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Summary: They found another girl to fit the slipper, and Cinderella muses on another boy who could have been her prince. Terra/Cinderella

She should have known it was too good to be true, and was therefore woefully unprepared when she found this out the hard way. The slipper she had lost had fit another girl, of course, her shoe size was nothing unique. She had even been lucky enough to attend the wedding with her stepmother and sisters because the messenger had seen her lurking about when he delivered the invitations.

Cinderella had seen the bride, looking radiant in her pure white gown, and the prince, looking as handsome as she had ever seen him and more. She had caught the bouquet, much to her sisters ire, but she not imagine that they would bring her much luck. One is not usually fortunate enough to encounter two princes in a lifetime, after all.

Although, there was another boy she remembered. He had been rough around the edges, and he hardly looked the part of the dashing young suitor her first choice had. But, he had been kind, and when she was afraid, he had been brave for her.

Still a boy perhaps, but a prince of heart.

Cinderella wondered what had ever happened to him, and at last she could live without knowing no longer. With a little help from her fairy godmother, she slipped out in the night and into the darkness. It was lonely there, in the dark, but somehow she knew she would not find him where the sun shone bright.

With faith, she took the road to dusk.