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Before a mysterious man covered by darkness on four beds lay five armored spartans. "jorge-052...emile-A239...noble six...cathrine-B320...and carter-A259"said the man as he walked down the row to the commander. "humanity still needs your help. Now go...your last team member will be there."said the man as he waved his over the group. They glowed over a few moment then shattered into nothing.

September 14th , 2552

John looked around the empty frigate, his helmet light on as he cleared the hangar. The UNSC frigate had randomly dropped out of slip-space near earth. Suddenly he heard static on his com signal then, "hello, i`m receiving a signal on my hud that there's a friendly nearby...if anyone's out there please respond. This is jun-A266, noble 3. my last objective was to protect doctor halsey to castle base but I...i think we got separated. I can't find her or a way to the bridge..."said jun as he rambled on over com's trying to retrace his steps as he talked but john stopped him by saying, "this is johm-117, where's your team spartan?"asked john

"gone, well atleast I think so. Nobles 4,1 and 6 went off on a mission to deliver an AI to a halcyon class cruiser, the pillar of autumn. I never heard from them again so my guess is they are MIA. Noble 5 was confirmed KIA same with noble 2."said jun before sighing. "noble team is gone...might as well forget the call sign noble 3."

john stopped for a moment. "is he talking about cortana?" thought john, "whats your position noble 3?"asked john as he found a door that lead into a corridor towards the mess hall.

"i'm currently hold up in the kitchen. I woke up here 3 days ago and searched the ship. It's empty and somehow all ways to the bridge are sealed." said jun's as he stood up and looked around. "say you a spartan II?"asked jun realizing that the spartan didn't have a letter before his number to correspond with his company.

John finally got the other spartan on his motion tracker and began sprinting down the corridor to the mess hall before grabbing the door to try and keep his current speed as he turned. Unsure as to why he felt the need to be going so fast he stopped halfway to the kitchen door to answer him ."yes, master chief petty officer john-117."said john as he heard the spartans foot steps. It was interesting how loud a spartans steps were without the constant chatter on com's or gun fire in ones ear. As the spartan stepped through the door he could tell his specialty in a moment. His armor, spare rifle rounds which he already knew weren't cheap just from a glance. The bags of most likely spare ammunition covering his body. "your a sniper."said john simply.

Jun nodded. "yes, warrant officer Jun-A266, sniper specialist for noble team. so...guessing you have a ride off?"asked jun as he walked over to john.

hearing his rank john hesitated to salute but ultimately decided not to when the spartan didnt seem to care if he did. But still, with the rank, "yes sir. i`m sorry to hear about your team. I'm sure they were good spartan's and died fighting honorably."said john as he led jun out into the hall but noticed the door he came through from the hangar was now closed. " odd..."he said as he walked up to it and tried to access it but it wouldn't open.

"same thing happened to me. Only room still unlocked is the cryo bay but all the pods were offline and there's no one else aboard."said jun, about to respond to his comment about noble team but stopped when he saw john trying to open the door to the hangar. As the larger spartan turned to him he pointed down the hall. Care to go check the cryo bay?"asked jun as he began heading towards the only room with open doors. John nodded and they began walking in that direction.

during this time five of the cryo pods lite up to life as the internal area glowed, with each member of noble team forming in each pod. "with this earth will have a better chance...and perhaps humanity will thrive after wards..."

* yeah i know it`s short but it`s just an opening for an idea, let me know what you think. i thought i`d put some romance in...even for the battle hardened master cheief^^ thats right he`s got a former girlfriend from beforehe was conscripted that`s in the marines...AND IS ONE EARTH. yep she`s even technically in halo 2. names parisa. find out more later...*