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Starting song: The Horror of Our Love by Ludo (look it up i demand!)

Ending song: Poison by Alice Cooper

"I'm jealous of every person who has ever hugged you, because for that one moment they held my entire world. Tears are like kisses, the only real ones are the ones you can't hold back never make someone your everything, because when they are gone you have nothing. You will never know true pain until you look into the eyes of someone you love, and they look away The scars are nothing compared to the pain that put them there goodbye is only painful when you know you can never Say hello again How can you learn from your mistakes when mistakes are all you've ever made What's the point in living when the ones you love the most refuse to love you break my heart And tell me lies, because eventually every heart dies" -Michelle Mace

"Humans will kill each other... And when the last one stands among the corpses of his brothers... It is then that he will beg for death. Humans will curse their friends...Till he has no more... And in the end he'll realize... He's all alone. Humanity will kill for riches... And then kill one another. By the time man realizes he cannot eat money... They will begin to eat each other. Have not pity. They are but animals. Killing the planet. And destroying their souls." -Rooster

Curling his toes, arching into my rough calloused hands that held his hips down, thumbs tracing the skin there. Head rolled back, sweat droplets rolled freely down his forward, over his lips in which he was fiercely biting, keeping himself from moaning loudly. My thrusts where slow, rough but slow, allowing him to feel everything as my shaft plunged deep into his warmth that sucked me in, plunging into that bundle of nerves that caused him to let out hushed mewls of pleasure through tightly clenched teeth. Soft pink dusted his cheek in the heat of the moment, his raven hair splayed around him, artfully countering his pale face. Oh how my own thoughts plagued me deeply; he was beautiful. I wouldn't deny it, till later at least. My nails dug painfully hard into his milky hips as my thrusts hit that bundle of his.

" I hnnn hate your-ah! guts, I hate you." My breathing increased my thoughts where jumbled, i was holding onto the only thing my mind comprehended at the moment, hate. My cock pulsated, twitching slightly. Hate. It fueled all of my actions.

" Ahh, i k-know" He struggled with his words, his pleasure wracked brain refused to work correctly, "Harder..." He whispered huskily, not caring at the moment, and gods I didn't blame him, I had never been this hard for any one, the pleasure was so intense I felt myself pulsate deep within his tight heat, I lacked rationalism as I complied with his words thrusting faster and harder into his heat.

Trailing one of my hands over his belly, my hand traveled to his weeping cock, leaking with pre-cum, the shaft was hard, long, the tip beautifully flushed a rosy color, Veins slightly engorged peeking out of the skin, the blood pumping swiftly through the organ felt bizarre against my palm at work, my hand quick with its work, wrapping completely around the base and twisting upward effectively jerking him off. His eyes grew wide flying open as he let out a throaty growl like moan that reverberated through his chest that was practically fused tight with my own. His hands grasped by back, nails digging hard into by shoulder blades creating crescent moon marks that oozed with small amounts of blood.

"I hate ahh you!" I nearly growled, My hand increased its pace, as my hips ground down into ulquiorra, my thick shaft hitting his prostate dead on, moaning loudly he threw his head back brokenly breathing as his intense orgasm ripped through every fiber in his being, his eyes rolling back as he called out my name, his hot seed coming out in spurts, as my hand milked him of his orgasm, my ears rang. Thrusting myself further into that delicious heat my eyes scrunched shut, my orgasm completely taking over my senses bitting my lip i let out a suppressed groan, as the white hot pleasure of an orgasm wracked my already scrambled brain. I spurted deep into the fourth espada, filling him to the brim, he let out a shaky moan at the feeling of being filled in his after glow. The pleasure was incredible as i thrust a few more times before pulling out with a pop, cum leaking out of the tip slightly. I sat on my knees fisting my fingers into my hair, softly moaning in the after pleasure i was experiencing. It happened. Again, almost as if fate was smirking in our faces.

"Damnitt... why?" As if to answer me ulquiorra sat up peering into my eyes, His eyes still glazed over.

"... You realize that that was-"

I cut him off by smashing our lips together. "Don't say it, i know what we've done three times already" Pushing him back into the bed roughly i kept eye contact with him. "If i knew why this kept happening i would let you know but i don't" I growled " Your in my mind constantly, its like you won't leave my thoughts wherever I am. You piss me off."

" I know." He muttered simply, his breathing was now under control his cheeks normal color, his static expression re-appeared, mocking me. "Our bodies are connected to each other this is obviously going to continue if we don't address this issue now." He shifted slightly putting his hand to my chest, "These actions don't have to involve the heart, but simply for the pleasure of doing it."

