The Quad-Wizard Tournament
Harry Potter/Naruto crossover, Naruto-Verse

Disclaimer: I don't think waving a wand at lawyers would make them go away…

- Prologue: Fudge meets Slug -

Now, Cornelius Fudge was a man of business… and protecting Hogwarts of crazy, escaped criminals. Currently, he was rummaging through old files, trying to find what he wanted. When his sweaty hands found the yellowed, slightly chewed on parchments stowed deeply into the back recesses of the 'In Case Of Emergencies' filing cabinet, Fudge gave a howl of delight.

"Are you alright, sir?" A random secretary came in, looking concerned.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. I just found what I've been looking for. Please, leave my office. It's a highly confidential affair." He replied, using his body as a shield to prevent her from seeing the old files. Fudge missed her look of concern for his mental stability before leaving.

"Now, Dumbledore, you said you didn't like the dementors… now I've found something better. Black is definitely going to attack Hogwarts again with his master this year; I know it. There's going to be complete chaos with the Tri-Wizard Cup… why not just add another school? The Quad-Wizard Tournament?" Muttering to himself, Fudge soon made his preparations in secret. He was going to visit the world where barbarians walked… a world no wizard had visited since the 1700s.

"Argh! Let go of me, you ruffians! Do you know who I am?" Tsunade looked up from doodling along the margins of mission scrolls, hearing the commotion outside of her office. Two ANBU entered, holding a short, rotund man in a bowler hat by his armpits about two feet off the ground.

"Ah! You must be the… Hoecage(1), yes?" The man spoke in a language she didn't comprehend. When Tsunade gave him a confused (but threatening) look, the man flushed. With a large struggled, he pulled out a long piece of wood from his pocket; it was immediately snatched away from one of the ANBUs. When the man made a sound of rage, Tsunade nodded at the ANBU holding the stick to give it back. He hesitantly did so, and the short man pointed it at his own neck, muttering something.

"Can you understand me now?" The male ANBU operative, the younger of the two, dropped the man in fright. The short man had no time to scream in pain before the ANBU grabbed his arm again, not meeting Tsunade's eyes.

"Yes. Am I right to assume you are a wizard?" Tsuande asked, eyeing the stick she now identified as a wand. The man nodded hastily, smiling widely despite the sweat dripping down his face from his nervous terror.

"Put him down and go back to your posts." Tsunade ordered the ANBU, who complied, not taking her eyes off the wizard.

"And you are?" The man paused a second, looking lost, before he flushed again.

"I'm terribly sorry, miss Hoecage, I'm—"

"It's Hokage." Tsunade interrupted his nervous babble, glaring at him. Sure, she might shrink from her duties, but if he called her a freaking hoe cage, he was going to get it.

"O-oh, I'm so sorry, miss Hokage. I'm Cornelius Fudge, the current Minister of Magic. Right, down to business: I'm here because I require your services." Fudge said quickly, not wanting to get on Tsunade's bad side. He knew what ninjas could do, and, quite frankly, it was terrifying; he didn't want to imagine what the best ninja of the best nation (or so the Minister of Magic from the 1700s said) of the five great ninja nations could do. Though, Fudge was surprised that ninja was a woman, but he shrugged it off mentally. Tsunade stared at Fudge incredulously, one eyebrow raised.

"And why should I send some of my men to your world, Fudge-san?" She asked him like he'd asked the stupidest question in the world.

"Well, we pay in gold…" Fudge said uneasily, not liking how things were going. If she thought he was stupid, which she most certainly did from her facial expression and tone of voice, this wouldn't turn out in his favor.

"How much per ninja?" Tsunade asked, eyebrows knitting together. Hey, if the price were right, she'd send as many mentally strong ninja to his world that she could.

"Uhm, well… th-that depends on their rank…?" Fudge said, remembering the notes he'd read. There were four main ninja ranks with variations to all but the first one: Genin, Chunin, Jonin, and ANBU (in order from weakest to strongest).

"It depends on what you want." Tsunade show back, though it was a bluff. She had no ANBU or Jonin to spare; they were still cleaning up from Orochimaru's attempt to destroy their city from the Chunin exams the year previous.

"Well, I'd like some ninja to defend my school. I'm sure a crazed murderer, Sirius Black, is going to attack Hogwarts again, along with V-V… You-Know-Who." Fudge faltered in saying Voldemort's name, praying that Tsunade knew whom he meant.

"Those pussies?" Tsunade laughed, wondering how they'd cope with the Akatsuki and Orochimaru if all the Minister of Magic was concerned about was that Voldemort guy and some underling of his.

"E-Excuse me?" Fudge asked, looking affronted. How dare she! Their biggest enemies that were not to be laughed at, even if one was dead!

