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Kiku had officially been at Monster High, which he had learned was just a nickname, for about three and a half weeks. He talked to his mother about four days a week, he had made a lot of friends (though some were unwanted ones…) and he was currently lying under a tree next to Hercules. They were having a deep conversation about cats.

"I like cats, but my mom has a pet dog, a three headed dog named Cerberus, I don't understand why. We're lion demons. I want a cute baby kitty, but my dog might eat it."

"I have a dog, he's tiny and fluffy, and I also have a cat who comes and goes as he pleases. I like cats. Oh, I have something for you."

Kiku sat up and pulled a pair of cat ears out of his bag and placed them upon Hercules head.

"Oh, I'm so cute like a cat now…hey Kiku, I took some Japanese lessons, can I try it out on you?"

"Hai, go ahead."

"Ah, watashi wa Herakuresu desu."

"Hai, you are doing well, except with any words with 'su' at the end the 'u' remains silent."

"Ano…watashi wa neko ga suki…"

"I like cats too…I like really fluffy ones…"

"I'm sleepy now."

"Ha ha! I found you guys!"

"Great. Sadiq, right when I was going to nap."

"Well, you stole my friend, what am I suppose to do, just sit there as you bore him talking about philosophy? I think not."

"Ah…I can be both your friends…"

"Ha, ha, ha, the hero is here to save the damsel in distress!"


"The hell?"


Were the last words Hercules and Sadiq heard from Kiku before he was gone. No evidence, nothing was left behind except the cat ears Kiku had placed upon Hercules' head.

"What just happened…?"

"I think that idiot just kidnapped our friend."


When Alfred set Kiku down the Japanese teen seemed all sorts of confused.

"Ha, the hero just saved you from the man-eating lion and fire-breather! He could have burned you to a crisp!"

"Hercules-san is as gentle as a baby cat and Sadiq-san may be an Afreet, but he wouldn't purposely burn me."

Alfred pouted and sat down in the grass pulling Kiku down with him. Kiku then noticed basket sitting next to Alfred and he cocked his head to the side.

"Anyways, I spent all morning with Yao so I could make you traditional Japanese food. You remember what time I talk to your mom for, like, an hour?"

"Hai, she's taken a liking to you…father on the other had…"

"Anyways she told me your favorite foods and such, so I made them for you! Well…technically Yao did but…yeah…"

"Oh, Alfred-kun, you didn't have to! That was very kind of you."

"Well as a hero I have to make sure the damsel in distress is as comfortable as possible! Ah, what's that Japanese word for princess? Oh! Hime, yes, you can be the hime and I will be the samurai who protects you from the bad demons and warlords trying to kidnap you!"

Kiku blushed and set the food on the sheet sitting on the ground. He was not a girl and therefore should not be called a hime or damsel in distress! But then again…everyone did tell Kiku he looked like his mother…so did that mean he looked like a girl? His brows furrowed, he wasn't that feminine was he? Sure, when he was younger he would practice along with his mother to traditional dances normally done by women, but his mother was always a big role model in his life…

"Earth to Kiku Honda! Do you read me?"


"Dear God, you were all spaced out, and dude, do you have a fever? Your face is red."

"I feel fine, Alfred-kun, do not worry about it."

"Huh, are you sure? Cause, like, you were really spaced out. We can eat this in dorm, but your mom said you really liked to eat outside…"

"No, really I am fine, seriously. Let's just enjoy the meal and talk about…well, whatever Alfred-kun likes."

"Ok! But first off, I must say, err, correct me if I am wrong, itadakimasu!"

"You were close but the 'u' is silent. In any word that ends in a 'su' like desu, the 'u' are usually silent."

"Oh! I understand!"

"Gochiso sama deshita."

"What's that mean?"

"Means, thank you for the delicious meal."

"Oh! Uh, you're welcome dude!"

"Oh, pickled plums and rice ba- oof!"

Kiku was tackled to the ground by Elizaveta who was hugging him to her bosom.

"I heard you were kidnapped! So I came looking for you! Alfred, how dare you take him against his will! You pervert! I read a manga like that once, ya know. The sweet innocent bishie was innocently walking down the street when the bad ass bishie came out of nowhere and attacked him! Forcing him to be with him! But it did end cutely…"

"Liz! Liz! Dudette, calm down, seriously. I was just giving him his favorite foods since he hasn't had them in awhile, sheesh!"