My eyes widened slightly, what he was saying made sense, if our bodies where going to crave this beautiful friction that occurred between the two of us, there was no way to stop it, however if all feelings where void from the situation, the thirst for each other could be quenched while still remaining at a safe distance. And maybe eventually my own burning hatred for the man below me would die out, enabling me to think straight everyday without the fourth haunting me. It was the ideal solution, the only downside to this was that my masochistic side would not be fed, my burning passion for violence made me reconsider the offer.

"Once a month." I didn't give him the chance to agree or disagree before getting up to fish for my clothes. Nor did I care whether he agreed to this or not, my mind was made up. I clothed myself and waisted no time in removing myself from his room. The air was cold in las noches, artificial moonlight illuminated my tanned skin as my stalk feet carried me wherever they wanted to, aimlessly walking the halls. I didn't want to give my now clear head time to think this through in fear of my rational side refusing the genius plan that was formed. I needed rest before i collapsed of exhaustion.




Ulquiorra reveled in the way the knife split apart his skin, allowing thick blood droplets to spill over the cut and onto the floor, he raised the knife again and sharply cut at his wrist, shuddering as he felt a wave of sick pleasure rush through his veins. he hadn't felt enough of what he wanted earlier, the first time grimmjow took him by force, he felt alive, and after the initial shock of the whole matter he found that he rather liked the way his insides felt when they where pushed apart and completely torn and abused, he felt alive. It was sick proof for him that he was living, breathing, that he wasn't just a waist of an existence. He wanted to feel the pleasure of pain coursing through his veins again, it wasn't enough, and it never was. He brought the blade hard again down on his other wrist digging at it, rolling his head back as he lost himself in the pleasure of pain, he didn't care how wicked or twisted what he was doing now was, he wanted it, and he would make sure that grimmjow knew that because he didn't want emotional ties to the man, he wanted bodily pleasurable connections with him. Drawn out moans escaped his lips, he lost himself, violently hacking away at the flesh hat he could reach any where on his body.

Pain was something he was void of. All that came from the hacks that splayed his rosy blood everywhere was that shuddering pleasure that he lost himself in, reaching a pale hand to his erection he slowly pumped himself his palm running along the slit of his erection while his other hand held a knife to his stomach cutting deep lines across his stomach as he jerked himself off. Slowly he lowered himself to the bed, laying on his back his breathing hitched as he felt some of his skin start to heal already, damn his heiro he cursed silently. Thumb running slowly over his slit it collected pre-cum that slicked his fingers movements as he desperately jerked himself hard, he needed release and he needed it now, the fire in the pit of his stomach was causing his rational side to be pushed away, he wanted to feel the intense pleasure of a self-induced orgasm wrack his senses dragging him to completion. His breathing was uneven chest heaving up and downwards on his sheets, blood and sweat mingling with one another as they cascaded over the deep gashes and onto the black sheets below his lithe form.

Legs quivering and his hand working feverishly on completing himself his back arched high off of the bed his lips quivering with desperate hushed moans. A single name the only thing that danced upon his tongue.

"Grimm-ahhh grimmjow" Ulquiorra's mismatched lips repeated grimmjow's name through the pleasurable pain induced haze. Heavy blood flow pumped through his own organ as he felt himself teetering closer and closer to his completion. With a loud moan that rumbled through ulquiorra's chest, and high arch of the ebony haired males back, he came hard, semen spurting onto his hand and some even making its way onto his stomach. The pain of his skin healing together rather rapidly from its earlier abuse and the knife that he had plunged deep with in himself pushed him over the edge completely. The heated coil in his stomach slowly un-raveled as his seed came out in spurts, he milked himself to completion as he felt each wave of intense pleasure slowly die out, some of the substance already cooling o his stomach. Ulquiorra lay still as he rode out the intense orgasm, digging the knife out of himself and flinging it into the wall, he slowly rode down from his after glow high. Maybe this was what the blue haired espada felt, every time he crunched some ones skull, or drew blood from someone in a bloody fray, because he felt alive and in control. It all made perfect sense.

And he scowled t himself, for not realizing how dead he felt, pain and pleasure was the answer to everything he thought to himself. How could he not have seen this earlier. The hot pleasure of an intense orgasm was the best solution to any of his frustrations. Yes indeed he was twisted and emotionless, but he now had something to cure the itch. One month he had to wait. And he was perfectly fine with waiting. Curling his toe's into the black sheets below himself, ulquiorra slipped his eyes shut, slowly regaining his breathing.

He would wait, rather impatiently, but he would wait. For his dose of pleasurable poison, next month.




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