada that held his rank above me like a sword to my throat. My temper was past the point of reason.

I wanted to make him scream. I wanted to make him moan. I wanted to hate him.

I wanted to watch that thick, crimson, bittersweet blood pool to the floor beneath him...

Snarling, I punched the wall, missing his head by a mere inch. White tile crunched beneath my fist as porcelain shards invaded my skin, and ripped the flesh, as cracked tile pieces fell to the floor. Grimacing at the impact slightly, furry, adrenaline masked the pain, as i ground my fist further into the wall. Apathetic green eyes opened slowly and glared hard at me, observing, calculating the extent of my anger.

"You heard me, I believe I didn't stutter" he spoke almost immediately, his monotone voice clear, as he brought an icy hand to my open chest and pushed ",Get off " he demanded, pushing back against my chest with more effort.

"Fuck you!" I snarled. After all this shit, he had unknowingly caused me emotional turmoil, he was demanding of me? I almost laughed. Had he truly not realized to what extent he had fucked with my head? When every waking moment of every day i spent thinking, scowling, pondering his attitude, thinking, devising ways to break that composure of his. Him? Him? Him? Why was his emotionless front affecting, and fucking with my head so much? I wanted him to feel humiliated, dead, ashamed, I wanted to release all this pent up emotion on him, maybe then he'd understand what 'The heart' was. I wanted to be alive and in control. Sparks of excitement ran down my spine as images of the curta begging me to stop as i mercilessly pounded into him, flooded my mind. I wanted complete control over the man, whether he wanted it or not. Maybe i would enjoy myself after all.

"Don't you get it?" My hands grew eager, twitching in anticipation, i wanted him to break. My hands placed themselves over ulquiorra's chest, my fingers teasing, rubbing the curta's clothed nipples roughly. I wanted hear a reaction, a noise of some sort slip from his mismatched lips. I rubbed the now hard nub, beneath his espada jacket, harder, while i removed my other hand from the walls grip. Blood dripped, down my knuckles and trickled down my fingers, it would heal soon though. Ulquiorra gasped slightly and shut his eyes while turning his head sideways, I assumed he didn't want to give me the pleasure of hearing his voice.

"If you don't give me what i want, I wont be gentle ulquiorra.." I spoke into the nape of his neck, before biting roughly into the pale flesh, drawing blood. My fingers played with the edge of his jacket, slipping beneath it and popping open two buttons, and ripping the rest with my cat like sharp nails. Lazily dragging them downwards to reveal the curta's seemingly perfect and blemish free fair skin. As i threw the invading article to the floor the curta's breathing increased slightly, his eye brows furrowing close. He didn't know how to react to situations like this. And that was when i heard it, a small almost plea escaped his lips. Don't... That breathy word... Who knew words could be so arousing? Oh how i would enjoy dirtying his clean innocent skin.

"Don't.." He almost pleaded, the words rushing straight to my already swollen erection. Placing to fingers to his lips i stroked them sensually before growling, There was no going back, and i knew that there would be no way to stop myself now. I crushed our lips together and kissed the man, who's eyes shot open before closing again, heavy lidded, he gasped into the kiss as i rolled my tongue over his bottom lip. Eliciting sweet gasps and sharp intakes of breath form the man with no emotions. I felt so empowered, so cocky for lack of better words. I wanted to hear more, to feel more... to ravish and completely dominate the fourth espada. My own eagerness was increasing dangerously quick, which was a bad thing considering i still wanted to tease my prey, and the foreplay had just begun. I bit his lip softly and almost lovingly before pulling away with a satisfied smirk smeared across my face.

"Do you like that ulqui...?" He shuddered a bit at the nickname and glared with intensity at me, his hollow green eyes that where still apathetic angered me for reasons only know to myself. After all i had already done ulquiorra was still putting up his emotionless front. I wanted to break him... I wanted him to scream... But a small portion of me also wanted to be gentle... To draw his emotions out. My hand wondered south, tracing the outline of his slight erection through his hakama. Maybe his body was acting against him? I would never know.

"Don't." He said a bit firmer, while trying to remove my intruding hand.