"Look, I can send three Chunin. They just made that level a few days ago, but they're more than capable to take care of the job with their hands tied behind their backs." Tsunade said, preparing to call for Shizune.

"Just three Chunin? I don't mean to sound rude, but are you treating this as a joke, miss Hokage?" Fudge asked, voice rising. She shouldn't be joking about things like this! Lives were on the line!

"Fudge-san, it is you who is taking this as a joke. Your world has a totally different environment than hours – a year in your world is just twelve days in mine. Certainly you knew that? The mentality strength to adapt to any situation narrows down my field of ninja to chose from, and we're in a war right now. That leaves me with just Chunin and Genin to pick from, and even then the picking is slim. The fact that I'm even considering sending three of my men into your world means I'm not taking this lightly. The fact you think I am is preposterous." Tsunade said, using the tone she usually reprimanded Naruto in. Seriously, this Fudge man could stuff it for all she cared since he called her a hoe cage and insulted her men! Fudge immediately flushed for a third time, blubbering out things Tsunade chose to not hear until he'd calmed down.

"A w-war? And just… Chunin or Genin? Couldn't you spare fifty or so ANBU?" At that, Tsuande just laughed mirthlessly.

"Fudge-san, fifty or so ANBU are what you think you need? Your notes must have been wrong on us, since three Chunin are all I know you need. Protecting a school from an underling of a pussy is not something I'd send fifty or so ANBU on, even if I could. Three Chunin, take it or leave it. I might leave it if the price isn't right. Take in all the variables, Fudge-san, and decide." Tsunade said with finality before pulling out her Sake. This situation was more than enough for a valid excuse to get wasted. Fudge fiddled with his fingers, mulling the deal over.

"Fifty gold pieces for each." He said, finally, sighing mentally.

"A hundred."






"Deal." Fudge cringed internally. That was two hundred and twenty-five galleons already! He was positive those Chunin would call for back up as soon as they saw how big Hogwarts was.

"How old are the three you want to send?" Fudge asked, finally remembering the Tri-Wizard Tournament. They had to be seventeen in the wizarding world, but for ninja…

"Fourteen." Fudge choked on his saliva. Fourteen, and they were already on the second ninja rank?

"If you think that's surprising, I wouldn't put it past them to be in the ANBU before they're 18." Fudge could have died right then and there. That would be like… the head of the Auror department, who normally was around forty of fifty, only at eighteen?

"You can't be serious!" Fudge scrambled for words, finally finding them, eyes wide.

"Serious as you are about protecting that school from those pussies." Fudge felt faint. These people really were barbarians!

"Are… are you sure…?"

"Dead sure."



"Yes, Tsunade-sama?" Shizune burst into Tsunade's office seconds later, panting and holding TonTon, her pig. Her jaw dropped when she saw a man wearing a suit on her floor, not moving.

"Find someone to get Fudge-san out of my office and awake. Oh, and call in Hyuuga, Neji-kun, TenTen-chan, and Rock, Lee-kun. I've got a mission for them." Tsunade said, taking a shot of Sake. Shizune was frozen for a minute.

"H-hai, Tsunade-sama!"

Fifty minutes later, Fudge put a disillusionment charm on himself and stood in the corner of Tsunade's office. He was very embarrassed that he'd fainted, but he was glad he'd be able to see the ninja that Tsunade wanted to send to Hogwarts. A few minutes after he was disillusioned, three teenagers came in with Shizune, Tsunade's aide, bowing and retreating back to her room. Creepily enough, the boy in the middle look directly at Fudge when he walked in. The other boy and the girl had looked around in his general direction, and, when they saw their teammate starting at one point, they stared directly at him, too.

"Do they pass your test, Fudge-san?" Tsunade asked smugly, grinning as Fudge removed the disillusionment charm from his person. The girl looked dumbfounded, the black haired boy looked excited, and the brown haired boy remained impassive. The middle boy was starting to freak Fudge out with his unblinking stare when he noticed the kid's eyes were white and had no pupils.

"Y-yes, they do, m-miss Hokage." Fudge stammered, adverting his eyes from the brown haired boy's. The kids didn't look remotely dangerous or like ninja, but the fact they'd found him in seconds from entering the room, while he was invisible, was astounding and assured him of their skills. However, Fudge still doubted the three could pull off the whole protection mission themselves. He'd save his smugness for later when they had to come back begging for help.

"Well, these are my Chunin. The black haired boy is Rock, Lee-kun, the brown haired boy is Hyuuga, Neji-kun, and the girl is TenTen-chan. Team Gai, this is the man who requests your services, Fudge-san." Tsunade introduced them, nodding once. Neji snorted quietly and TenTen pressed her lips into a thin line, holding back a wide grin.