"Oh, so the kidnapping thing Sadiq said…was not true…well…this has become awkward…"

"Elizaveta-san…I can't…breathe…"

"Oh! I am so sorry…yeah…I am just going to walk away…"

A shadow stood over them and Elizaveta stood up, fixing her skirt. She waved innocently at Roderich.

"Hi, sweetie!"

"Damn it, Lizzy, I take my eyes off you for one minute! Quit harassing people, for the love of God."

"Aw, Roderich, I got a text from Sadiq saying Alfred kidnapped Kiku and was going to have his wicked dirty ways with him! Seriously, he's the kind of bishounen people want for their own!"

"Ah, Elizaveta-san…"

"What! What do you take me for, a man whore! I am not Francis."

"I apologize for Lizzy's actions. I am just going to take her elsewhere…"

"What? But Roderich, look at that hungry look in Alfred's eyes! Poor Kiku won't know what will happen!"

Roderich pulled the girl away, who was ranting and raving about unmentionable things that were rated X, for…well many naughty things. Kiku blinked and picked up a rice ball taking a bite of it.

"Ano…has she always been like this…?"

"Totally, she loves her anime, she's what they would call in Japan a fujoshi."

"A rotten woman? She's not all that bad…"

"No…it's just…never mind…you're much too…innocent for me to explain some of this…"

"Oh, Alfred-kun…"



"For what?"

"Doing all of this for me…it was very kind of you."

"No problem! Like I said, I am the samurai who must protect the hime! So whatever the princess wishes, I shall dutifully perform!"


Kiku smiled a little as he ate his pickled plums, Alfred going on about being a hero. Things had gotten better while being at this school. He found himself smiling over the smallest things, like when he had officially been at school for one week, Feliciano threw him a party. That spaghetti was really good…even if he did slightly embarrass himself by telling Alfred and Matthew the garlic might hurt them… There were some downers, like the one time one of Arthur's spell shrunk his wings for a day. Hell hath no fury like an angry Kiku, it was indeed a scary sight, and no one knew a little Japanese fan could cause so much damage. Yet, Kiku was amazed by all of this, it was fun and every morning he wondered what would happen that day. Maybe he was a little thankful his idiot cousin had told his Mother about this school.

When they returned to their dorm it was already eight o'clock, they spent most of their day just goofing off. Kiku sat on the chair and looked at Alfred who pulled out his laptop.

"What are you doing, Alfred-kun?"

"Well, since it's Saturday I was thinking we should have a movie night! I just need to plug my projector into my laptop and we can watch whatever movie you like!"

"E-eto…can we watch that Spirited Away one, you've told me quite a bit about…and it sounds good…"

"Sure! Just give me about ten minutes to get snacks and set things up, just make yourself comfortable. Seriously, you'll love this movie."

Kiku nodded and grabbed his pajamas from his drawer (by pajamas, his favorite navy blue yukata that reached his ankles). After changing in the bath and washing his face he walked out to find what he would describe as a nest of blankets and pillows on the floor. Alfred hopped into the room with soda, popcorn and other fatty snack foods. He smiled at Kiku and set the stuff down.

"Dude, we are ready to go! Let me just change into my PJ's and we will be ready!"

Kiku nodded sat down on the blanket and leaned onto the pillows. He looked at the wall that the projector was pointed to, the DVDs menu playing random clips of the movie. He spaced out, when suddenly a loud noise made him jump.

"And the Hero has returned!"

"Ah, Alfred-kun…"

Alfred plopped down next to Kiku and pressed play using his laptop mouse and moving the pointer out the way. Munching on popcorn the two watched the movie. Kiku was amazed by how great the artwork was.

When the movie got to the bridge part, Alfred noticed Kiku held his breath, he actually noticed a lot of things that Kiku during the movie. He also noticed that Kiku had discreetly moved closer to him and that the older boy had left arm hooked around Alfred's right arm. Alfred, would be lying if that wasn't completely adorable, he totally meant that in a non-gay way. Yet for some odd reason, Kiku was more entertaining to watch than the movie, the way he watched intently and they would mutter in Japanese about something. By the end of the movie Kiku was half asleep, and most likely missed the ending.

"Did you like the ending…?"

Kiku spoke in a mumbled slur.

