Authors note/side story…chapter…thing: so I've come to terms with the fact…this story…likely will not be as long as I had hoped, and I had hoped halo 2 anniversary edition would cause me to wish to expand it or even straight up finish it. But instead of re-writing or even expanding on it I've come to terms with the fact that…my muse is gone. Whatever caused me to write this has left me. So instead of waiting on reviews to tell me to continue or re-writing it to fix my typos I'm going to try and finish halo 2 in three chapters, two to sum up the two "groups" events and a third to set the stage for the next story, and to explain the groups I'm going to explain what all happened when grave mind came in now. if, while I jam out to some music, I can pick up enough inspiration to write out the scene I'll replace this, but for now, this is just a description of just what happens and where everyone is sent as well as to inform those still interested that after these three chapters I'm going to start up a new story, written in a style similar to my last chapter, non-linear, my own version of halo 3 and it's events. I've spent a lot of time mulling over various other potential plots and come to understand this is MY story. I added noble team, and with them things would play out differently rather than inserting them into the actual game. So that one will be vastly different. So without further rambling…

Carter/emile/jun/Jorge: six and the arbiter got sent to the grave mind…well sent into the hole…thing. Anyways with the rest of noble, short of Kat still in the library, carter and Emile carried Jun back to Jorge, who they helped patch up as best they could. To be honest, noble is kind of beaten down at this point, Jorge is no good with a broken arm, Jun is out cold and I know Spartans can take more but sue me…I need some plot and you really think thel, even though he only knocked Miranda and Johnson out would let him follow him further once the "sacred icon" had been retrieved? Anyways to conclude their current situation they are taking stock of their situation and hoping to whatever god is out there that someone comes for them.

Kat: we last had her hoping to survive a pelican crash into somewhere, in this case the library as it was wherever I planned to have carter next. Now I realize I think I fucked up somewhere and was supposed to leave carter with john but whatever I'm rolling with it. It's that or I tank the story and I know some people still enjoy this story so I may as well close it up and open the next one. Anyways so she`ll be joining them soon enough and I'm figuring she`ll also be their escape.

John/arbiter/six: these three got separated by grave mind, well sort of. Six and john are on high charity awhile the arbiter is confronting Tartarus or however you spell overly obedient lap dogs name. So john and six are running through high charity while the arbiter is freeing whoever he can from that prison and going to meet r'tas…well not knowingly. Anyways. I likely won't write the arbiter's part since nothing will really change for him but there is a twist in there for john and six…and some of you may hate me for it.

Anyways hopefully I'll have my next chapter up shortly and you all can either hate me for what happens there or you can all thank dragon age inquisition for re-inspiring me to write a story I just can't figure out how to so I turn to writing this one.