"why should i stop?" I questioned, faking a puzzled expression, "Why should I?" I nearly growled out and proceeded with my hands trip southwards. Slipping my hand beneath his hakama i began tugging it down just below his ass which was nice by the way. My hand wrapped around the base of his semi erection and pumped softly, before smearing my thumb across the slit.

"..Nnh.." The curta's voice was small and strained. He struggled with his facial expressions as well, trying his best not to give me the pleasure of hearing his voice or seeing his expressions. I pumped and pulled faster, and lightly squeezed his balls with my other hand, as i attached my lips to his neck and sucked the sweet tempting flesh there. Break break break my mind interjected and i saw his blank expression falter, the word repeated over and over in my head. That expression... that hollow icy stare...

"Break..." I said aloud, and something deep within me snapped. My resolve and my need to be kind and gentle with him dissolved completely. I yanked his hakama haphazardly of and threw it randomly, hastily. Ulquiorra's zampakto Clanged to floor as the cloth holding it to his hakama came undone, and pooled to floor beneath the fourths faire skinned legs. He would not experience euphoria from this at all. I wanted him to scream, I grinned as i looked into his closed eyes.

"Look at me" I ground my teeth together and my hand ceased its earlier actions. I grabbed him by his ebony locks, bringing his face a mere inches from my own. ",Look at me damnitt!"I threw his head into the earlier abused tiles, his head audibly cracking against the tiles. I could tell already he was going to try and be defiant till the very end. His composure would break... and i was hell bent on being the one to do it. My hand strayed into my own hakama, as ulquiorra let out a strained, straggled breath he had been holding in, and his eyes shot open, fear flickered in his eyes for a split second. My erection now free I let out a groan as I stroked myself lightly before lifting ulquiorra's leg.

"You... cant be serious..." He said quickly, rushed, almost panicked... almost... Positioning myself, the tip barely touching the ring of muscle. The curta espada finally showed emotion. Even though it was slight, panic was evident in his expression, his eyes slightly wide mouth agape... It was a shame really. He was attractive, every last bit of him, his skin, his hair, his scent... Was all intoxicating. It was such a shame really that things had come down to this pure act of sinful hatred, that mirrored my rationality, and i relished, even found pleasure in the mere thought of this forbidden act about to unfold.

"You cant..." He rushed, eyes scanning my face searching for any sign of remorse, even if it was the slightest hint. That slight simple expression that his face held pushed me over the edge quiet literally as i slammed into his body, Fully sheathing myself in one thrust. Ulquiorra's eyes widened further than i had ever seen before as he brought his hand to cover his mouth, biting into it and using it as a gag. A small sob ripped through his chest but never escaped his throat. I grinned and thrust harder and quicker into the smaller mans tight tight entrance that felt so good and I let a groan escape my lips. My cock was throbbing, pulsing begging for release as i increased my pace yet again. He quaked, and shook, occasionally he opened his mouth letting out silent screams, and whimpered. Here i was fully sheathed in the emotionless espada... i felt so dominant, so wonderfully in control over him... I thrust again, tearing the tight walls that sheathed me, ripping and protesting my intrusion. Blood collected and seeped out of the tight whole, and ran down his quacking standing legs.

His face was contorted into that of immense pain. His eyebrows where furrowed closely together, and he let go. All his pent up fear shook through him, and he sobbed, pleading me to stop, begging and screaming, clawing at my back roughly racking his nails down my back.

"P-please... please stop" He was truly letting go... His pleas only excited me further as pushed through his tight whole once more before i lolled my head backwards and thrust myself to completion. My salty semen, combined, mixed, melded together with the blood as the mixture dripped and soaked into the floor beneath the fourths now tarnished skin. To ride out my after sex high i thrust a few more times before pulling out completely, and grinning at the helpless man on the floor.

I wanted to make him scream. I wanted to make him moan. I wanted to hate him.

"Your a good fuck ulqui..." I spoke shakily from the intense orgasm as i watched the fourth fall to the floor, covering his face with his hands in shame.

"I... Loved you..." His trembling red lips quivered out as he shrank into the corner of the room, hugging his knees to his chest.

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