"Yeah…but she…can't be with him…and sh…"

Kiku fell asleep mid-sentence and Alfred chuckled a little and he shut off his laptop and fell asleep in their blanket nest of awesome sauce. Alfred was probably going to have a heroic dream like the hero he was. Now Kiku on the other hand…

~Insert dream music hurr~

Kiku suddenly found himself back at his house in the beautiful mountains of Japan. He was sitting in the main room where his mother and father usually sat when having important meetings. One of the guards ran in gasping, holding a large gash on his hip. The guard stammered as he spoke.

"Kiku-sama, b-bandits have invaded the castle, I sent word for your father's samurais to head here…"

"Bandits? Well, round up all the servants, as well as yourself and go into the hidden cavern within the floor boards of my room."

"B-but it is my job to protect you."

"I know it is, but as future lord of my people, I must protect them, plus young sir you are injured."

A loud banging noise made the guard and Kiku jump in surprise, a scruffy man with a receding hairline and tattered yukata came in, his goonies right behind him, their attire in no better shape.

"Oh, look at this, he's a pretty one, like those…taikomochi. He'd fetch a high price in the slave market, yeah?"

"He would boss, he's so elegant, like a woman, I bet h-"

The man speaking suddenly crumpled to the floor and Kiku was sprayed with the man's blood. The samurai who had cut the man down began killing the bandits in the room, a gory massacre filling the room, the coppery smell of blood filling Kiku's nose.

"Young hime-chan, come with me, your parents are safe."

Kiku blushed, he was not a 'hime-chan' and he stood up, using the clean part of his kimono sleeve to wipe the blood from his face.

"Guard, go do as I told you before, I must be going now, be safe."

"Thank you, young master!"

The guard bowed and ran from the room. The samurai picked up Kiku and took him from the room, killing any bandits in his way. In the back of Kiku's mind something was nagging him, he knew this samurai…so familiar, yet so unfamiliar. When they stopped and hid in the storage house, sitting behind large crates. The samurai spoke, the mask covering his nose and mouth moving as he spoke.

"I think we've got rid of most of those bandits, I told my boss we'd be here and to get us when the bandits are all gone. That is, if you don't mind, hime-sama."

"Ah, I would like to see the face of the person who saved me."

"Oh, I am hurt, hime-sama, you don't recognize my voice?"

"E eto…gomenasai…"

"Sheesh, you're so hopeless, hime-sama."

Kiku crossed his arms. Was this samurai stupid and did he think he was a girl or?…

"It's me, Alfred F. Jones, the hero!"

The samurai took off the mask and helmet and smiled. Ah…he should have known…

"Ah, I should have known…"

"So…don't I deserve a gift or something for saving you?"

"What would you like?"

"Well in all fairy tales, doesn't the princess always give her savior a kiss?"

Kiku blushed and fiddled with his bloody kimono sleeve. Sure Alfred was attractive, but two men kissing? That was wrong, wrong, wrong! But…Alfred was really attractive and Kiku would be lying to himself if he said he didn't want kiss him. What would his mother say? Listen to your heart, it knows best. Tugging tighter on his sleeve, he blushed even redder and mumbled as he spoke.

"If that's what you wish…"

"Don't worry, hime-sama, this will be our little secret."

Alfred winked and Kiku wanted to hide, this was so embarrassing. He'd never really kissed anyone before…so…

"Are you shy, little hime-sama?"

"No…and I am not little."


"Well, are just going to stand there or are you going to receive your gift?"

"Good point."

Alfred leaned forward and kissed Kiku on the lips, which made the older man nearly make a manly 'eep'. Yet, Kiku enjoyed it. He relaxed into the kiss and pulled back awkwardly. He would like to think he had kept it short and sweet…it was only awkward because it was his first kiss…

"Heh, what's wrong hime-sama? You seem quite red in the face."


"Wait…was that your first kiss?"


"Holy hell, it was, you're so cute, seriously."

Kiku buried his face into his kimono sleeves, not caring about the blood, this was so embarrassing…

Kiku opened his eyes blinking. That was the most awkward dream ever and he liked it. It is not normal to dream about kissing your roommate. He looked over at Alfred and blushed, slowly scooting back until his back hit his bed and he climbed into his it, a dark blush on his face. This was so embarrassing! How am I going to face Alfred now? Oh my gosh, can Alfred read minds like…no, Matthew said they aren't like that sparkling fairy…

"Mmm…ah, morning?"

Kiku froze and looked his roommate who was sleepily rubbing his eyes. Alfred looked at him before plopping back down into the nest of blankets and fell back asleep. Oh, thank God for lazy Americans, was all that Kiku could think.

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