"Why hello there, youthful Fudge-sama! Why are you youthfully dressed like you are?" Lee said in his usual loud voice (Fudge winced at the loudness), giving him a pinging grin (again, he winced, but because the shiny-ness of Lee's grin was too much for his eyes).

"I… I'm dressed normally, from where I come from. Well, somewhat." Fudge said, looking down at the suit he'd donned, thinking it might look normal in the ninja universe. Apparently it wasn't so, and he regretted wearing the restricting clothing.

"And where is that youthful place?" Lee asked, grinning again. Fudge closed his eyes, just in case of another grin.

"London, Europe. I come from another universe." At his words, TenTen started laughing loudly while Neji snorted again. Lee, though, looked interested.

"Is that youthfully so? Tsunade-sama, please inform us of our youthful mission!" Lee turned his attention from Fudge, remembering the strange stick Fudge had used to make himself visible again. That was no jutsu he knew of – and the stick was unlike any weapon he'd ever seen.

"Well, Fudge-san has this school from where he comes from. The kids who go there, in the thousands, need to be protected from an evil wizard—"

"Wizard?" Neji asked, surprising Fudge with the baritone of his voice. After Lee's cracking voice, he'd expected something along the same lines, not the voice of a man much older than the kid was

"Yes, wizard. Witches and wizards are real, with magic and stuff, where Fudge-san comes from. It's… like retarded ninjas. Their magic, from what our old documents say, is a form of jutsus – and, on top of that, most wizards need a wand, the stick you saw Fudge-san use, to channel their chakra and do a jutsu. Also, on top of the wand, they need to chant some spell. Anyways, he wants you to protect the school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from a man named Black, Sirius-san. Fudge-san believes Black-san will attack Hogwarts again this year. Black-san works for the dead wizard Voldemort-san, who is, in a nutshell, a bald version of Orochimaru. I doubt he'd be much of a challenge for you three. However, there is a catch.

"There is a tournament going on this year at Hogwarts. It's usually called the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but this year it will be the Quad-Wizard Tournament. You'll be representing our school, Ibarubushi, in this tournament. During this tournament is when Fudge-san thinks Black-san will strike. You're to protect the whole school, but there is an underlying protection mission as well: protect Potter, Harry-san, the prime target of Black-san's plans because he stopped Voldemort-san when he was a baby was killed him.

"The Tri-Wizard, now Quad-Wizard Tournament, is just a tournament where a wizard, or witch's, cunning and spell knowledge is put to the test with life or death scenarios. Simple, really. Anyways, these scrolls will tell you about the magical world. Prepare to leave tomorrow. In our universe, you'll only be gone for ten or so days, but in Fudge-san's universe, it will be about ten months. Neji-kun, Lee-kun, TenTen-chan, you're all equal in rank, so I'll let you decide who the leader of the mission is. You're all on your own in this, and the rank is A." Tsunade finished, pouring herself a shot of Sake and throwing it down.

TenTen frowned slightly, looking at Neji while Lee grinned and looked at Neji. Neji glanced at both and nodded slightly, stepping forward.

"I'll take responsibility of this mission, Tsunade-sama." He said, stretching out his left hand in which Tsunade put three scrolls in. He gave Lee and TenTen their scrolls before turning back to Tsunade.

"You're dismissed. Report back here at five a.m. sharp to travel by portkey to London. You'll arrive in a bar called The Leaky Cauldron and meet up with one of Fudge-san's auror and the headmaster's friends. They'll help you get your supplies and teach you, for a month before you go to Hogwarts, how things run in their universe. Understand?" All three nodded curtly.

"Good. Now, go train or whatever you were doing before I had Shizune-chan get you."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama" And they left, not knowing of how troublesome their mission would become.

A/N: (1) Spelled that way on purpose to highlight the fact Fudge is saying Hokage wrong.

This is pretty short because it's the prologue. Sorries! Anyways, this is my second HP/Naruto crossover… but I'll actually finish this one. The last one, if any readers have read it, is called The Letter. I tried to please everyone who wants to read HP/Naruto crossovers by having every ninja go… but I bit off more than I could chew. It was originally fun to write, but now it's more of a chore, so I think I'll stop writing it even though it's my most popular story. I'm sorry to anyone whose read The Letter and is now reading this.

Anyways, this will be fun for me to write the whole way through, even though it's not my favorite HP volume. It will only have Neji, Lee, and TenTen going to Hogwarts, a much easier group to keep track of rather than 16 and one ninja dog, so I doubt personalities and such will vary throughout chapters. Just to let y'all know, there will be hints of pairings in this, HP character/HP character, HP/Naruto character, and Naruto character/Naruto character all included. I just won't tell you which until they pop up, m'kays?

Oh, and their school ("Ibarubushi") translates to proud warriors. Fitting, no? R&R, please.

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